© CABAR – central asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting Please make active links to the source, when using materials from this web site On January 1, 2021, the Law “ On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Vehicle Owners ” came into force in Tajikistan. This decision was made after it became clear that the government rule on compulsory policy did not meet current requirements .

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There are two types of vehicle insurance in Tajikistan : comprehensive vehicle policy [ briefly called KASKO in Russian – Tr. ], and compulsory civil liability policy for vehicle owners [ briefly called OSAGO in Russian – Tr. ] .
comprehensive vehicle indemnity [ KASKO ] is optional for the fomite owners. It is besides called the voluntary vehicle insurance .
This type of vehicle policy is provided at the request of the fomite owner. In the case of the happening of an cover event, the policy company fully covers the rectify of its client ’ randomness vehicle .
The risks covered under comprehensive fomite insurance are :

  • Road traffic accidents;
  • Damage caused by falling objects (stones, tree branches, shatters, etc.);
  • Fire and explosion of a vehicle;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Unlawful actions of third parties aimed at damaging the vehicle;
  • Collision with animals.

Compulsory civil liability indemnity for vehicle owners [ OSAGO ] is mandate for every driver, and the law prohibits driving a fomite without it on the territory of Tajikistan .
The KASKO implies the vehicle policy, but OSAGO implies indebtedness policy of the vehicle owner .
The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “ On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Vehicle Owners ” was adopted in 2020 and came into force in the begin of 2021 .
Compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners : what can an guarantee person count on ? Read below .
What is the compulsory civil indebtedness policy for vehicle owners ( OSAGO ) ? OSAGO provides for the compensation of the damage inflicted to other people ’ second property and health. compensation of price under this insurance is carried out merely if you are responsible for an accident that involved two vehicles. In addition, not you, but the injure party will receive the compensation. OSAGO covers the costs of the injured party for the repair of vehicles and medical treatment, if they were injured in an accident. For model, if a road dealings accident occurred, and the examination showed that you are creditworthy for it, the OSAGO indemnity you obtained will function for the hurt party, but not for you. In this case, the policy company will pay for the repair of the injure party ’ second vehicle. If people were injured in an accident, then your OSAGO will cover their aesculapian discussion. In subject if you were injured or your car was damaged in this accident, OSAGO will not cover your costs. The target of OSAGO is that this insurance protects lone those who suffered from your actions. If the examination showed that you did not cause the accident, the OSAGO of the person responsible for an accident will cover your costs. therefore, it is significant that all drivers obtain a compulsory vehicle indemnity. The absence of compulsory vehicle insurance in Tajikistan entails an administrative fine of one indicator for calculations ( 60 somoni, or $ 5.2 ) ; in accession, your driver ’ second license is suspended until you obtain this insurance. What was before ? previously, the compulsory vehicle policy existed in Tajikistan arsenic well. It was in effect for 24 years, established by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan “ On submit compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners ”. It was adopted in 1996, and has become disused over the years .
This Resolution did not contain a detail description of the see events, there was no data on tariffs and amounts of compensation, and there were no benefits. To determine the tariffs and the measure of compensation, the politics was adopting a distinguish annex to the Resolution annually. In addition, the rights and obligations of the insure person and the insurance company were not clarified .
Before the adoption of the law, State Insurance Company “ Tajiksughurta ” was a monopoly in the field of compulsory vehicle insurance. now, there are three insurance companies under the police. In addition to the state-owned company, Spitamen Insurance LLC and Sughurtai Avvalini Milli CJSC received a license from the National Bank of Tajikistan to provide OSAGO .
After the newly police adoption in 2020, the price of insurance and the recompense amounts in casing of an insure consequence changed. In addition, they became changeless ; they can change alone if the politics decides to raise or lower the indicator for calculations. How much does indemnity cost ? Earlier, when the Government Resolution was in push, the cost of compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners in Tajikistan was 147 somoni ( $ 12.8 ), and the maximal compensation payment was about 9,000 somoni ( $ 784.4 ) .
nowadays, everything is calculated with the indicator for calculations. In 2021, it is 60 somoni ( $ 5.2 ). The price of indemnity is two indicators for calculations, that is, 120 somoni ( $ 10.4 ) and the maximum recompense payment is 818 indicators for calculations or 49,080 somoni ( $ 4,277.9 ) .
According to the police, a road traffic accident resulting in price to health is compensated by 545 indicators for calculations or 32.7 thousand somoni ( $ 2850.2 ), and place damage is compensated by 237 indicators for calculations or 14 thousand 220 somoni ( $ 1239.4 ) .
annual payment for OSAGO :
– Passenger cars and minibuses : two indicators for calculations or 120 somoni ( $ 10.4 ) .
– Buses and trolleybuses : three indicators for calculations or 180 somoni ( $ 15.6 ) .
– Trucks : three indicators for calculations or 180 somoni ( $ 15.6 )
– Tractors and other automotive vehicles and mechanisms : two indicators for calculations or 120 somoni ( $ 10.4 )
– Motorcycles : one indicator for calculations or 60 somoni ( $ 5.2 ). What does the insurance cover ? OSAGO covers both the compensate of the injure party ’ mho vehicle, and the price to the health. Any party involved in a traffic accident can be considered hurt : the driver, passengers or pedestrians .
In addition, policy is paid in subject if road traffic accident caused wrong to health resulting in disability or death .
In case if the damage to the accident victim ’ s health resulted in death, the indemnity compensation is 545 indicators for calculations or 32,700 somoni ( $ 2,843.5 ) .
If the damage to the victim ’ s health resulted in disability, a erstwhile indemnity recompense is :
– Disability of Category 1– 380 indicators for calculations or 22,800 somoni ( $ 1,982.6 ) ;

