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there is 1 thing about the magazine time… tsx. factory setting 6 speed or 5 AT . there is no way they can do 7.3 in real life setting. my 260 HP CL-S only did 7.5 at best setting on steet start 0-60 mph.

the way magazine do the test of 0-60 is they adopt NHRA rule and allow for wheel spin and a vehicle moving distance of 1 whole FOOT before the 0-60 time starts. Just imagine how much time saved during that 1 FOOT and how much wheel spin is rid off during that 1 FT before the actual timer starts…. that is how all the magazine and manufacture come up with this miracle 0-60 times and attract us to buy cars………….

not sure if your TL 6.5 sec is real life test or according to magazine,,,, if magazine say its 6.5…its probably safe to add nearly 1 sec to that 0-60 time

Some performance car magazine utilize real life setting. so tsx 5 AT of 9.1 second sounds about right, TSX 9.1 sec vs CL-S 7.5 sec is just barely 1.6 sec difference, its not bad at all…..so guys with tsx, dont feel bad, just take out motor trend and add 1 sec to all the cars they tested… and you will see the REAL 0-60 time.. we aer not slow at all

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