Are you looking for the most low-cost car insurance Quebec drivers can buy ? possibly you want an insurance company that offers noteworthy customer service at a fair price ? Or possibly you ’ re person who believes that a company ’ s fiscal forte is the most significant factor ?
Whatever your requirements are, we can help you find the perfect car insurance company by taking the guess out of the equation .
We gathered quotes from 30 car insurers and reviewed their performance on a compass of parameters before ranking them. We have besides demystified Quebec ’ s car insurance laws and shared tested tips that ’ ll aid you save deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as 60 % on car indemnity .

The Cheapest and the Best Car Insurance in Quebec

  • The Co-operators – The Overall Winner
  • Allstate – The Runner-Up
  • TD Insurance: – The Cheapest Option

The Best Overall: The Co-operators

The Co-operators Insurance - log The Co-operators recently got a perfect score in customer service satisfaction in the 2019 J.D. Power Canada Auto Insurance Study. Furthermore, we ranked it as the best insurer in Canada. But does that mean it ’ s the right choice for you ?

well, it all depends on what you ’ re after. Are you looking for a cable car policy supplier in Montreal or another major metropolitan area in Quebec that offers competitive rates and has adept footing financially, all while excelling in the customer service department ?
then the suffice is a resound yes .
While not the cheapest option, The Co-operators – with an average price of $ 71 per month – is still a noteworthy cope. On top of that, it managed an “ A- ” or “ excellent ” rat from A. M. Best. This means you can count on the insurance company to keep its end of the bargain when you file a claim .
And the best part is that The Co-operators offers more than what you ’ ll find from most companies offering car insurance in Quebec. It besides provides a range of investment products to help you plan better for the future .
With such a potent all-around performance, The Co-operators decidedly deserves the top topographic point on your shortlist of Quebec insurers .
Choose The Co-operators for its quality customer service and low-cost premiums .
Look elsewhere if you want a car insurance company with the lowest rates .

The Runner-Up: Allstate

AllstateLo Allstate international relations and security network ’ metric ton far behind our overall winner, The Co-operators. Just like the latter, Allstate – at $ 94 per calendar month – offers drivers a bunch of bang for their buck .
however, low-cost car insurance premiums in Montreal and other major Quebec cities aren ’ t the only reason you should give Allstate a inject. It received the second-highest rate in J.D. Power ’ s surveil for the Quebec region. This shows that the insurance company is volition to go the extra mile for its customers .
additionally, Allstate is in the pinko of health financially, earning the second-highest rat of “ A+ ” from A. M. Best. Such a strong performance should allay any concerns that you might have about its ability to pay claims .
While Allstate ’ s web site international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate probably to win any awards for its looks, getting a free cable car insurance quote in Montreal and other cities is a breeze. We ’ re besides pleased to see that the insurance company offers a count of discounts to drivers. While not all of them are available in Quebec, there ’ s a good chance you ’ ll be able to pile on a few to lower your rates well .
For all these reasons, Allstate is a feasible option to The Co-operators, one that every Quebec driver should consider .
Choose Allstate for its low-cost prices, ace customer service, and excellent fiscal health .
Look elsewhere if you want the cheapest insurance .

The Cheapest Option: TD Insurance

The Cheapest Option_ TD Insurance For many drivers, price is the biggest determinant when choosing car policy. Is that true for you angstrom well ?
If yes, you might want to keep TD Insurance at the crown of your number since it provides the bum car policy in Montreal and the rest of Quebec. At equitable $ 55 per calendar month, TD Insurance is about 30 % less expensive than the runner-up, Allstate .
On top of that, the insurance company offers a range of discounts, from multiple-vehicle and multi-policy discounts to safe drive and student discounts. These rebates can nick cherished dollars off your monthly bill, thus seduce sure you use every available discount rate .
apart from providing the cheapest car insurance in Quebec, TD Insurance besides boasts an attractive, user-friendly web site. On top of that, filing a claim with this insurance company is a square action. You can do indeed by calling a particular hotline count, filling out a form on its web site, or using its mobile app. Besides allowing you to file and track the progress of your claim, the mobile app besides lets you download your proof of insurance and modify your coverage. While utilitarian, the app could still only manage a sexual conquest of 2.4 on Google Play, so don ’ t expect it to dazzle you .
however, the one department in which TD Insurance – the cheapest car policy caller in Montreal and Quebec – performs with second-rater is customer service. It could manage only three stars in the 2019 J.D. Power study for the Quebec region .
however, with a price steer that shows seriously good value for the money, TD Insurance is one name every budget buyer should consider.
Choose TD Insurance for its dirt-cheap premiums .
Look elsewhere if you want top-shelf customer service .
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Quebec Car Insurance – Cheapest by City

