What is The Zebra Insurance?

originally founded in 2012 by Adam Lyons and Joshua Dziabiak, The Zebra is a car indemnity comparison locate that allows you to compare and shop for quotes from major indemnity companies. Like like sites and other quote comparison tools, it aims to help you find the best cable car insurance coverage at your desire price using the latest technologies .
Using The Zebra, you can promptly compare car indemnity quotes from hundreds of car insurance companies wholly online. According to The Zebra, they have helped customers compare more than 6 million quotes since then, but are their services actually worth it ?
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How Does The Zebra Insurance Work? Is The Zebra Legit?

so, you want to start researching your adjacent car insurance policy and head over to The Zebra to get a quotation. What can you expect ? How does it work ? Where do you begin ?

Screenshot of The Zebra's home page
Beginning with a ZIP code, The Zebra uses your personal information and driving history to identify your hazard profile, which then matches you with likely insurers for your vehicle. To start using The Zebra to compare car policy quotes, you ’ ll want to initially enter some personal information and driving history. From there, you will be shown a issue of different car indemnity quotes that might fit your needs .
Compare Car Insurance Rates now The questions The Zebra will ask you are reasonably standard. You can expect to answer questions about important factors such as :


  • The year, make and model of your car
  • If you own or lease it
  • Your vehicle’s primary use (personal, commuting, pleasure, farm, business/rideshare) and estimated yearly miles


  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Living situation (own or rent)
  • Credit score (excellent, good, average, or poor)
  • Education
  • If you are currently insured, by which company, and for how long

*For our sample quote, we used the profile of a 30-year-old female with median credit and a 2017 Honda Accord LX sedan with a CVT transmission. This conjectural customer has one accident on their record, a high gear school diploma and is employed full-time .
All in all, it took approximately 10 minutes from the meter we entered our travel rapidly code to when we were sent to The Zebra ’ s quote results page .

The Zebra Insurance Quotes: What Should You Expect?

After approximately 15 seconds of waiting for our car indemnity quotes to populate ( your feel may vary ), we were asked to “ build our policy. ” hera, were able to choose from three levels of coverage .
For the sake of our test, we chose the suggest option, which includes $ 25k/ $ 50k bodily injury limits, $ 1,000 deductibles for both collision and comprehensive examination coverage, adenine well as $ 25k of property price protection .
After another brief wait on a loading screen, we reached our results page, where we were finally able to compare our car indemnity quotes .
Screenshot of The Zebra's results page
Upon receiving our results, we were a sting disappoint to only about half of the quotes shown had prices – three of the six visible results all had buttons that just said “ Get quotation ” with no dollar figures attached. These appeared to be equitable ads, not actual results.­
After clicking “ Show more quotes, ” we found a handful of early results ( that had actual quotes ), but all of them had prices that were more than duplicate the offer shown by Clearcover for $ 152/mo. ( two of them were closely three times as much! ) .
Screenshot of Clearcover quote for $152.
From here, we were given the option to purchase our car policy policy through The Zebra, but only if we selected one of the quotes with prices attached. After selecting Clearcover ( the cheapest quote in our sample results ) we were shown a brief draft of the design and given the option to “ Buy Online now ” or call an 800 numeral to complete the march by earphone .
After choosing to buy our policy on-line, we were taken to Clearcover ’ s own web site, where a lot of our information was already filled in. But we even had to answer a handful of extra questions after clicking “ Buy Online now, ” including a couple, such as accident history, that we had already given answers to on The Zebra ’ s own site .
once we answered these questions, which took another five minutes or so, we landed on a page that showed our final rate .
Screenshot of final Clearcover quote for $393 per month.
After being quoted at $ 152 per month on The Zebra ’ s results page, we were shocked to find our final premium price to be more than 2.5 times­ that amount – a whack $393.48 per month .
The possibility of such a huge addition in rates will decidedly catch a set of shoppers napping .
Because of this, we decided to go back to the quotes page on The Zebra and try one of the early choices. This time, we clicked the “ Get Quote ” push button from Allstate, and alternatively of finding our information prefilled on their locate like we did with Clearcover, we had to start the process over from scratch, once again asked to enter our ZIP code to get a quote .
Between the drastic leap in costs from the cheapest quote and having to start from scratch with the “ Get Quote ” results, we were a bit defeated .
The Zebra claims its process is “ fast, batten and barren, ” and while that may be true, for us, it left a distribute to be desired .
There ’ randomness a Better Way to Compare Car indemnity

