This is a history starting in 93 (sorry i forgot about the 93 Cobras) of what tranny they intruduced.

The “Z” Spec T-5
In 1993 Ford started offering a new service unit to the motorsport crowd. The “Z” spec T-5 (Ford part number 7003Z, also sometimes referred to as “World Class T-5”. Most folks, associate the term “World Class” as meaning the best, however world class T-5 were introduced in 1985 as stated ealier. The T-5z was in a 1993 Cobra with 2.95 first gear set and .63 over drive. It has the best of everything. Hardened gears, short throw factory shifter, steel front bearing retainer, and tapered output shaft bearing ands a seven tooth speedometer gear. Best of all it has a torque rating of 330ft/lbs based on 100,000 mile usage. The stock T-5Z can handle up to 450 hp when not drag raced.

They started putting these transmissions in 93 and up Cobras and some GT’s!! Look anywhere on the net. It will tell you the same thing


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