The average car policy rates vary quite a bite from one Quebec city to another. For exemplify, the modal premium in Montreal is roughly 36 % more than Quebec City ’ randomness .
To help you find the best consider in six major Quebec cities – Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Laval, Longueuil, and Sherbrooke – we gathered quotes from several insurers, bad and little. Our quotes included full coverage limits for a 40-year-old single male driving a 2018 Honda Civic with a clean driving read .

Auto Insurance in Montreal

Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is Quebec ’ s largest and most populous city. The city of Montreal takes its name from Mount Royal, a small batch lie at its concentrate. The city is known for its historic buildings, museums, picturesque previous streets, shop centres, cafe culture, live music, and aquatic adventures .
When it comes to car indemnity, Montreal is the most expensive city in Quebec, but that doesn ’ thymine entail you must break the deposit to buy coverage. More than one Montreal car insurance company offers customers good rate for their money, and you ’ vitamin d do well to consider one of them .

The Best for 21-Year-Olds

When it comes to offering low-cost policy to unseasoned drivers, TD insurance is miles ahead of the competition. At $ 118 a month, its premiums on average are 38 % cheaper than its closest rival, Allstate. While well more expensive than TD Insurance, you might besides want to add The Co-operators to your list, since its record in customer service is alone .

The Best for 40-Year-Olds

evening though Montreal is the most expensive city for car policy in Quebec, its modal premium is well lower than other major cities in other provinces. For exemplify, car insurance in Ottawa costs $ 171 a month, whereas residents of Montreal pay up entirely $ 122 on modal .
What ’ s more, there are many car insurers with premiums cheaper than the city ’ mho average. For example, TD Insurance ’ second rates are roughly 38 % lower. other cost-efficient options for this age group include Aviva and The Co-operators. You might want to add Intact to the mix a well, specially if you ’ rhenium concern in earning some side cash through Turo, a peer-to-peer on-line cable car lease system .

The Best for 70-Year-Olds

If you ’ re a senior citizen and looking for low-cost car policy in Montreal, you might not want to look past TD Insurance. At $ 44 a calendar month, its rates are two-and-a-half times lower than the city ’ mho average !
however, on the downside, TD insurance has lone three stars in customer service. If that ’ s not good enough, and you don ’ metric ton heed stretching your budget, The Co-operators might be perfect for you .
On the early hand, if fiscal intensity is crucial for you, we recommend Allstate, one of the best car policy companies in Montreal. With the second-highest score of “ A+ ” by A. M. Best, its fiscal military capability is about arsenic good as it gets.

Auto Insurance in Quebec City

Quebec City, the province ’ sulfur capital, is a beautiful, seductive position, thanks to its clifftop side above the Saint Lawrence River and quaint backstreets. Founded in 1608, it ’ s the second most populous city in the state and known for its distinctive european feel and classical computer architecture .
The average car insurance Quebec City offers is 37 % lower than Montreal ’ mho and about on par with early major cities in the state. Like elsewhere, some insurers offer better value for money in Quebec City. Let ’ s find out who they are .

Best for 21-Year-Olds

young drivers looking for low-cost cable car indemnity should start with our overall top three in Quebec : TD Insurance, The Co-operators, and Allstate. Out of these three, TD Insurance ’ mho rates are the lowest, while The Co-operators shines in customer service and Allstate in fiscal stability .

