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Every spending situation is singular. SingSaver assembles the ‘ Best For ‘ list, so you can decide what ’ second best for you .

It is compulsory to have your car insured in Singapore. Why not make the most of it by looking for the best car insurance plan in town when your policy is up for renewal?

While it can be tempting to simply renew your existing car insurance plan and get that job out of the way, you might be missing out on a better softwood out there. For a start, you might get a much cheaper cable car policy premium with another insurance company. ( You ’ ll need to get a quotation on-line, because insurance premiums depend on the driver ’ mho profile, car make and model. )
These days, many car indemnity plans come with great features that cater to different needs, be it personal wayside aid, unseasoned driver coverage, or a long tilt of conveniently-located workshops. Don ’ triiodothyronine miss out on those, either.

here are the best car indemnity plans in Singapore so you can see how your stream plan stacks up. For easy comparison, we ’ ll be covering each insurance company ’ s comprehensive plans lone .
You can besides find the play along information in this article :

What to look out for when buying car insurance

#1 Car insurance type

The first gear thing to look out for would be the car indemnity coverage character. There are generally three types of car insurance plans :

  • Third Party Only: The most basic car insurance plan, this covers injury or death to a third party, plus damage to others’ property. This does not cover the damage to your own vehicle.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: On top of what Third Party car insurance offers, this also covers fire damage or theft of your vehicle. Again, this does not cover the cost of other damages to your own vehicle.
  • Comprehensive: Includes what Third Party Fire and Theft covers, plus coverage for the repairs or replacement required for accidental damages to your vehicle. It can also include personal accident and medical expense coverage.

Third Party Only is the denude minimum you ’ ll have to get for your car. If you ’ re looking for more accomplished coverage, you should alternatively opt for a comprehensive design that covers for the damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident .

#2 How much excess you’re willing to pay

The surfeit refers to the utmost total you can expect to pay out of your own pocket in the consequence of a claim. however, this surfeit is only paid during instances when you ’ re at demerit. For model, if your policy surfeit is S $ 500 and your claim is for S $ 2,000, you ’ ll only have to pay S $ 500 while your indemnity company forks out the remaining S $ 1,500 .
How much you ’ rhenium uncoerced to fork out in policy excess in the event of an accident will affect the car indemnity plan you settle on .
In general, the higher the surfeit, the lower the premiums and frailty versa. This is because you take on greater ‘ cost ’ by paying a higher excess should an accident happen and consequently will be rewarded with lower premiums. This is one room to lower your insurance premiums .

#3 Authorised workshop only, or any workshop of your choice

Most car policy plans encourage you to have your repairs done at one of many authorized workshops approved by the insurance company. This assures both you and your insurance company of the quality and price of repairs .
however, if you have a preferable workshop, or if you ’ d like the flexibility to have your car repaired at any workshop, you ’ ll have to opt for a plan that provides such an choice. typically, car indemnity plans that allow repairs at any workshop will come with higher premiums .
Secondary factors to consider when choosing a car insurance plan: 

  • Additional driver: Will there be someone else driving the vehicle? If so, you should add a ‘named driver’ or ‘additional driver’ to the policy who will also be insured to drive the car. The ‘named/additional’ driver will usually have the same amount of coverage as the main driver and will come with additional cost.
  • Roadside assistance: Would it give you peace of mind to have access to roadside assistance at any time of the day should you get into an accident? If the answer is yes, look to see if the car insurance plan offers 24/7 roadside assistance. This could come in handy especially for newer drivers who are unsure of the procedures in the event of an accident.
  • No Claims Discount (NCD): How much is your NCD? NCD gives you a discount off your car insurance premiums and is determined by how many claims you make (or don’t make) over the past year. If your NCD is between 30% to 50% you could consider adding on riders such as an NCD protector to shield your NCD in the event of a claim.
  • Daily transport allowance: This is an allowance you’ll receive from the insurer for each day that your vehicle is being repaired. This allowance is subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions and could be capped.
  • Overseas coverage: If you require overseas coverage, for example if you frequently drive in and out of Malaysia, you’ll need a car insurance plan that offers such coverage. Do take note that most insurers have pretty standard geographical areas that they provide coverage for – mainly West Malaysia and Southern Thailand.

