Automotive Blast Cleaning
We specialize in cleaning and epoxy priming whole vehicles or parts. We blast with a special fine media that removes paint and rust from delicate automotive sheet metal leaving a fine etch that is an ideal finish for priming and sealing with epoxy. Frames and vehicle undersides can be sandblasted with our recycled grit mix. Priming with a quality epoxy sealer is optional and normally costs about the same and the blasting price. Please see our price list for standard items.

Price list for average size vehicles and parts (estimated)
(Additional charges may apply for undercoating etc.)


Media Blasting

Whole vehicle exterior                             $1200-$1600
Door                                                        $160
Fender   (in and out)                               $170

Hood (in/out)                                           $200-$250
Deck lid                                                   $180-$220

Bare body shell  (in and out)                   $1800

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