Top 10 Car Insurance Companies In Kenya 2017/2018

Posted on 2018-01-05
Top 10 Car Insurance Companies In Kenya 2017/2018
car indemnity in Kenya is the biggest segment of the general insurance market account for over KSh 45 billion premiums representing close to 28 % of the entire policy grocery store in Kenya in 2016. With over 7,000 new cars imported in Kenya every month, it is no wonder centrifugal indemnity is an enormous business. Getting the best motive indemnity quote in Kenya is consequently a prerequisite for all car owners, getting the best distribute price judicious and not jeopardising the service timbre, after all policy only becomes real at the point of a title. several companies in Kenya have moved away from the price wars on car indemnity quotes and opted for higher price providing a better customer service and claims experience. The drive indemnity commercial enterprise however continues to make losses in the policy industry due to fraud cases and high accident rates. In develop countries in USA and Europe, there is information sharing between indemnity companies, jurisprudence enforcement, banks and servicing providers which makes it easier to curb incidences of imposter thereby helping to increase the profitableness of the industry. This high level of sophiscation has allowed most consumers to compare and buy their car insurances online using on-line collection webistes like

Below are the top car indemnity companies in Kenya for the year 2017/2018 ranked in arrange of the size of the premiums for both commercial and secret cable car policy business channel according to the Association of Kenya Insurers ( AKI ) class ending report.

CIC: KSh 4,545 Millions

CIC Insurance Cooperative Insurance Company ( CIC ) is an east african indemnity power station boast of bearing all across the region. Listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, it offers all forms of general, life, checkup indemnity and investments. CIC commercial centrifugal insurance is the leading motor indemnity in the market, designed and underwrite for trucks, lorries, pickups and other commercial vehicles. CIC besides has the CIC Lady Auto product, specifically designed for the dame drivers with great benefits at discounted rates like courtesy car, personal accident for the nuclear family and a last expense cover.
CIC is well known for its fiscal security and has one of the most reputable customer services.

APA : KSh 3,353 Millions

APA Insurance APA is one of the biggest general, life, checkup and investments company known wide under the Apollo brand. Apollo is known across the area as an assets investment management company. APA has recently adopted a discipline price for the motor indemnity clientele line arising from the heavy losses the commercial enterprise has continued to suffer. As a result most private car policy premiums are charged at premium rates above most providers in the market going equally high as 7 % of measure of the car for specific cable car models.

UAP : KSh 2,554 Millions

UAP Insurance UAP Old Mutual is a leading post in Kenya after the amalgamation with the international trade name Old Mutual. UAP Old Mutual has presence in huge majority of east african countries including South Sudan Republic. It has one of the largest insurance portfolios spreading from medical insurance, general indemnity and life sentence insurance. Old Mutual besides has a boastfully business lineage in investments through the Old Mutual sword. UAP developed a direct business called EasyDirect selling centrifugal insurance to retail customers in Kenya.

BRITAM : KSh 2,452 Millions

BRITAM Insurance BRITAM is possibly one of the biggest policy companies in East Africa and Southern and Central Africa. It has presence in Burundi, Malawi, and Mozambique among others. In Kenya, it has been the biggest life policy caller for the last 5 years before being toppled by Jubilee indemnity. BRITAM entered in the general business late than most but has managed to build an impressive portfolio. BRITAM offers private cable car insurance for individuals and besides offers PSV motive policy for most lines like chauffeur driven and hire buy and has the biggest commercial motor policy portfolio.

ICEA : KSh 2,269 Millions

ICEA Insurance ICEA Lion is the one of the leading life assurance and investments company all across East Africa. It is one of the most reputable brands in the indemnity market in Kenya known more for asset management, investments and biography insurance in the East african region. It however has a impregnable portfolio in cosmopolitan and specialist businesses like aviation insurance. It has amassed a portfolio of over KSh 2.2 billions in the general insurance portfolio. ICEA is another car indemnity caller in Kenya that doesn ’ t compete on under price in the motor insurance businesses specially for the secret businesses.

JUBILEE: KSh 2,093 Millions

Jubilee Insurance Jubilee indemnity is the leading policy company in Kenya and East Africa having celebrated 80 years of being in 2017. It is the largest general, aesculapian and life indemnity company in Kenya, systematically beating the field on premiums collected. It is besides the largest medical policy company in Kenya underwriting close to KSh 10 billion worth of occupation.
Jubilee offers one of the most flexible drive policy packages pricing the premiums depending on the value of the car and the age of the car. For new cars less than 5 years since year Of Manufacture ( YOM ), motor policy agio rates of vitamin a low as 3 % of the value of the drive vehicle. Jubilee policy has its own in-house assessment centres, requiring customers to take their vehicles for pre-inspection before the indemnity can be issued.
Jubilee besides has a leading drive policy product designed for ladies the Lady Jubilee Auto product offering extra release benefits for lady customers at discounted rates, including shopping vouchers, free cancer screening, free courtesy car, etc.

KENYAORIENT: KSh 2,063 Millions

KENYAORIENT Insurance Kenya Orient is a tier 2 policy company in Kenya offering aesculapian, general and life indemnity based in Upperhill, Nairobi. It is one of the most innovative companies in Kenya famed for launching the most innovative mobile insurance product for the mass grocery store. It offers a mix of motor policy for private vehicles and has one of the most popular products for PSV drive around drive car and the commercial own goods baby buggy and general cartage e.g. lorries, trucks, trailers etc.

MADISON : KSh 1,756 Millions

MADISON Insurance Madison Insurance is well known as a life indemnity party in Kenya put up products education savings plans, life policy plans, funeral cover policy. It has quickly transitioned into the aesculapian indemnity business with partnership with KCB for the Simba Afya plans. General business portfolio has grown enormously with the inclusion body of several large business portfolios to grow the book.

AMACO : KSh 1,653 Millions

AMACO Insurance Africa Merchant Assurance Company is one of the oldest general indemnity companies in Kenya and a traditional powerhouse. It was at one detail one of the biggest general indemnity companies for motor PSV policy for the Matatu market underwriting billions of insurance premiums. It remains a drawing card in the rupture valley region targeting the tea diligence through advanced products. The AMACO centrifugal commercial remains of the most popular products in the market.

AIG : KSh 1,266 Millions

AIG Insurance AIG is possibly the most celebrated foreign indemnity company with its rear company AIG based in the United States. Having scaled back its operations in Uganda, Kenya remains its only market in East Africa.
AIG is one of the strictest car indemnity companies in Kenya particularly about low prize cars and so called ‘ danger ’ groups cars e.g. BMW, Mitshubishi. It charges a higher car insurance premiums rates in Kenya but guarantees the best serve in the marketplace. With its on site judgment and repair patronize at its Chiromo lane forefront position, customers can get lapp day service for most minor haunt services. For this reason it is popular with the higher end market like NGOs, embassies and United Nations. The AIG travel policy quotes in Kenya is one of the most popular in the market with some of the best benefits of cover charge to Kenyans travelling beyond the nations borders .

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