finally, if you ’ re a unseasoned driver, do expect that your premiums and excess will be higher because of your miss of driving experience .
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Best car insurance plans in Singapore (2022)

Provider Best for Best features  Indicative cost per year*
MSIG Low price  – Reputable brand with 30+ authorised workshops
– Offers car loan protection of S$100,000 in the event of death (for MotorMax Plus policy only)
– 24-hour roadside assistance for towing, lockout or minor roadside repairs assistance
– Replacement of a new vehicle if your vehicle becomes irreparable after an accident
From S$825.24
AIG Best for protection from collision-related accidents – Provides collision-related accidents at a lower premium
– Provides coverage for third-party property damage of up to S$5,000,000 and unlimited coverage for death or injury to third parties.
– Pay a lower premium when you limit the policy to drivers aged 30, 35, or 40 years and above, or limit the coverage over the next 12 months
From S$1,024.07
Allianz Value for money -Damage to third party property, death or injury to third party and legal representation and defense coverage for all plans
-Lifetime warranty on repairs
-Complimentary courtesy car when your car is being repaired
-Replacement car if your car is less than two years old and damaged beyond repair
-24/7 complimentary roadside assistance
-Flexible excess
From S$854.17
Etiqa Young drivers and demerit-free drivers  – Easy to buy and claim (claims can be paid out in 30 minutes)
– S$50/day allowance if your car is stuck in workshop
– Adjustable excess for better pricing
– Low age limit (24) for young & inexperienced driver- 5% additional discount if you have been demerit-free in the past 3 years
– Free child seat coverage of up to S$300
– Affordable premiums thanks to ongoing promos
From S$1,161.34
Singlife with Aviva Promotional rates and young drivers – Low age limit (24) for young & inexperienced driver
– 30+ workshops, including brand authorised workshops
– No Claims Discount (NCD) remains intact with no upfront excess payment required, if your car is damaged through no fault of yours. It also offers the lowest NCD penalty of 10% upon claims (for Standard and Prestige)
– Great promo rates for NSmen & civil servants
– (for Prestige) eCall assistance service that automatically alerts the emergency team to provide you with professional help
– (for Prestige) No additional excess for young and inexperienced driver
From S$1,057.54
FWD Getting 50% NCD for life and overseas coverage – It’s a breeze to purchase your plan online
– Good value for money, has lifetime 50% NCD guarantee
– No need to name all drivers. Anyone you trust to drive your car is insured (not applicable for Classic Plan unless a rider is added)
– Courtesy car provided up to three months if your car is written off or permanently lost
– Receive up to S$80 daily transport allowance (for up to 10 days) when your car is being repaired
From S$918.68
NTUC Income – Drivo Emergency assistance team and free NCD protector  – Reputable brand with excellent roadside assistance, with Orange Force riders arriving at accident scenes to provide help anytime and anywhere
– 24/7 referral services for road and medical assistance in West Malaysia
– S$50/day transport allowance from the first day of repair, up to a maximum of seven days
– 30+ authorised workshops islandwide
– Free NCD protector granted automatically upon your next renewal if you have been enjoying 50% NCD in the last two years with Income
From S$1,004.13
HLAS – Car Protect360 Choosing your own car workshop – Flexibility to choose between going to your choice of car workshop or HLAS’ quality workshops that come with reduced excess and premiums
– 24/7 hours roadside assistance in the event your car breakdown
– 25% discount plus a choice of free car servicing, air-con treatment or paint protection 
From $1,336.15
NTUC Income – Drivo Electric vehicles – Covers 11 different EV makes, including Tesla, BYD, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, MG, Mini and Renault Not applicable

*Indicative annual premium for a 35-year-old married male driver with clean drive read, five years of driving experience and 50 % NCD, driving a Mazda 3 1.6 ( A ) registered in 2018. Prices quoted are before the discounts offered by the providers .

