Less known facts about voluntary car insurance
Along with the compulsory one-third party insurance that every cable car owner must have in order to participate in traffic,  many car owners decide to take voluntary kasko insurance. The reason behind this is the fact that the compulsory third party insurance does not cover the damage on your vehicle, but only the damage inflicted on the third party who participated in the accident. There are different types of voluntary indemnity, offered at prices and conditions that vary depending on many factors, but this article will not be comparing all such variations. It will, however, point out some important things that usually don’t even cross our minds when signing an insurance policy .
Less known facts about voluntary car insurance
Not every kasko insurance covers for total wreck or vehicle theft automatically

You should ask your insurance agent about this piece of information before you sign the policy because it may not be included in the terms and conditions you are offered. The conditions actually vary from one insurance company to another, so the policy users are much unpleasantly surprised once they realize there is no footing upon which to claim the payment. For that reason, we advise you to study the terms and conditions thoroughly, compare offers from different insurance companies and define all the risks you wish to have covered .
In case of vehicle theft, the payment will not be equal to the value of a new car
The same way that you can not sell your car for the lapp price you paid when you bought it from the car principal, you will not receive a payment in the value of a new car. In case of theft, the value of the vehicle is estimated on the day of the theft, most frequently in accordance with the catalog value provided by AMSS, with deductions based on how much the vehicle was used and for how hanker .
If you wish to be paid, you must first report the damage to your insurance company
Don’t rush to your mechanic to repair the damage, even if you are going to an authorized service, because the insurance company has the right to refuse payment regardless of the fact that you can provide the bill and the necessary documentation. The first thing you need to do is to contact the indemnity company. Their inspectors will estimate the cost of repair. Some insurance companies may even ask you for a patrol report, specially if the wrong is estimated to be more than 200,000 RSD, in which case you are anyhow obliged by law to call the patrol and delay for them to finish making the report. It is recommended that you communicate with the insurance company via email, because everything you have in write may help eliminate potential ambiguity in the process of claiming the payment .
Less known facts about voluntary car insurance

How the damage is repaired
The damage can be repaired in two ways. One way means that the service and the insurance company will make a deal and repair the damage with no additional payment that goes to you. Another option is to take the money from the insurance company and have the service repair the damage. This option works in your party favor only if you are certain that this direction will be cheaper. In regulate to be sure, consult the servicing ahead .
In case of reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, forget about reimbursement
foolhardy driving means running through a red light, driving at speed that is more than 50km/h over the accelerate limit, overtaking in areas where this is rigorously forbidden and driving in the reverse direction.  If the police report shows that any of these caused the accident, the insurance company is not obliged to cover the damage. The same goes for driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol.
Less known facts about voluntary car insurance

Although it may seem that the policy company is merely trying to avoid covering the wrong, these are actually reasonable reasons which aim to prevent misuse on part of the insurance exploiter. A bang-up many of car owners do opt for voluntary car indemnity, which backs the fact that car indemnity pays off in the end, and the best way to choose the one that will suit you is to be well-informed. This article contains merely a few things that we considered important, but for any specific case we powerfully advise you to go through all the details on your own angstrom well .
We hope you found these pieces of advice utilitarian. Feel free to contact us for any questions, doubts and suggestions .

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