The Zebra Reviews: What do Customers have to Say?

overall, reviews on The Zebra are mix, depending on where you look. Sites such as Clearsurance and the Better Business Bureau both have The Zebra hovering around the 4 out of 5-star crisscross, while others, such as Site Jabber and Shopper Approved, paint identical different pictures .
Screenshot of reviews of The Zebra on Site Jabber
On Site Jabber, many of the recent reviews are flooded with single-star ratings. The common tendency between these seems to be the miss of actual quotes ( which goes along with our own feel ) and the sell of customers ’ personal information .
Screenshot of BBB complaints against The Zebra
alike issues could be found on the BBB ’ s customer charge section. It looks like, as of former 2019, The Zebra has stopped asking customers for their telephone numbers, but reviews american samoa late as March 2021 still complain about users being bombarded by spam, no matter what the company ’ mho “ Privacy Pledge ” might say .
( In our sample quote, we received about 10 emails from both The Zebra and its partners over the course of the month immediately following our initial quote. Again, your results may vary. )
Screenshot of positive reviews of The Zebra on Shopper Approved
On sites like Shopper Approved, the feedback for The Zebra was overwhelmingly positive, with the Texas-based caller boasting an impressive 4.8/5 rat. It appears this is the platform The Zebra promotes to its customers who have purchased a policy through its site, as the sum is more than 2,000 customer reviews .
Screenshot of one star review of The Zebra on Clearsurance
Screenshot of a five star review of The Zebra on Clearsurance
Clearsurance – a web site dedicated specifically to reviewing insurance providers and exchangeable companies – painted possibly the most naturalistic photograph. here, ratings ranged from respective 1-star reviews to a number of perfect 5s .
Some park complaints on the negative reviews echo what we found above, while many of the positive reviews, much like Shopper Approved, raved of a great customer service know .

Platform Rating Total Reviews
Clearsurance 3.86/5 422
Shopper Approved 4.8/5 2,184
BBB 4.37/5 116
Site Jabber 3.84/5 126
Consumer Advocate 3.8/5 N/A
Indeed 3.4/5 7
Glassdoor 4.1/5 73
Total 4.6/5 2,848

The Zebra Employee Reviews: What’s it Like to Work at The Zebra?

Employees seemed to be equally split. While some felicitous employees on Glassdoor encouraged manque applicants to “ Get on this rocket ship, ” others warned to “ stay away. ”
overall, the party scored a assorted review, at 4.1 out of 5 stars on the democratic employee review web site .
On indeed, it was much of the same. many employees raved about the perks, but cautioned potential recruits about high-stress situations and a “ bury or swim ” atmosphere. While there were only seven reviews on indeed, The Zebra merely scored a mediocre 3.4 out of 5 stars .

Who is The Zebra Good For?

The Zebra might be a good place to start if you find yourself looking for a raw car insurance policy. Its serve is relatively quick, and you can see a few expose quotes on the consequence foliate after a few minutes. unfortunately, you will need to navigate to other websites to view most of their “ results ” no count how accurate your information may be. And sometimes, the quote itself will be way off from what you ’ ll end up paying .

Who is The Zebra Bad For?

The Zebra is not capital for those who want a simple and square way to compare many different quotes cursorily and from the lapp site. Users who don ’ thyroxine want to enter the lapp data over and over again on person car insurance company ’ second websites to generate their quotes will find it potentially frustrating and slow when compared to early insurance comparison sites, like Compare.com.