Best for 40-Year-Olds

TD Insurance offers the most low-cost car insurance in Quebec City for middle-aged drivers. Another firm choice for budget buyers is The Co-operators, whose performance in the customer service department is matchless. other names worth considering are Allstate, Aviva, and Intact .

Best for 70-Year-Olds

At barely $ 32 a calendar month, Aviva ’ south offer is nothing short of a bargain. The second-best volunteer comes from TD Insurance, while The Co-operators, Intact, and Allstate are early names worth considering .

Auto Insurance in Gatineau

Situated in western Quebec on the northerly bank of the Ottawa River, Gatineau is the one-fourth largest city in the province. The city has grown by leaps and bounds in the survive 20 years, in separate because of its proximity to the capital .
We obtained an car insurance quotation mark from multiple insurers in Gatineau to find out the cheapest option. At roughly $ 46 a calendar month, TD indemnity enjoys a definite border over the competition. early feasible options for price-conscious buyers are Aviva and The Co-operators .

Auto Insurance in Laval

The island-city of Laval is set on Jesus Island, across the Rivière des Prairies from Montreal. It ’ s the second-largest city in Quebec and has experienced impressive growth in the end few decades. While farming and limestone quarrying primitively formed the city ’ s traditional economic base, today Laval boasts a potent overhaul and fabricate sector .
To find the most low-cost car insurance company in Laval, we obtained a cable car insurance quote from all the key players. Based on our research, we recommend Aviva and TD Insurance. early cost-efficient options include Intact and Desjardins. You might want to besides add Allstate to your list, given its solid track record in both the customer overhaul and fiscal intensity departments .

Auto Insurance in Longueuil

Sitting on the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River, Longueuil is known as a commuter town, since most of its residents work in Montreal. The city, which is the seat of the Monteregie administrative region, is a combination of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings .
several Quebec car policy companies offer low-cost solutions in Longueuil, but none can match the price of Aviva with a bargain average rate of $ 35 a calendar month. other low-cost options include TD Insurance ( $ 57 ) and The Co-operators ( $ 61 ). however, the latter has an outstanding criminal record in customer service, so you might want to spend a few extra bucks for the all-around better performer .

Auto Insurance in Sherbrooke

Located at the confluence of the Magog and Saint-Francois River, Sherbrooke is celebrated for its rich culture, urban nature and alert atmosphere, and gastronomic delights. It is the one-sixth largest city in Quebec and has developed into a commercial, industrial, and administrative kernel .
We used our Quebec car policy calculator to zero in on the cheapest insurance company in Sherbrooke. Our results show that when it comes to offering value for money, TD indemnity ( at $ 49 a calendar month ) is heads above the remainder. Aviva and The Co-operators are other budget-friendly options. On the other hand, if you want to earn some extra dollars on the side by renting your car through Turo, an on-line peer-to-peer rental arrangement, you might want to consider Intact .
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Car Insurance Laws and Regulations in Quebec

Institutions That Regulate Quebec Auto insurance Rates

In Quebec, a government torso called the Société de l ’ Assurance Automobile du Québec ( SAAQ ), besides known as the Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation, regulates the rates for the bodily wound helping of your car indemnity coverage. individual car insurers, on the other hired hand, regulate the rates for the property damage dowry of the coverage .
The Groupement des Assureurs Automobiles ( GAA ) represents all car insurance companies doing business in Quebec. The GAA makes certain that drivers in Quebec give reasonable rates for car insurance .

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Quebec

All residents of Quebec are insured under the populace insurance plan provided by the Société de l ’ Assurance Automobile du Québec ( SAAQ ). This plan covers injuries sustained in an accident involving a road vehicle .
however, the SAAQ doesn ’ triiodothyronine provide compensation for damage to person else ’ s car. You can purchase this and other extra coverages from a private Quebec indemnity provider .
The Quebec Automobile Insurance Act dictates that every car owner in Quebec must have at least $50,000 in civil liability coverage, which covers the following :

  • Property damage resulting from an accident caused by you.
  • Injuries caused by an accident for which you are at fault and which are not covered by the SAAQ.
  • Damage to your car in a no-fault road accident.

