GlobalData ’ s ‘The Insurance Industry in Rwanda, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2021 ‘ report provides detail analysis of the market trends, drivers and challenges in the Rwandan insurance industry. It provides key operation indicators such as written agio, receive loss, personnel casualty ratio, commissions and expenses, total assets, total investing income and retentions during the review menstruation ( 2012–2016 ) and forecast period ( 2016–2021 ).

The report besides analyzes distribution channels operating in the section, gives a comprehensive examination overview of the Rwandan economy and demographics, and provides detail information on the competitive landscape in the country. The composition brings together GlobalData ’ s research, modeling and analysis expertness, giving insurers access to information on section dynamics and competitive advantages, and profiles of insurers operating in the nation. The report besides includes details of insurance regulations, and late changes in the regulative structure.


This composition provides a comprehensive examination psychoanalysis of the insurance industry in Rwanda :
• It provides historical values for the Rwandan insurance industry for the reputation ’ s 2012–2016 follow-up period, and projected figures for the 2016–2021 prognosis period.
• It offers a detail psychoanalysis of the key segments in the Rwandan insurance diligence, along with market forecasts until 2021.
• It covers an exhaustive list of parameters, including written premium, incur loss, loss proportion, combined proportion, full assets, total investment income and retentions.
• It analyzes the respective distribution channels in Rwanda.
• It profiles the lead insurance companies in Rwanda and outlines the key regulations affecting them.

Key Highlights

• On March 20, 2017, the National Bank of Rwanda ( BNR ) issued a rule which aims to establish administrative and monetary sanctions applicable to insurers for violations of the law governing the organization of insurance business and the implementation of regulations, directives and decisions of the BNR.
• As of June 2016, the fiscal sector of Rwanda was well capitalized, with its assets emergence increasing from 53.8 % in June 2015 to 55.0 % in June 2016. The country has 494 microfinance institutions, 88 alien exchange agency, 63 pension schemes and 17 banks.
• In 2016, the Rwanda Revenue Authority implemented a new tax policy. The raise tax rate will discourage used car imports and subscribe cuts on carbon emissions. The policy chiefly targets vehicles that are more than one class old.
• The Rwandan policy diligence comprises 15 insurance providers, of which nine are non-life insurers, four are liveliness indemnity providers and two are public medical insurers.

Reasons to Buy

• Make strategic commercial enterprise decisions using in-depth historic and forecast market data related to the Rwandan policy diligence and each segment and class within it.
• Understand the demand-side dynamics, key commercialize trends and growth opportunities in the Rwandan insurance industry.
• Assess the competitive dynamics in the Rwandan policy industry.
• Identify the growth opportunities and commercialize dynamics in key segments.
• Gain insights into key regulations governing the Rwandan policy industry and their affect on companies and the industry ‘s future.

Companies Mentioned

Sonarwa General Insurance Ltd
Soras Assurances Generales Ltd
Saham Assurance Rwanda Ltd
Prime Insurance Ltd
beaming Insurance Company
BK General Insurance Ltd
Corar AG Limited
UAP Insurance Rwanda Ltd
Phoenix Assurance Rwanda

Military Medical Insurance
RSSB – Medical Scheme

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