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PKF Shanghai Hospitality Team combines its rich experiences in the China real estate/ hospitality market with internal resources and database from both local and international offices and its mixed caliber of professionals, each with their own unique background, to provide consulting services in project planning, project development, owner support and financial analysis. Our services range from hotels and serviced apartments, mixed-use projects, resorts, theme parks, golf courses and clubs, retail and shopping facilities to tourism strategies that cover most of the cities and provinces in the Greater China region.

Some examples of our successful relevant experiences are shown below:

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Hotels and Serviced Apartments

■ Market feasibility study, positioning, financial projection, facility and operators recommendation for 1200-rooms hotels located in Shanghai EXPO site.

■ Market feasibility study for two hotels to be located in the CBD of Shanghai, next to Xintiandi. Our study resulted in providing owner recommendations on market positioning, concept and facilities for the subject hotels. After the market feasibility studies, we were engaged to find appropriate hotel operators for the hotels.

■ Market feasibility study for an art-themed hotel in Shanghai with 450 rooms. We were also provided the financial analysis for the hotel, office building and gallery in the mix-used project.

■ Performed F&B feasibility study for a prominent international hotel operator for their China flagship located in Puxi, Shanghai. The study included 5 year cash flow, market positioning, competitor analysis and opening strategies.

■ Advise property developer the development potential of the mix-used project of hotel and serviced apartment (47,000㎡) in the northern Bund area in Shanghai based on conducted market feasibility study and financial analysis. PKF widely analyzed Shanghai’s premium hotel industry for the average daily room rate and occupancy rate for the recent 10 years. Based on historical data, PKF also concluded the future trend for the hotel and serviced apartment industries. At the same time, PKF also produced a comparison analysis for differences in the financial aspects between hotel and serviced apartment development in Shanghai.

■ A market feasibility study for a developer in Beijing for a landmark building in ChaoYang District. We also worked with the Client and the operator, Bulgari Hotel, in forming the development concept.

■ Market feasibility study, financial and economic analysis for Olympic Plaza in Beijing. The development consisted of two hotel complexes totalling 85,000 square meters, two serviced apartments totalling 78,000 square meters and one 200,000 square meter office building with 8,000 car parks.

■ Performed conversion positioning and operator search for the Marco Polo Hotel in Beijing.

■ Performed market and financial analysis for Marriott hotel in Shenyang. Assist BTG-Nikko HOTELS & RESORTS to operate it.

■ Performed feasibility study for a resort hotel located in Yulong District in Lijiang. The development consisted of the resort hotel totalling 880,000 square meters. The study provided the developer recommendations on development and facilities. We also assistant the developer to search hotel operator.

■ Market feasibility study and financial analysis for a 6-star villa hotel and 5-star hotel complex located in Lijiang.

■ Market feasibility and positioning, and financial analysis for a hotel ( 31,070 ㎡) for a mix-used project in Nankai District in Tianjin.

■ Market feasibility study, financial and economic analysis for a hotel project located next to the Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park. The development, when completed, would become the landmark of Suzhou. The building is a 72-story twin towers; tower will be one with hotel accommodation and office space, tower two will be all serviced apartments.

■ Market feasibility study and operator search for a mixed used project to be located in Wuxi, China. The project includes a landmark five star hotel and individual villas for various commercial usage including F&B, high-end boutique shops, clubhouse and offices.

■ Valuation of a major international hotel in Nanjing in preparation for their negotiation with potential investors from the US.

■ Market positioning and feasibility study, as well as financial analysis and hotel operator selection for serviced apartment (15,149㎡) of a mix-used project in Hexi District in Nanjing. PKF interviewed large-scale international and national companies in Nanjing when analyzing the market demand. PKF has employed sampling statistics to calculate the future demand for the project and determined the type of demand as well.

■ Market positioning, market feasibility study and financial analysis for a boutique leisure resort of 21,000㎡ within the golf course area in Changzhou. As part of the conclusion of the study, PKF’s recommended area programme is used as the design brief for the architecture firm.

■ Market feasibility study, market positioning and financial analysis for the 15,000㎡ hotel project in Panlong Economic Development Zone near Tianhe Airport in Wuhan. As the project is located near the airport, PKF also analysed the volume of visitors, growth rate and development model of top 10 airports nationally when analysing the market demand.

■ Market feasibility study for a hotel and service apartment complex located in Dalian Economic and Technology Development Zone, Liaoning Province. The study provided the developer recommendations on development and marketing strategies. A detailed analysis was conducted to determine the market demand for different types of hotel accommodation in Dalian.

■ Assisted a retail centre owner in Dalian to search for an appropriate international hotel operator to manage the proposed 200-room hotel in the retail complex.

■ A market feasibility study for the Marco Polo Hotel in Xiamen, the study helped the investors in determining the magnitude of investments in the proposed hotel.

■ Market positioning, market feasibility and financial analysis for a hotel of 50,000㎡ in the mix-used project in Minjiangban in Fuzhou. PKF research and study detailed the differences between the management by hotel management companies and own management for the owner’s reference for strategic decisions.

■ Market positioning, market feasibility and financial analysis services for a boutique hot spring hotel resort project of 25,000㎡in Xi’an near the foot of Qinling Mountain; Based on the market positioning and conclusions of the study, PKF created design requirement for the project.

■ Market feasibility study and recommended market positioning, and financial analysis for a development mix-used project of 150,000㎡ within a famous scenic area; In addition, PKF also advised for developing attributes, area capacity, hotel operator selection and operating facilities. PKF also developed an area programme for the development project according to the conclusion of the study.