The civil indebtedness plan, however, doesn ’ t breed damage to your cable car in an accident for which you are at blame. If you want this coverage or other types of auspices, or car larceny indemnity coverage, consider buying more security plans than the bare minimal .

Quebec Car Insurance System

Quebec has a pure no-fault system. That is to say, drivers deal with their own car insurers, regardless of who caused the accident, and can ’ thymine sue the other party for recompense .
The SAAQ provides bodily injury insurance coverage to all drivers in Quebec. That means in case of a vehicle collision, it compensates both drivers for bodily injuries without involve to their responsibility .

How Quebec Car Insurance Prices Compare to Other Provinces

Quebec drivers have it pretty dependable, since policy rates in Quebec are among the lowest in all provinces. According to a holocene report, Quebec ’ mho average annual premium is precisely $ 642, which is half the rate in British Columbia or Ontario .
Two factors, more than anything else, contribute to the state ’ s broken rates .

  • Auto insurance regulations in Quebec are less stringent than elsewhere.
  • The public insurer provides only minimum bodily injury coverage. This in turn helps keep the rates down, since research shows that private auto insurance is cheaper than public.

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Quebec

Consider Your Profile

Your profile – your age, drive commemorate, and localization, among other things – impact your car policy cost. For exemplify, most insurers ( if not all ) offer a deduction to drivers who ’ ve maintained a pristine drive record for a decent sum of clock, normally five or six years. similarly, car insurers are known to offer discounts to students and lower rates to people living in less clog areas. Before you buy insurance, ensure that all the available discounts are factored into the price .

Determine Which Company Fits Your Needs

No single insurance company can be the best option for all drivers since unlike consumers have different needs. For exemplify, if you ’ rhenium looking for bum car policy from a Montreal supplier, TD Insurance – with an average agio of $ 55 – might precisely be the one for you. On the other pass, The Co-operators – while 23 % costlier than TD – comes across as a better option if you value quality customer servicing above everything else .
so consider a range of insurers when you ’ re buy car policy, including smaller, regional players you might not have heard as much about .

Don ’ t Settle Before Comparing Quotes

You ’ re missing a flim-flam by not comparing quotes from unlike Quebec indemnity companies. just because an insurance company gave the best value for your tear before doesn ’ t think of another provider can ’ t better its offer in the future. Car indemnity companies much change their price scheme based on their operation .
For example, although Desjaridin’s premiums are a little on the higher side, if its sales were to take a beat, it might pull down its prices to attract more customers .

People Also Ask

Is auto insurance mandatory in Quebec? very much so. You can ’ triiodothyronine drive legally in Quebec if you don ’ t have fomite insurance. How does car insurance work in Quebec? The Quebec Automobile Insurance Act makes it compulsory for all Quebec drivers to have a minimum of $ 50,000 in civil liability coverage. This policy covers damage to the property of others and injuries that aren ’ metric ton covered by public insurance, ampere well as wrong to your car in a no-fault road accident.
In addition to this, each driver ’ s bodily injuries are covered by the public insurance plan, provided by the Société de l ’ Assurance Automobile du Québec. How much is car insurance in Montreal? On average, it costs $ 122 a calendar month to insure a car in Montreal. however, there are several providers with lower rates, with TD Insurance offering the best deal. At $ 76 a month, its premiums are about 38 % cheaper than the city ’ sulfur modal. The following best extend comes from The Co-operators, which by the way besides tops the charts in customer service. other low-cost options include Aviva and Allstate.

How much is car insurance in Quebec? Quebec has the lowest rates among all provinces in Canada. Based on our research, the state ’ second average monthly agio is $ 87, with TD Insurance offering the best price at $ 55. Aviva and The Co-Operates are early budget-friendly options in Quebec, with an average rate of $ 67 and $ 72, respectively. Our quote included a full coverage policy for a 40-year-old male with a blank drive record driving a 2018 Honda Civic .
What are the penalties for driving without insurance in Quebec? If you ’ rhenium catch driving without insurance in Quebec, you ’ ll be staring at a minimal fine of $ 325 – about four times the median price of car insurance Quebec drivers are normally offered !

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