You never know what danger awaits on the road. So it is better to turn your ride into a safe trip. qatar has made car indemnity mandatary. In Qatar, your car gets insured and not you. This means whoever can drive the vehicle and gets into an accident would be cared about. You may be concerned in Car Insurance in the UAE. many companies in Qatar offer motor indemnity, but we have picked out the best car policy companies in Qatar for you !

1. qatar Insurance Company

Qatar Insurance Company qatar Insurance Company ( QIC ) is one of the top indemnity agencies in the country. QIC provides practical fiscal management and cocksure customer worry avail. You can get about a 10 % dismiss for applying on-line with QIC. It is hassle-free, and you can apply for a claim or any intersection on-line from anywhere. The QIC hotline customer manage service is promptly available at all times for any inquiry or help. QIC provides its customers with a fink of all the car haunt workshops across Qatar, which proves very valuable in an emergency. The Qatar Insurance Company has an agreement with the Traffic Department, which makes it easier to sort out claims efficiently. QIC gives obligatory third party and worthwhile comprehensive car insurance plans. This covers the medical and car repair costs for the insured and third party. wayside aid like a flat tire, providing fuel, changing batteries, and QIC supplies off-road services ( the cable car ’ s mechanical breakdown on unpaved roads within the city ) by QIC. QIC besides offers “ Off-Road 360 ”, a overlay for accidents involving 2,3 cars on unpaved roads or in desert areas in any region of Qatar. This plan gives protection for all physical and substantial damages of both insured and third party. other than this, QIC offers cover for the destruction of the car by any natural hazard ( flood/ sandstorms/ earthquake, etc. ) and civil whirl ( riots/strikes ). Link : Read More : How to get a Driving License in Qatar

2. Doha Insurance Group

Doha Insurance Group Doha Insurance Group ( DIG ) is a outstanding and acme insurance company in Qatar. DIG has been established as a shareholding ship’s company on the Qatar Exchange. Doha Insurance Group provides the common with all covering comprehensive and ineluctable third party car insurance plans. The comprehensive car insurance plan covers all the bodily injuries and mechanical breakdown sustained after the accidental collision to both the insure and third parties. The extra features of the comprehensive plan are :

  • Free repair for the first year only
  • No deduction on the restoration of the spare parts for the first year alone
  • Cover for roadside assistance
  • Compensation for the medical expenses of all the passengers associated with the crash

The third-party indebtedness plan offers the keep up covers :

  • Bodily injuries to a third party and your passengers
  • Material damage to the third party property

Link : www.dig.qaf

3. Libano Suisse policy

Best 5 Car Insurance Companies in Qatar Libano-Suisse Insurance Company is well known for providing quality services and excellent customer care services. It holds over 200,000 clients and a staff of more than 250 workers. This ship’s company provides products for both corporate businesses and secret individuals. The benefit of the Libano-Suisse Insurance agency is that it offers a diverse crop of motor products to suit every person ’ mho needs. The Third-party Liability insurance design covers all the department of the interior and outside destruction of the other person ’ randomness vehicle resulting from the crash caused by the insure cable car. This proposal besides offers extra services of Collision and Total Loss plans. The Compulsory Insurance Policy covers all the material and bodily injuries caused to both the guarantee vehicle and driver and the third party. The “ Markaba ” or the secret All Risk Motor Insurance covers available include any damage to the insured or third-party vehicles. furthermore, this design covers bodily or physical injuries sustained. The Markaba design covers any harm sustained by the insured vehicle due to theft, fire of any kind, and hold-up. The plan of All Risk Motor Insurance besides covers the fee of car successor, registration fee, and total loss of the motor car. The Markaba plan besides gives personal accident benefits and roadside aid covers. The extra benefits can be achieved by the “ Markaba Plus ” that compensates the damages tolerated by natural disasters, partial derivative larceny, civil agitation such as strikes and riots. Link :

4. AXA


AXA in the Gulf insurance caller has been present for more than 68 years. It provides its customers with a across-the-board range of services from causality, property, and health policy. The motive policy services by AXA in Qatar are off 10 % off when obtaining on-line. The third-party insurance plans cover both personal bodily wound and material wrong undergo by the insured automobile ’ mho third party. A comprehensive car indemnity plan can be attained even if the car is 15 years honest-to-god. The services availed by paying a premium are :

  • Car loss and damage by theft, explosion, or accidental collision
  • Compensation for personal belongings by car loss
  • Personal physical injury and material damage
  • Third-party liability

AXA motor indemnity benefits besides provide extra services :

  • Cover for off-road matters
  • Assistance for roadside issues
  • Recovery of car breakdown
  • Repair at AXA workshops
  • In the event of a total loss of the car, compensation for the entire cost of the car is provided without any devaluation for 12 months.
  • Car replacement coverage option in case of a claim

associate : Read more: Traffic Violations in Qatar

5. Arabia Insurance Company

Arabia Insurance Company Arabia Insurance Company ( AIC ) has been offering services some 1944. It has established its name in over nine arabian regions. AIC offers a broad range of indemnity products like marine and travel policy, fiscal lines, and home carapace. The motive insurance plans of AIC entails both third party liability and comprehensive fiscal protective covering. The basic aspects of AIC cable car insurance coverage are :

  • Scratches and dents on the car
  • Roadside relief
  • Replacement of the vehicle
  • Repair of the vehicle at the various dealership workshops
  • Airbags
  • Personal accident expenditure of the injury to driver and passengers
  • Third-party material damage

furthermore, AIC provides extra coverage for :

  • Windscreen damage
  • Flat tires
  • Medical expenses of the driver and insured representatives

Arabia Insurance Company gives across-the-board coverage for any break and tear on the car by larceny, short circuit, ignition, or malicious intent. Although the on-line web site services are a handful, you well get registered with AIC in any of its offices. connection :

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