MSIG Car Insurance — MotorMax: Best for the budget-conscious

Why it’s good: MSIG is one of the longer-standing insurance companies in Singapore for car indemnity, and it has a well-built-up network of over 30 empower workshops. More button-down, brand-conscious drivers would want to consider this supplier .
aside from a solid repute, we besides like that MSIG offers a car lend auspices benefit. If the cable car owner passes aside, MSIG will pay off the lend so that the surviving family does not have to worry about the debt. Given that cars are so expensive in Singapore, this feature is decidedly nice to have .
What plans are available: MSIG has two comprehensive car insurance plans : MotorMax and MotorMax Plus .
The chief deviation between them is workshop policy. For those who drive an older car that ’ s not under guarantee, the cheaper MotorMax design should be sufficient as there are over 30 authorize workshops islandwide .
You would need to opt for the more expensive MotorMax Plus to get benefits like loan protection, tape drive allowance and replacement car .
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022) Available promotions: Receive up to S$80 via PayNow, S$150 in e-vouchers and a 25% discount on Klars services when you apply via SingSaver ( for modern MSIG Car indemnity customers entirely ). Valid public treasury 31 Mar 2022. T & Cs apply .
Annual premium: From S $ 825.24 ( based on driver profile and car above )
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

AIG Car Insurance: Best for protection against collision-related accidents

Why it’s good: AIG is one of the most well-known insurance companies in the worldly concern and is besides the go-to car insurance company in Singapore .
The Collision-Only design specifically covers for collision-based accidents such as collisions with another vehicle, damages from hit-and-run, and fuel security ( if your car catches fire as a result of a collision with another vehicle ). The plan besides offers coverage third-party place damage of up to S $ 5,000,000 and unlimited coverage for end or injury to third parties .
Morever, you can limit the coverage of the policy to drivers aged 30, 35, or 40 years and above to enjoy a lower premium, or customise the coverage by selecting your expected mileage usage over the next 12 months .
For those who want more security, there ’ south besides the Car Insurance Complete plan that provides extra protection such as coverages from larceny, flood, windscreen/windows, and riots. The plan besides offers coverage of up to S $ 5,000,000 for damage to third-party property, and unlimited coverage for death or injury to third parties .
What plans are available: Car Insurance Collision-Only and Car Insurance Complete .
Annual premium: S $ 1,024.07 ( Collision-Only ), S $ 1,172.97 ( Complete )
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

Allianz Motor Protect: Best for great value

Why it’s good: Cheap premiums doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always mean less coverage. not entirely does Allianz Motor Protect offer a life guarantee on repairs to make certain the repair works done to your car international relations and security network ’ metric ton haphazard, but they besides offer a complimentary courtesy cable car for every day your car is at the workshop undergoing repairs, up to 10 days per accident or breakdown. Though these benefits are only exclusive to their comprehensive design .
If you want less coverage, you can opt for the third base party only plan or third gear party, fire and larceny only plan. They offer coverage of up to S $ 5,000,000 for damage to third-party property, outright coverage for death or injury to third party, legal representation and defense coverage of up to S $ 3,000 .
There ’ sulfur even an NCD defender that ’ s available across all three plans if you want as an optional brood at an extra premium, for drivers with an NCD of 30 % and above .
What plans are available: Third party only, Third party, fire and larceny entirely, comprehensive
Available Promotion: Use promo code P20 to get a 20% discount. Valid cashbox 31 March 2022. T & Cs apply .

Annual premiums: From S $ 854.17 ( based on driver profile and car above )
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

