There are three types of car insurance in malaysia : comprehensive cover, one-third party brood, third party ardor and larceny cover. They sound reasonably like but when you look into the details, each of them offers different coverage. For example, one-third party car indemnity covers only the rectify cost of early people ’ second car involved in the accident. same goes to third party displace and larceny policy, with the accession of coverage for damage caused by fire and larceny.

These car policy are more low-cost compared to comprehensive car policy because the coverage international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate applicable for your own car. therefore, it ’ south highly recommended to get comprehensive cable car policy for maximum fiscal auspices so you don ’ t have to drain your savings to repair your car .

Know What Your car insurance Cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Death or injury to other parties
  • Damage to other parties’ property
  • Loss/damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft
  • Damage to your vehicle due to accident

Extension Cover to Comprehensive Policy

  • Windscreen damage
  • Damage arising from flood, windstorm, landslide and other natural disasters
  • Damage to your vehicle due to malicious damage or riot, strike and civil commotions
  • Personal accident and medical benefits for driver and passengers
  • Liability to passengers
  • Liability to the third party caused by passengers
  • E-hailing
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Smart key replacement
  • Car re-spray
  • Compensation for loss of use

*Extension cover may differ for each car insurance companies

Car Insurance in Malaysia 2022 – A Comparison

Car Insurance Features
Etiqa Car policy
  • Legal costs up to RM2,000
  • 24-hour Etiqa Auto Assist
  • E-hailing add-on coverage
AmAssurance Car indemnity
  • 0% repair cost
  • Unlimited coverage on Bodily Injury & Accidental Death
  • Car accessories add-on coverage
HSBC Car Insurance

  • Up to 55% no-claim discount
  • 24/7 free towing
  • Alternative travel assistance
Hong Leong Bank Car Insurance
  • Unlimited coverage on Bodily Injury & Accidental Death
  • Excess from RM400
  • Warranty on claims
MSIG Car indemnity
  • Up to RM3,000,000 on Loss/Damage of Property
  • Unlimited coverage on Bodily Injury & Accidental Death
  • Up to 55% no-claim discount

Takaful Car indemnity in Malaysia 2022 – A comparison

Comprehensive Car Insurance, Best for E-hailing Drivers

Although frequently categorised as one of the types of car insurance, e-hailing insurance is, in fact, an extension cover of comprehensive examination car insurance. comprehensive car policy doesn ’ thyroxine extend coverage for vehicles used for commercial purpose therefore e-hailing drivers who are looking for car indemnity have to take this annex. Some car indemnity companies that offer e-hailing extension are :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Car Insurance

Q: I have a limited budget, which one is the cheapest car insurance?
A: You can go for the third party indemnity that covers entirely the one-third party involved in the accident. Q: Can I claim against my injury or death?
A: Unfortunately no, however, personal accident insurance and checkup card can help you with that.

Q: Why does the car insurance company reject my claims?
A: The claims that you submitted might actually fall under the addition coverage that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sign up for consequently your claims are rejected.
Some other reasons for reject cable car indemnity claims are you seaport ’ thyroxine paid or renewed your bounty, you drove recklessly or was driving under the influence of alcohol and person else/unlicensed driver drove your car. Q: Can I avail car insurance if my car is older than 15 years?
A: Very few car policy providers volition to provide you because of the age of your cable car. When that happens, be prepared to pay a identical gamey premium. Q: What are the major exclusions?
A: Some of the major exclusions are your own death or bodily wound, windshield damage, loss/damage arising from an act of nature or riot, plain parts haunt and the personnel casualty of use of your vehicle.
however, you can take some accessory coverage on top of your comprehensive examination cable car policy to get full security .

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