Service Plan

for COVID-19:
    the Coronavirus

As a primarily mobile service provider, we deliver auto glass services to your
home or business. Please be aware our technicians use disposable, single-use
safety gloves, and we encourage all customers and technicians to keep a safe
distance between one another during service interactions. Cracked
windshields or other broken vehicle glass is a safety concern, and your safety
and that of your vehicle are of primary concern to Arrow.

We feel we provide an essential safety service to the communities we serve,
and people need to be able to safely operate their vehicles. It’s our job to help
keep your vehicles safe. The glass in your car serves many essential safety
functions, and your auto glass must be properly repaired or replaced to
maintain your safety.

We have suspended hand shaking and any other person-to-person contacts.
We encourage you to leave your keys in your car instead of handing them to
us. We can let you know when the job is done so that you may retrieve your
keys. We will call you to coordinate before arriving at your home or business,
so please let us know of any special requests or concerns.

Arrow is following the recommendations from the U.S. Center for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) and the local health departments where we
operate. Below is information from the CDC with respect to the spread of
germs and other advice.

Our business is dependent on both our customers as well as our dedicated
and talented employees. As people drive less, we realize our business will
suffer. We are dedicated to providing safe services, and working to safeguard
our employees and customers during this critical time.

Stop the Spread of Germs

Why Choose

Auto Glass?

Arrow Auto Glass is your best choice for full-service auto glass repairs
and replacements. We deliver service,
quality and value second to none.

At Arrow Auto Glass, “we aim to please.” We use only the highest quality
products, adhere to the strictest safety standards, and offer convenient
in-shop and mobile service, all at the most competitive prices.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we underscore our commitment
to customer satisfaction and safety with a lifetime
warranty on our auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and all
our products and services.

    Your Windshield

    more than a piece of glass.

  • Find out more about its importance for the
    safety of you and your passengers, as your windshield is more than just glass.




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