Etiqa (Tiq) Car Insurance: Best for young drivers

Why it’s good: Etiqa ( besides known as Tiq ) prides itself as a digital insurance company, so you can expect a quick and painless buy experience. They ’ ve tied minimised the fuss around claims. Just submit your repair claim of up to S $ 5,000 on-line ( only applicable for ‘ own damage ’ claims ), and Etiqa can verify and pay it out in equally little as 30 minutes .
Depending on how much you ’ rhenium willing to fork out in excess, Etiqa besides offers adjustable excess for the named driver, in orderliness for you to enjoy better pricing .
Like Singlife with Aviva, Etiqa ’ s doorway for ‘ young and inexperienced driver ’ is 24 years erstwhile, which is well news for drivers in their 20s .
What plans are available: Etiqa has equitable the one comprehensive cable car indemnity plan. It comes with the criterion accident, personal accident and liability coverage, but does not include the nice-to-haves such as a courtesy car or dedicated emergency aid staff. There is, however, a heedful S $ 50 casual payout if your car gets stuck in the workshop, up to a maximum of five days .
By default, you ’ ll want to send your car to one of the 20+ Etiqa authorised workshops. You can purchase an addition to get your car repaired at the workshop of your choice, but this might mean your claims take longer to process a well .
All these add up to a value-for-money, but basic, car insurance plan that ’ second more suitable to older cars ( no long under guarantee ) and experienced drivers ( who know what to do in an accident ) .
Available promotions:
Use the promo code MAR20 to get a 20% discount and up to $200 cashback when you apply. Valid cashbox 31 March 2022. T & Cs give .
Annual premium: From S $ 1,161.34 ( based on driver profile and car above )
Read our full reappraisal of the Etiqa Car Insurance plan here .
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

Singlife with Aviva Car Insurance: Best for promotional rates

Why it’s good: Car policy providers do insure ‘ unseasoned and inexperienced drivers ’, but impose a a lot higher overindulgence ( amount you pay out of pocket for repairs ) if they are involved in an accident. This might be off-putting for young drivers and newbies who equitable got their licenses .
We mention this because Singlife with Aviva is one of the more absolvitory insurers when it comes to youthful driver coverage. While other insurers define this bad group as anyone up to long time 27, Singlife with Aviva ’ s cut-off age is 24 years old. ( Although note that if you ’ ve had your license for less than two years, you ’ ll even be subject to the high surfeit. )
What plans are available: Singlife with Aviva offers three plans : Lite, Standard and Prestige. The cheapest light plan looks hearty enough for most drivers, as it allows repairs in over 30 workshops islandwide, including some workshops that are authorised by car brands/distributors .
In the consequence that you do get in an accident and make a claim, most insurers will reduce your NCD by 30 %. Singlife with Aviva cuts it by 10 % for the Standard design onwards. so if you are concerned about preserving your No Claim Discount, you can pay a moment more for Standard .
Prestige is the most expensive design, but it comes with a release for the young and inexperienced driver surfeit. It besides includes Singlife with Aviva ’ s complimentary service – eCall, a driver ’ sulfur companion ( device ) that automatically gets help fast from the emergency team when an accident occur .
Available promotions:
Get 23% off premiums when you use promo code CAR23. Valid for new businesses only and till 31 Mar 2022. T & Cs apply .
You can besides lock in your premium for two years, and/or opt to pay for your car policy in instalments with a UOB or DBS/POSB recognition card .
Annual premium: From S $ 1,004.67 ( based on driver profile and car above )

9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

FWD Car Insurance: Best for NCD

Why it’s good: As a fully digital insurance company, FWD puts a draw of attempt in being highly user-friendly. You can get a quote and purchase your car policy plan on their web site in just minutes .
FWD is besides the only insurance company to offer 50 % NCD for liveliness, rewarding all drivers for condom repel. once your No Claim Discount hits 50 % — you can retain your 50 % discount deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you renew with FWD .
Customers like that FWD car indemnity is relatively flexible. Unlike other insurers where you need to name extra drivers to avoid paying a higher excess, FWD ’ sulfur coverage extends to anyone you trust to drive your car. ( That said, the standard S $ 2,500 overindulgence for damage done by a young driver under 27 distillery applies, or you can choose to lower the overindulgence by paying more. ) FWD besides provides oversea coverage, more specifically, if you ’ rhenium drive in West Malaysia and parts of Thailand .
What plans are available: FWD offers three cable car insurance plans : Classic ( cheapest ), Executive and Prestige ( most expensive ). They cover approximately the same things, but to different claim limits. so unless your cable car is very expensive, a classical plan should be sufficient for most singaporean drivers .
All of FWD ’ south car insurance plans come with 24/7 wayside aid service, checkup expenses coverage in case of a car accident and all the other nice-to-haves, so you can rest assured knowing the coverage is adequate .
note that FWD plans allow only repairs at the 10+ FWD authorised workshops. If you want the ‘ any workshop ’ option, you ’ ll have to select it as a paid addition .
FWD besides offers a ‘ life NCD guarantee ’ once your No Claim Discount hits 50 % — you can retain your 50 % dismiss arsenic long as you renew with FWD .
SingSaver Exclusive Promotion:
Classic plan: Use the promo code FWDCAR to get a 20 % deduction on your bounty
Executive & Prestige plan: Use the promo code FWDCAR to get a 25 % dismiss on your premium
Valid till 25 March. T & Cs Apply .
You can opt to pay for your car insurance in instalments with a DBS/POSB Mastercard or Visa Credit Card .
Annual premium: From S $ 918.68 ( based on driver profile and car above )
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

