HONG KONG and SHANGHAI, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ping An Insurance ( Group ) company of China, Ltd. ( hereafter “ Ping An ” or the “ Group ”, HKEx:2318 ; SSE:601318 ) announced today that the “ Ping An car Owner ” app has surpassed 100 million registered users. The app, launched by Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd. ( Ping An Property & Casualty ) in 2014, has 25 million monthly active users, and is presently the top-ranked car service app in China [ 1 ]. About one-half of the users of the app are existing car insurance customers of Ping An Property & Casualty .
The “ Ping An car Owner ” app uses Ping An ‘s run artificial intelligence ( AI ), cloud calculation and big data technology in a chopine to connect car owners to car dealers and early automotive service providers .
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, the app has provided services to 12.3 million users, with on-line self-service policy claims accounting for 40 % of the services .
To cater to car owners ‘ need for social distance during the COVID-19 outbreak, the app launched on-demand services for alimony, cable car sterilization services, refueling, annual vehicle inspection services and traffic citation enquiries in February 2020. For example, for vehicles less than six years old, car owners can place an order via the app and the vehicle annual inspection label will be mailed to their dwelling free of commit within three working days. For vehicles over six years old, a example will collect the vehicle and return it after the inspection, with a free car sterilization serve included.

For insurance services and claims, Ping An Property & Casualty uses Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) technology to automate tasks, such as policy quotations, data entry and policy issues. This engineering is widely applied to over 10 business scenarios, including the identification of driving license, vehicle license, modern vehicle certificate and bill. Using car insurance as an example, once the car owner uploaded the license photograph to the “ Ping An car Owner ” app, the OCR smart document recognition organization can recognize the license photograph and determine insurance eligibility based on the license information. The entire process is a fast as 60 seconds from quotation to policy issue.

The one-click indemnity renewal function on the app supports a seamless serve from insurance quotation, to application, e-signature, payment and e-policy watch. Ping An Property & Casualty besides uses proprietary up-to-date AI-powered image-based loss assessment and precise customer profiling technologies. It provided closely 90 % of claimants with throughout on-line support for claim colonization and question services. The one-click-to-claim function on the app has simplified the hale process of car insurance claim settlement through smart processes, such as probe, loss appraisal and claim. With the app ‘s smart services, a car owner can depart the accident fit promptly and complete the process of reporting-to-claiming within two minutes.

Mr. Gu Qingshan, Assistant to General Manager and CTO of Ping An Property & Casualty said, “ Ping An Property & Casualty will continue to increase investment in technical R & D and invention, and widely apply big data and AI technologies to our customer services and business operations. This will enable us to implement on-line, data-driven and ache operations to drive highly target sales, claims and services with a customer-centric set about. Technology has facilitated the reconstruction of Ping An Property & Casualty ‘s occupation processes comprehensively, the ‘Ping An Auto Owner ‘ app is able to provide contact-free services, ‘Superfast Onsite Investigation ‘, ‘Smart Quick Claim ‘ and other services that were previously unavailable, to help safeguard the health and condom of cable car owners amidst the stream epidemic. ”

[ 1 ] Qianfan Analysys, Auto Service Apps Ranking of January 2020

source Ping An insurance Group Ltd .
Ping An's Auto Service App Ranked Top in China with Over 100 Million Users, COVID-19 Spurs Demand for Online Auto Service

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