Get Free Quotes from a Better insurance chopine

Is The Zebra Insurance Free?

You won ’ triiodothyronine pay anything to use The Zebra to shop for cable car indemnity coverage. According to The Zebra, they make money a couple of different ways, both include commissions from policy companies when a customer buys a policy through The Zebra. This allows them to provide their service dislodge of charge .

Will You Get Cheaper Rates with The Zebra?

No matter how you answer their questionnaire, the way The Zebra decides to advertise your monthly payments is indecipherable. In some cases, the advertised rate on The Zebra is only impermanent. For case, you can get a $ 79 monthly premium for up to six months and then be expected to pay more in order to keep the policy. In other cases, the advertise rate is strictly promotional and “ erstwhile, ” meaning you will pay a slightly different rate than you might have initially thought .
Either way, there ’ s no guarantee you ’ ll save money by using The Zebra .

The Zebra Insurance Claims

The Zebra provides no information on their quote consequence page about the summons of making claims or the impact they may have on your premiums going forward if you need to make one. Because you don ’ thymine actually purchase a policy through The Zebra, but alternatively through one of their partners, any and all indemnity claims are made through your indemnity caller, not The Zebra itself .

The Zebra Insurance Discounts

The Zebra says they account for at least five discounts on its initial questionnaire, but they are pretty basic and not at across-the-board. You can factor in possible discounts for full-time employment, pay-in-full, autopay, and paperless placard, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as being a veteran or active military member .
Of course, there are countless early opportunities for you to save on your car insurance through discounts that The Zebra will not be able to calculate in its quotes. The expectation seems to be that if you need or want to save the most on your car insurance through discounts, you will need to do the shape of discovering them with your choose insurance company on your own .

The Zebra Insurance Coverage Options

The Zebra lets you pick from very basic coverage options : “ Basic, ” “ Better, ” and “ Best. ” It ’ s not precisely certain how these categories are established for each driver, but they give a general theme of what to expect from more or less coverage for your car as you navigate the quote page .

Where is The Zebra Insurance Available?

The Zebra is not an insurance company itself, but it can generate quotes from major national and regional cable car insurance companies across the United States. By entering your ZIP code, The Zebra will identify your location and serve up insurers who operate in your area .

Pros and Cons of The Zebra Insurance

The Zebra shines in its childlike appearance and slowly way of collecting your personal information to show you a few personalize, promotional quotes on car insurance. It ’ randomness besides easy to switch from the most basic policy to higher levels of coverage with a click. unfortunately, The Zebra blocks most quotes from view and forces you to engage the promise “ equal ” on your own to see the extra quotes you want. It besides seems that its ability to handle complexity like discounts or add-ons while generating quotes for users is preferably limited .

How to Cancel a The Zebra Insurance Policy

Since The Zebra international relations and security network ’ t an insurance company, you won ’ t need to cancel your policy with them. alternatively, contact your car indemnity company to cancel your policy if you feel you can find a better conduct after using another car policy comparison site like Compare.com .

Does The Zebra Have an App? Is their Site Mobile Friendly?

much like you, we use our phones for everything, from sending text and emails to shopping on-line or viewing social media. It ’ s only natural we use them to shop and compare car insurance quotes when we ’ rhenium looking for our next policy, right ?
so, how mobile-friendly is The Zebra ?
The first place you may look for your patronize needs is probably the Google Play or Apple App Stores. unfortunately, you won ’ triiodothyronine find a mobile app for The Zebra there, because they don ’ t have one .
however, when visiting The Zebra ’ s site on your mobile device, what you ’ ll discover is an experience that largely resembles that on your Mac or personal computer .
In fact, in many ways, the mobile locate is basically a scaled-down version of The Zebra ’ s normal web site. On the home page, you ’ ll find the motivate to begin the insurance comparison process front-and-center .
After filling in your information and retrieving your quotes, you ’ ll besides notice the experience largely resembles the desktop quotation mark foliate, with each quote ( or, in our have, respective ads shuffle with actual quotes ) listed from exceed to bottom in an easy-to-understand way .
To answer the original question, yes, The Zebra is mobile-friendly. They don ’ t have a mobile app, but their mobile web site is easy to use and understand .

