Full Transmission Service in Ballston Spa, from Builds to Replacements

Transmission Services in Ballston Spa, NY

Rowland Street Garage is proud to serve drivers and other automotive shop owners as a one-stop shop for ALL transmission work in Ballston Spa, both manual and automatic.

The Trusted Name in Service Since 1974

We carry the right combination of knowledge and hands-on experience for any job. Our full-service, automotive repair shop has been serving satisfied customers since 1974 by performing the minor and major repairs needed to keep their vehicles dependable.

From transmission building and rebuilding to transmission maintenance, we have the right tools and know-how to serve motorists and auto shops in Ballston Spa, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY, Clifton Park, NY, and surrounding areas.

Rowland Street Garage Specializes in Transmissions

We are your complete transmission shop for automatic and manual transmission services in Ballston Spa. Our seasoned team takes pride in the quality of their workmanship and their knowledge for correct and timely service. 

See us when you need:

Transmission Rebuild: If your transmission isn’t working and you’re looking to keep your vehicle running without purchasing an expensive new tranmsission, ask about a transmission rebuild. A rebuild replaces and refubishes the worn and failed parts in your transmission to restore its performance. Since it isn’t a full transmission replacement, it’s an economical repair option vs purchasing a new transmission. It can also be a better option than a used transmission, which might be cheap but comes with a degree of uncertainty since you can never know its past and upkeep for certain.  Need a transmission builder in Ballston Spa? Call us today!

Transmission Maintenance: Your owner’s manual includes information on when to change transmission fluid and conduct other maintenance services. While it doesn’t require maintenance as frequently as other areas of your vehicle, your trasnmission still requires upkeep every now and again to continue running at its best.. Our team inspects transmission parts and fluid. We also clean your transmission.

Transmission Diagnostic & Repair: You can’t fix a problem until your know what it is. If you’re experiencing performance problems and suspect your transmission is at fault, bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic. We can locate the cause and discuss the neccessary transmission repair with you. Our team fixes it all, from trouble shifting gears to burning smells and part failure. If your transmission is repairable, we’re the team to do it. In the event it can’t, we can replace it. Learn more about our transmission repair service.

Transmission Replacement: Whether you’re upgrading to a better transmission or your current transmission can’t be saved, we are fully equipped with the right tools for transmission replacement. Whenever you’re dealing with a major system in your vehicle, you need an experienced team to perform the work correctly the first time. We deliver in all regards. As your complete transmission shop in Ballston Spa, we can install a remanufactured transmission, rebuild your transmission, or build a new transmission from scratch.

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Expect the Best Transmission Services

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, responsible for transferring power from the engine to the rive wheels and helping your engine accommodate a range of speeds. Treat your transmission right, and bring it to professionals who understand it inside and out for the best results.

If you’re experiencing problems and need a transmission service or you’re in the market for a new transmission, contact us. Whether you’re an automotive shop owner looking for a supply of transmissions and transmission parts or a motorist in need of transmission repair or maintenance, we’re here to help.

The team at Rowland Street Garage looks forward to the opportunity to meet with you and take care of all your transmission needs.

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