■ Market and financial feasibility study, supply and demand analysis, facility recommendation and financial projections for a convention hotel in Taichung. The proposed hotel consists of extensive food & beverage, banquet and conference facilities and health club.

■ Retained by the owners of Taipei 101 Financial Centre (The world’s tallest building with 101 floors) to help determine the feasibility of converting the office space into a 352-room hotel when the tower was 86 floors competed. We worked with architects, hotel operators to prepare market and financial projections of the conversion, and were then instructed by the owners to recommend and solicit suitable international hotel management companies to bid for the management of the hotel.

Resorts, Theme Parks, Golf Courses and Clubs

■ Assisted the largest global ski resort operator to assess opportunities, develop vertically integrated entry strategy and prepare information memorandum for purposes of fund raising.

■ Commissioned by a Taiwanese development company to perform the financial assessment for the proposed 60,000 square-meter Resort in the northern coastal area of Taiwan. This proposed project would include a 280-room five-star resort hotel, residential units, membership club and numerous recreational facilities.

■ Commissioned by the landowner to conduct a market feasibility study for a proposed 45-hectare resort to be located in Hualien. The project includes a marine park with aquarium, a resort hotel and extensive recreational facilities.

■ Market feasibility study for the West-lake Golf Resort, which contains an 18-hole golf course and villa development located in Hangzhou. The market feasibility was conducted in cooperation with overseas architects of the project. Assisted the developer in compiling an Information Memorandum for the purpose of seeking financing.

■ Revenue Modelling of a 90-hole ocean-view golf resort covering an area of 633 hectares with 435 villas to be located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Our assignment involved assisting the client in the preparation of an investment document detailing the market competition, financial projection and economic returns of the project.

■ As part of a consortium consisting of urban planners, economists, and architects, our consultants participated in the market and economic study of a planned oceanfront resort development locating in the city of Rizhao, Shandong, PRC. The study addressed the quality; facility mix and market mix of the two million square-meters of land to be developed into a full-scale seaside resort community to serve the northern part of China.

■ Represented land owner to develop a financial model for the analysis of land lease payment and development rights compensation for a proposed 230-hectare theme park, the study included sensitivity analysis and review of proposals submitted by potential investors.

■ Market research for an up-scale golf and country club membership survey in Taipei, and recommendation on market strategies and pricing structure based on the result of our survey. This project involved extensive interviews with targeted high net worth individuals in Taiwan.

■ Commissioned by Guoyang Development Co., Ltd., a major Taiwan developer, to conduct a market feasibility of a hot spring resort hotel in Peitou, Taipei County. The study helped the client in determining the size, quality and facilities of the resort hotel.

Mixed-Use Projects

■ Market overview and evaluation of the development concept for a proposed US$950 million mixed-use project in Beijing. The 49-hectare site will contain two hotels, two serviced apartment buildings, two office towers, a department store, a retail mall, an arena, an entertainment complex, a parking structure, theatres and museums. The study involved market research, development recommendations and economic analysis of the hotel, serviced apartment, and office and retail components.

■ Market feasibility study for a proposed mixed-use (hotel, serviced apartments, shopping area) project located in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province. The study included market analysis, positioning, facility recommendations, financial projection, and economic analysis.

■ Market feasibility study for a proposed mixed-use project to be located in Chongqing. The project includes a 5-star 400-room business hotel, a 150-unit service apartment, and an office building of 10,000 square meters. Our study addressed market competition, positioning, facility recommendations, financial projection and economic analysis of the development.

■ Market feasibility study and economic analysis for a proposed mixed-use development project containing a 40,000 square-meter shopping mall and a 300-unit serviced apartment complex to be located in Shanghai. This project involved an analysis of competition, projections of spending power and pattern of consumer behaviour in the local trade area, plus preparation of ten-year cash flow projections and economic analysis. We were also retained after the study to select an international retail management company for the owners of the development.

■ Market feasibility study and economic analysis for a proposed mixed-use shopping centre to be located in Dalian. The proposed project includes shopping area of 60,000 square meters, food and beverage area of 15,000 square meters and an entertainment centre of 30,000 square meters. The leisure part of the proposed project is to be the largest modern indoor entertainment centre in northeast china. Our study addressed the market conditions, positioning, facility recommendations, financial projection and economic feasibility analysis.

■ Market feasibility study for a proposed 135,000 square-meter mixed-use shopping mall to be located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Our part of the study concentrated on the retailing, recreational and food & beverage components of the project.

■ Market and economic analysis of a proposed retail-shopping complex of 50,000 square-meters to be located in Taipei. This study involved analysis of each trade area of population growth, age pattern, spending power, source of income, etc. Based on information we analyzed, a development strategy was formulated upon which a ten-year financial projection for the project was compiled.

Tourism Strategies

■ Commissioned by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to undertake a study on the “Privatization of Concessions at Tourist Destinations in Taiwan”. The research required analysis of the United States, Japan and Taiwan park systems. The main objective of the study was to analyze the problems encountered by the Tourism Bureau with respect to their contacts and relationships with concessionaires. Our recommendations included a new bidding process with documentation, new lease agreement, and a set of rules and regulations for governing the concessionaires.

■ Commissioned by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communications and Transport, to conduct a Hotel Grading System Study for Taiwan. The objective was to assist the Bureau to prepare a hotel classification system and rules and regulations governing the operation of hotels in Taiwan. As part of the study, the hotel grading system and rules and regulations in 11 other countries were reviewed.

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