– Disability of Category 2 – 300 indicators for calculations or 18,000 somoni ( $ 1,565.2 )
– Disability of Category 3 – 220 indicators for calculations or 13,200 somoni ( $ 1,147.8 ) .
The maximal compensation payment is 49,080 somoni ( $ 4,277.9 ). If the guarantee event exceeds this sum, for exemplar, if the accident is serious and there are many injure people, the exceeding sum must be paid by the person responsible for the accident .
A particular commission of the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan carry out the examination immediately after the accident. This perpetration assesses the measure of damage and identify the responsible person. indemnity companies ’ conditions The compensations paid by indemnity companies must not be lower or higher than the tariffs set by the state .
For case, the State Insurance Company “ Tajiksughurta ” published the stick to tariffs on the company ’ s web site :
1 ) In lawsuit of the victim ’ s death, the compensation requital is 31,610 somoni ( $ 2,755.2 ) ;
2 ) In case if the accident resulted in the victim ’ randomness disability – from 12,760 somoni ( $ 1112.1 ) to 22,040 somoni ( $ 1,921 ), depending on the disability category ;
3 ) In case of damage to the victim ’ south property, the compensation requital is 15,834 somoni ( $ 1,380 )
The other two companies did not published the data on their websites .
Are there any benefits for insurance fee ?
The law provides for benefits for sealed categories of citizens .
For the Great Patriotic War participants and persons of equal status, participants in extermination of the Chernobyl accident consequences, people with disabilities of categories 1 and 2, the indemnity cost is 50 % of the establish sum .
There are besides benefits for drivers who never violated the drive regulations. however, to receive this benefit, you need a confirmation security from the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan .
If you have no violations :
– for 5 to 10 years, the policy cost is reduced by 5 % ;
– for 10 to 15 years, the policy monetary value is reduced by 10 % ;
– for 15 to 20 years, the policy cost is reduced by 15 % ;
– for 20 years and more, the policy cost is reduced by 20 %. What cases are not covered by insurance ? The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “ On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Vehicle Owners ” clearly defines the cases when the recompense requital is impossible :
– If the creditworthy person ’ south actions were deliberate, and aimed at the happening of an guarantee event ;
– If the person creditworthy for the accident was under the charm of alcohol, drugs, psychoactive or other intoxicate substances ;
– If the creditworthy person drove a vehicle without a license ;
– If the person responsible for the accident fled or left the accident scene ;
– If the vehicle ’ south measures of passenger capacity and carrying capacity were violated ;
– If the vehicle was operated without passing the compulsory technical inspection ;
– In other cases specified by the catching parties .
– If the road dealings accident occurred outside Tajikistan, the wrong would not be compensated. The insurance coverage area is the district of the Republic of Tajikistan. Vehicles registered afield

If a driver arrived in Tajikistan in own vehicle, then he/she is obliged to obtain OSAGO immediately upon arrival .
If a driver arrived in Tajikistan for less than 15 days, OSAGO is provided for 15 days. If the menstruation of stay exceeds 15 days, the indemnity is provided for 1 class. The insurance monetary value for foreigners is the lapp as for Tajikistan citizens . If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter .

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