The insurance business is picking up swiftly in Uganda where the phone number of motorcycles supersedes that of actual cars. In this article, we will go over some of the best car policy companies in Uganda and the covers they offer .

1. Sanlam Insurance

Sanlam has been a aggressive indemnity party with their branches spread across countries in East Africa. It is by and large known for general and checkup insurance but it ’ second car indemnity policies are besides pretty good. For individual cars, Sanlam offers comprehensive covers in the event of an accident. The caution to this is that the indemnity overlay has to make certain that the costs of repairing the said cable car is reasonable .
They besides offer limited traverse in the shell of fires, attempted larceny, hijacking and actual larceny. Again, the free will of whether or not to cater for repairs lies entirely on the judgment of the indemnity company. While the caveats are many, they are reasonable as it pertains separating actual cases from those that are bogus.

2. Stanbic bank Insurance

While Stanbic bank is known for its good rapport as a bank that has stayed consistent and with minimal drama, it has extended its services to offering insurance. This insurance applies to countries like Kenya where Stanbic has deposit branches but besides Uganda. With a unique performance streak, the policy covers offered by Sanlam are straightforward. They offer custom-make indemnity design according to one ’ randomness budget .

This custom-make insurance includes a UGX2,000,000 medical cover when involved in an accident. additionally, payments are broken down into 3 installments over 60 days. The agio payments vary depending on the vehicle classification, whether car, motorbike, motive commercials and indeed on. The cover applies to third parties and it insures you against accidents, larceny and early damages caused by natural disasters.

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3. Britam Insurance

Britam insurance has made it their commercial enterprise to make certain that they offer a wide range of services in the insurance business. From department of education, to health and even cable car policy. Their indemnity includes comprehensive examination indemnity, centrifugal commercial policy and third gear party insurance.

comprehensive indemnity covers damages to your car that are caused by larceny, natural disasters, civil riots and natural calamities. This lapp cover applies for motor commercial vehicles that includes minibuses, cab, trucks on transit and then on .

4. Jubilee insurance

Identifying and branding itself as the top insurance company in east Africa, Jubilee policy has done it ’ s work to ensure that they offer health, life sentence and general indemnity. What sets them apart is that they entirely work on the insurance business and that means that they are well versed in this area .
When it comes to car policy, they offer three types of coverage ; comprehensive, third party and third base party fire and larceny. All these covers include indemnity against road accidents, bodily damage arising from said accidents, accidents caused by fuel or other natural calamities and sol on .

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