Your Car Insurance Journey Doesn’t have to End with The Zebra

Man considering his options
While The Zebra ’ second commercials and other market materials make it seem like they are the best and only car policy comparison site around, your travel to find the best rates from multiple insurance companies shouldn ’ thyroxine barricade there .
Sites like Compare.com besides allow users to compare brassy car policy, but with much more accurate results. We make certain to ask you the correctly questions – the ones the indemnity companies want to know and the ones that will get you the most accurate quotation mark .
We don ’ t want to leave you high and dry with your chew on the floor when you end up looking at a bill that ’ second more than twice the cost of your original quotation mark. Our goal is to provide the most results with the best accuracy of anyone in the commercial enterprise .
Get Cheap, Free Quotes in Just Minutes

The Zebra vs. Compare.com: How do they stack up?

Compare.com The Zebra
Google Review Rating 4.8 stars 4.3 stars
BBB Accredited Yes No
Results with Actual Quotes* 15 out of 16 7 out of 11
Average Quote* $246.87 $300.86
Cheapest Quote* $138 $152

*Profile used for quotes : 30-year-old female, 2017 Honda Accord LX, 1 accident, proof of insurance, single and renting
Get Personalized Quotes from the Industry ’ s Best Comparison Platform

The Zebra Insurance FAQs

What is The Zebra?
The Zebra is a cable car insurance comparison site where customers can enter information about their vehicles and driving record to compare car indemnity quotes side-by-side .
What is the best site to compare car insurance rates?
You can ’ metric ton go incorrectly with Compare.com. With the most accurate quotes in the business, you ’ rhenium surely to leave our page knowing you ’ re receiving the best possible savings on your following policy. Our business works barely like The Zebra ’ south, lone better .
How does The Zebra protect your personal information?
The Zebra boasts a “ No Spam ” policy on its web site, but many reviews experienced quite the inverse. however, The Zebra doesn ’ metric ton ask users for their telephone numbers, reducing the probability of follow-up calls immediately after submitting a quote .
How is The Zebra different from Compare.com?
While both sites let you compare rates from many of the nation ’ mho top insurance providers, Compare.com produces the most accurate quotes by asking the right questions. In our sketch, we ended up with a bill more than doubly the master quote when we quoted on The Zebra. On Compare.com, that deviation was within fair a few dollars. If you want to find the most accurate quotes on your next car insurance policy, give Compare.com a attempt .
Is The Zebra an insurance company?
No, The Zebra simply allows users to compare cable car insurance quotes from other insurance companies. The Zebra does not actually offer policies of their own, it just provides quotes so that cable car insurance customers do not have to spend as a lot time shopping about to compare prices .
Does The Zebra have physical offices?

The Zebra ’ randomness headquarters is in Austin, Texas, but it does not have physical offices like other policy providers. If you are looking to use sites like The Zebra or Compare.com, you must access them online .
What are the pros and cons of The Zebra?
The Zebra, much like Compare.com, allows users to shop for the best rates on car policy in just one home rather of calling around to every mailman in town. This allows you to save both fourth dimension and money on your future policy. additionally, The Zebra offers quotes on home plate insurance and has dedicated customer service representatives you can talk to on the call. Those are decidedly positives. The downsides include that you may sometimes receive a quote that ’ s not accurate to your final bill since they don ’ thymine ask as many questions in their quote process. respective reviewers besides complained of receiving little to no actual quotes, but rather ads, and some even said they received a draw of spam after submitting their data to The Zebra .

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