Read this shortstop template in order to understand more about the k card and car insurance policy in Montenegro and the legit policy companies .
Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro
Buying a car afield is crucial, what more about cable car indemnity ? If you ’ re a foreigner live in a different country and are planning to obtain car insurance, then you know that you have to make a good decision regarding this topic. In this article, we will talk about k cards and car insurance in Montenegro. Remember that there are important things to keep in mind .
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The Most Famous Insurance Companies in Montenegro are:
Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro
Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro
Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro

Things to Know About Car Insurance and Green Card in Montenegro

Compulsory Insurance

Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro
This is the beginning and the basic coverage of the policy. It covers damages made by the driver to one-third parties. For model, if the driver incidentally hits another vehicle, a house, injures a person, and so forth, the wrong will be covered by his compulsory indemnity policy. however, it doesn ’ thyroxine cover the price to his car or to the person inside. In other words, Motor third party liability insurance – AO is compulsory policy prescribed by law, and you pay for it when registering your car in Montenegro every year. This liability indemnity policy is a 1-year compress with regular monitor until the adjacent registration. You can change your indemnity for free, with all the bonuses you have, until you conclude a new policy .

  • If the driver drives a vehicle without a positive allow or if the person was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and other narcotics at the prison term of the accident, the see person loses the right to indemnity .
  • If a driver causes damage to a vehicle that is not his property, drive third-party indebtedness indemnity is tied to the cable car ( not to the person driving it ). This means that the potential damage will be compensated by the insurance company from which a driver purchased the cable car liability policy, careless of who drove it .
  • If the owner or drug user of the vehicle changes, the policy policy is still valid .

Green Card

You can only use a green wag if your vehicle with Montenegrin registration is traveling abroad .

  • The price of issuing a green calling card in Montenegro is not calculated in the basic policy, it is charged additionally, and alone the one who needs it takes it .
  • The Green poster is not indemnity but a certificate of insurance coverage .
  • It is a universally designed green paper sheet that enables the country ’ s competent traffic authorities to determine that the vehicle has adequate drive third-party liability policy .
  • The green batting order in Montenegro is issued entirely for cars with Montenegrin license plates .
  • You do not need a green card only if you are traveling to Serbia, with which Montenegro has agreed on common recognition of compulsory policy policies .
  • This document is issued where the fomite is insured at registration and is valid until the policy ’ south exhalation .

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Requirements in Obtaining a Green Card:
– Compulsory drive one-third party indebtedness indemnity policy
– Traffic license
Remember to constantly bring a greens poster when you leave the vehicle abroad, and before passing. Always check the cogency and termination date of the documents .
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Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro
Car Insurance & Green Card Local Insurance Company in Montenegro

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