Carinsurancemw Hello everyone, on this page you will have a list of car indemnity companies in Malawi because nowadays, you need a authentic car insurance supplier more than ever. With the increase in car accidents about annual, it would be downright a mistake for you if you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate picking out the best cable car indemnity for you, your spouse, your parents or your children. Depending on legal requirements every fomite must have minimum indemnity before road manipulation. In accession ,
By law in Malawi, you can not drive a car on the road without some sort of car insurance, you merely need one and that is basically the standard police about everywhere around the earth american samoa well. Car insurance is used to cover cars, motorcycles and other road vehicles. Depending on what type of vehicle you have, your wage and what you do with your vehicle, you typically have to choose between comprehensive or 3rd party, as for me, regardless of what type of car I have, I always sign up for comprehensive examination, it might cost a bit more but the peace of mind that no matter what happens, your insurance will take manage of it very makes it easier to sleep at night but again, this all depends on what type of car you have, what you use it for and your income so don ’ t make a quick decisiveness, take your fourth dimension and think about it.

Why is Car policy crucial in Malawi ? It provides fiscal protection through the coverage of the costs of damages, including damages ; to third parties, from natural calamities, from animal contact, from fire and riots, due to theft, and other types of unanticipated circumstances. a good insurance policy can help with vehicle tow, repairs, and replacements but besides bodily injuries .
A agile admonisher, this number is not in any regulate, we just listed these companies as we did our research, with that said, you can contact us if you want us to add a certain car indemnity supplier .

List of Malawi Car Insurance Providers

NICO General Insurance

Nico General Malawi Logo
NICO General Insurance has cover plans that are tailored for the needs of their clients. It has a wide rate of products including comprehensive insurance, third base party property insurance, and third gear party property damage with fire and larceny indemnity. Their comprehensive insurance covers damages to third party place and the cover fomite. It is considered as the best choice among all the drive indemnity covers offered because it gives you all benefits you will need under one policy. however, it is more expensive than a third-party policy and many fomite owners prefer not to get such cover. Third-party insurance only protects fomite owners against losses and damages to third party property. It is similar to third-party with fire and larceny which besides covers damages caused to third gear parties and their property during an accident, and any damage or loss to your own car caused by displace and larceny .
NICO General Insurance Company is an ideal policy overhaul supplier for many reasons other than its wide roll of products. It has a promptly and dependable claims work that allows them to pay claims in a shorter period than other indemnity companies. Owning approximately 36 % grocery store share of the insurance industry, it is primarily a market leader. It has partnered with Sanlam from South Africa which has provided technical advantage for specialized traverse. In addition, it has a strong balance sheet with more assets than liabilities which has insured continuous operations during economic downturns. The companies ’ clients include domestic individuals, businesses and any person house physician in Malawi .
Contact Nico General Malawi:

  • (+265) 1 822 699/822 393
  • (+265) 1 312 876/312 364
  • (+265) 1 751 366/751 365
  • [email protected]

Umoyo House
P.O. Box 2592, Blantyre
Lilongwe Center
P.O. Box 30421, Capital City, Lilongwe 3
P.O. Box 226, Mzuzu
Working Hours:
7:30-4:30 ( Weekdays )
Closed ( Weekends )

United General Insurance (UGI) Co. Ltd.

Ugi Malawi Logo
UGI is a leading short condition policy service supplier with an extensive background in the policy sector. It provides services for both personal and business clients who can get ; a full comprehensive, third-party, third-party fuel and larceny or statutory indemnity cover. While United General Insurance offers similar services with other providers it has chosen to separate the policy prescribed in the Road Traffic Act which gives only lower limit of liability. Its policy plan cover broad categories such as ; individual motors, commercial vehicles and particular types of commercial vehicles, motorcycles, contingent drive liability, and motor traders ’ external risks ( i.e. repairs ) .
United General Insurance has undertaken its self to provide tailor-made insurance solutions through free fleet management under its Autoserve policies. The policy aims to offer release department of state of the artwork fleet management solutions for organizations that invest in high value vehicles ( i.e. SUVs, pickup, double cabins and trucks used for commercial purposes. It includes geofencing and fuel use management with 24/7 monitor to minimize fuel larceny and fomite abuse. The system can remotely immobilize a vehicle where there safety concerns or in cases of larceny. Autoserve policies extend to individuals who own cars deserving MK 20, 000, 000 while organizations qualify when they own vehicles deserving MK 15, 000, 000 .
Contact United General Insurance Malawi:

Michiru House, Victoria Avenue, Blantyre, Malawi
P.O. Box 383, Blantyre

Prime Insurance Company LimitedPrime Insurance Malawi Logo

Prime Insurance Company offers innovative indemnity solutions and is presently one of the leading indemnity companies in Malawi. It is credible and has been in the policy industry for over two decades. The servicing provider is dedicated to offering different plans to suit clients ’ budgets and needs. Its motor policies secure your vehicle from accidents and have unlike terms and conditions including coverage levels. The firm offers both comprehensive examination and third-party indemnity plans .
Prime Insurance has partnered with Airtel Malawi to facilitate payment of premiums through Airtel money. It has a wide distribution reach in all major cities and has 9 branches with a network of numerous corporate partners. Like most policy companies their premiums can be transferred through selected commercial banks. Their dedicate team is besides available for policy changes, corrections, filings, certificates, questions on bidding requirements and forms, claims and guarantee, and down payments .
Contact Prime Insurance Malawi:

Chief Kilupula Building, Kamuzu Procession Road, Lilongwe
P.O. Box 30280, Lilongwe 3, Malawi

Britam Insurance

Britam Malawi Logo
Britam provides centrifugal indemnity for both drivers and vehicles to private, commercial and particular types of commercial drive vehicles. It provides fiscal security from possession abd ) /or use of drive vehicles from indebtedness. Insurance cover is provided against indebtedness for physical/bodily injuries arising from possession and use of centrifugal vehicles. Britam has insurance plans covering broad categories, like ; comprehensive insurance, commercial motor indemnity, third-party indemnity and NGO drive policy. It deals with both individuals and companies that are seeking diverse insurance products. policy plans can be comprehensive or third-party extend to fires, vandalism .
Britam Malawi provides excellent customer overhaul through different platforms including web site and sociable media. It has endlessly raised awareness on the importance of insurance to the general populace and it offers a alumnus trainee program to young professionals from local universities .
Contact Britam Malawi:
earth Floor, Delamere House, Victoria Avenue, Blantyre
P.O. Box 442, Blantyre

CIC Insurance

Cic Malawi Group Logo
CIC Insurance provides drive insurance which is square, easy and commodious. It offers drive policy that covers loss, damage, and other legal monetary liabilities arising from use. The firm provides motor fleet policy for companies that run at least two company vehicles and particular insurance for lady drive vehicles. It besides provides a tracking facility angstrom well as loan refund for vehicle repairs. comprehensive cover includes accidental and malicious price, larceny, displace, third-party liabilities, rioting strikes and civil whirl. It is the most complete cover which the firm offers ; it gives full moon protection from liabilities unlike third-party insurance which can only protect individuals from liability for damage to other people ’ s property .
CIC insurance offers the much needed insurance services to its customers. It targets the market through the cooperative society and the general public. The company has gained a draw of customers from its trigger in 2015. It is share of an agreement between CIC Insurance Group of Kenya and MUSCCO .
Contact CIC Insurance Malawi:

  • (+265) 1 751 028


Jash Building, Plot No. 4/387, Colby Road, Lilongwe
P.O. Box 882, Lilongwe
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