Norway has a non-life policy market dominated by a unmarried player, which in 2017 wrote more than half of the sum gross written premium ( GWP ) calculate for its top six insurers
6 biggest insurance companies in Norway by gross written premium
policy is a omnipresent solution to risk in all parts of the develop universe, and the Norway non-life cover market has a huge range of companies vying to write policies for cars, houses, healthcare and anything in between .
In 2017, the six biggest non-life policy companies native to the nation wrote 35.06bn norwegian norwegian krone ( £3.196bn ) in crude written premium, which is less than UK multi-insurer Direct Line wrote on its own .
In the UK, the biggest insurance company by gross written premium is Aviva, which wrote £11.2bn deserving of policies in 2018 – but with boisterous competitors like AIG, AXA and Zurich to contend with, the market is far from one sided.

norway on the other hand has a non-life indemnity market dominated by a single player, which in 2017 wrote more than half of the full gross written bounty ( GWP ) figure for its peak six insurers .
here we rank the six largest norwegian non-life insurers operating in the country, based on figures from AM Best .

1. Gjensidige Forsikring ASA

insurance companies in Norway
Gross written bounty : 21.19bn norwegian danish krone ( £1.9bn )
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA is the largest norwegian non-life policy company, with a marketplace share of 57 % among the six largest insurers .
It offers insurance for cars, boats, properties and travel, angstrom well as health traverse for people and animals .
The GWP calculate is based on its 2017 fiscal report, which showed a 3 % addition on 2016 – the lowest growth figure of companies in this list .

2. Fremtind Forsikring AS

insurance companies in norway
Gross written premium : 5.65bn norwegian norwegian krone ( £515m )
Fremtind Forsikring AS is the second biggest norwegian policy company, but due to the dominance of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, its market share is alone 15 % among these six .
The GWP figure is a combination of non-life insurance clientele written by DNB Forsikring and banking group SpareBank 1 Gruppen – both of which merged earlier this year to create Fremtind Forsikring .
The firm increased its GWP figures by 4 % between 2016 and 2017 .
As of 1 January 2019, the newfangled company is owned chiefly by SpareBank 1, which has a 65 % share, with DNB owning the rest of its shares .
Non-life policies can be purchased through direct channels on the websites of both partners, but are written and held under the new company ’ sulfur diagnose .

3. Protector Forsikring ASA

insurance companies in norway
Gross written premium : 3.82bn norwegian danish krone ( £348m )
Protector Forsikring ASA has a 10 % marketplace share among its six largest native non-life insurers, making it the third gear biggest on this list .
The firm grew by the biggest percentage in 2017 out of all of those listed, with its GWP rise by 20 % on 2016 figures .
far information given on its web site suggests an about identical increase of 19 % in 2018.

Protector ’ s indemnity distribution model differs from the firms above because it only offers its cover through a network of brokers .
It was a independent player in providing deepen of possession policy – a type of cover normally found in scandinavian countries to protect a new homeowner ’ mho property .
But it announced its withdrawal from providing this type of cover in 2018 over concerns about future profitableness .

4. Eika Forsikring AS

insurance companies in norway
Gross written premium : 2.37bn norwegian danish krone ( £216m )
Eika Forsikring is a general insurance caller offering cover for property, cars and travel, a well as providing a packaged intersection for 18 to 34 class olds that includes family contents, accident and change of location insurance .
The firm, which used to be named Terra-Gruppen, is a strategic confederation comprised of 77 norwegian savings banks .
It holds 6 % of the non-life insurance market among the top six and increased its GWP figures by 4 % between 2016 and 2017 .
Eika Forsikring follows a lead distribution model, where customers buy binding through its web site or the websites of the extremity banks .

5. DNB Forsikring AS

insurance companies in norway
Gross written premium : 2.24bn norwegian norwegian krone
DNB Forsikring is partially of DNB ASA, Norway ’ second largest fiscal services group .
As the insurance arm of the business, it operates across multiple lines including cable car, boat, property and travel cover .
prior to merging with SpareBank 1 Gruppen, it held 6 % of the non-life insurance grocery store among its top six insurers .
The firm besides experienced 6 % emergence in GWP between 2016 and 2017 .

6. Frende Skadeforsikring AS

insurance companies in norway
Gross written premium : 1.77bn norwegian norwegian krone ( £161m )
Frende Skadeforsikring is the smallest insurance company on this list, with a 5 % market share within the top six players.

It operates as a auxiliary of parent firm Frende Holdings, a provider of indemnity to the private and corporate market .
The firm offers general indemnity policies like family, car and locomotion, but besides takes on some niche hazard, offering child, cabin and moped indemnity .
Despite being the smallest insurance company on this tilt, Frende Skadeforsikring had the second highest growth number, increasing its GWP by 13 % between 2016 and 2017 .

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