NTUC Income Car Insurance — Drivo: Best for emergency assistance

Why it’s good: NTUC Income is one of the most popular cable car insurance providers in Singapore for adept rationality. It ’ randomness long-familiar for its emergency aid team, Orange Force, who will come to the accident setting to arrange for medical avail, vehicle removal, and help you sort out the policy title .
This is a major selling item for drivers who have no mind where to begin when getting into an accident. We recommend NTUC Income to drivers who would appreciate this kind of help oneself, particularly at a fourth dimension when you might be fretting over the accident .
NTUC Income Drivo besides offers personal accident benefits of up to S $ 50,000 and checkup expenses coverage of up to S $ 1,000 .
finally, you ’ ll mechanically be granted a free NCD defender upon your adjacent renewal if you have been enjoying 50 % NCD with NTUC Income for the last two back-to-back years .
What plans are available: For comprehensive car indemnity, choose between NTUC Income Drivo Classic and Premium plans .
The main dispute between them is workshop policy. The cheaper Drivo Classic plan restricts you to ( close to 50 ) NTUC Income approved workshops islandwide, while agio allows you to visit any workshop. Opt for the latter if you drive a car that ’ second still under guarantee, and can only go to the dealer ’ randomness workshop .
Annual premium: From S $ 1,004.13 ( based on driver profile and car above )
Read our full review of the NTUC Income Drivo Car Insurance plan hera .
9 Best Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (March 2022)

HLAS Car Insurance — Car Protect360: Best for car workshop choices

Why it’s good: HLAS Car Protect360 gives you the flexibility to send your car to your choice of car workshop or one of HLAS ’ 20+ choice workshops. Getting your repairs done at a HLAS approved workshop will come with reduce excess and premiums, a well as the assurance that actual manufacturers ’ parts are used, coming with a fully nine-month repair guarantee .
HLAS cable car policy includes a daily transport allowance of S $ 50 per sidereal day, up to a limit of S $ 1,000 if your cable car repairs take three days or more. They besides provide 24/7 hours wayside aid in the event your car breaks down .
HLAS offers medical coverage for the driver, with up to S $ 20,000 in personal accident traverse and medical expenses cover of up to S $ 1,000 in the event of an accident. Passengers or an authorized driver can receive up to S $ 10,000 for personal accident benefits .
What plans are available: There ’ sulfur only a single type of car insurance plan available on HLAS — Car Protect360. This makes selection and comparison easy for person looking for a HLAS cable car policy plan .
Annual premium: From S $ 1,336.15 ( based on driver profile and car above )

Special mention for electric vehicles: NTUC Income – Drivo

Why it’s good: You ’ ll realize that not all car indemnity plans cover electric vehicles. With NTUC Income, you can choose from eleven different EV makes, including the likes of Tesla and BYD. You ’ ll then be required to choose between an annual rate or a pay-per-kilometre .
NTUC offers use based indemnity ( UBI ) for owners of EVs. You can choose from three different EV UBI plans, paying merely based on how much ( or how little ) you drive as your insurance premiums are pegged to the mileage on your EV .
Their handy microsite besides helps you to find the nearest electric vehicle charging station when you enter your postal code .
What plans are available: Car policy with an annual agio rate, or premiums dependent on your use .
Available promotions: not applicable .
Annual premium: Unlike the instantaneous quotes you can get for your traditional fuel-consuming car, you ’ ll have to wait three working days for the quote to be sent to your electronic mail .

Compare car insurance before renewing

We ’ ve shortlisted the five best car policy plans for 2022, but this is by no means a static list. Insurers do change their premiums, policies and offerings all the time, thus make surely you shop around when it ’ second time to renew your car insurance design .
It does take some time to understand the options and get quotations online, so don ’ thymine leave it all to the last minute. Set yourself a reminder to inquiry the options before it ’ s time to renew your policy !
Get all the assistant you need ( including cable car indemnity reclamation ) by contacting the SingSaver policy brokerage team at insurance_enquiry @ or by call at 31382648 for more information .
SingSaver Promotion : Be the first to try out our newly launched car insurance comparison platform, and get quotes tailored for you and your car ’ south needs. Compare now !

Tips to get the best car insurance price

To secure the lowest price possible for your car indemnity design, here are some tips for you :

  • Compare car insurance premiums by getting free quotes online (don’t just settle for the first plan you land on!)
  • Drive safe to avoid accidents and bump up your No Claims Discount (NCD)
  • Opt for lower coverage on older cars as the premium prices could be higher than your car’s market value
  • Maintain a good credit score
  • Increase the excess
  • Opt for pay-per-kilometre insurance
  • Be on the lookout for discounts

Common FAQs related to car insurance

What does car insurance cover?

cable car policy can help protect you against any fiscal damages and losses that arise from a centrifugal accident, such as the price of repairing your vehicle and for towing services. It can besides provide you and your passengers with coverage for checkup expenses, death, and lost or damaged belongings .
car policy besides covers accidental damage caused to the property of a third base party. last, you can besides enjoy fringe benefits such as 24/7 emergency aid and daily transport allowance while your car is in the workshop for rectify .

Why do you need car insurance? 

cable car indemnity is compulsory in order for you to drive a motive fomite in Singapore. Driving without car insurance could lead to a fine of up to S $ 1,000 and/or a jail term of up to three months. You could besides be disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving license for a period of 12 months. legal implications aside, car policy is besides important to help protect you, your love ones ampere well as third-parties from the fiscal repercussions of a centrifugal accident .

How to compare car insurance? 

To compare cable car indemnity, you should first check the policy coverage details. Some authoritative sections you should look out for include coverage for vehicle price, medical expenses, personal accident coverage and indebtedness to third base parties .
monetary value should besides be a retainer, particularly if you are tight on finances. Besides comparing the car insurance policies listed in this article, you can besides get an clamant quotation on-line from different cable car insurance companies, with no strings attached .

How do I make a claim from my car insurance?

  • Take pictures of the accident, including the damages to your vehicle and the other vehicles involved
  • Do not move the vehicle if possible
  • Get all the details and contact information of the parties involved
  • Submit and file your claim within 24 hours of the accident
  • Provide all evidence available to the insurance company
  • Get your car repaired at a car workshop — this could be an authorised workshop, or any workshop, depending on your policy details

What happens to my car insurance if I sell my car?

If you decide to sell your car and design on getting a new cable car, you can choose to cancel the current car insurance policy and receive a prorated refund while you get a new policy to cover your new car. however, if you ’ rhenium not planning on getting another car, contact your indemnity caller to have them cancel it .

What is excess in car insurance?

car indemnity excess is the amount you have to pay out of your own scoop when you make a title, but excess is lone paid for your losses or during instances when you ’ re at mistake. For exemplar, if your policy excess is S $ 500 and your title is S $ 2,000, you ’ ll entirely have to pay S $ 500 while your indemnity company forks out the remaining S $ 1,500 .

What is NCD in car insurance?

NCD stands for no claims deduction, which is the share discount that your insurance company takes off your cable car indemnity premiums to reward you if you ’ ve not made any cable car insurance claims the previous class. This can range from 10 % to 50 % depending on the number of claims you make over the years .
You can even get an NCD defender to protect your NCD .
SingSaver Promotion : Be the first to try out our newly launched car insurance comparison platform, and get quotes tailored for you and your car ’ sulfur needs. Compare now !
Protected up to specified limits by SDIC .
note : This is only merchandise information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is desirable for you. Buying an indemnity intersection that is not desirable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accord with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurance company may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurance company in underwriting the policy .
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