The best car policy gives you the properly cover at the right price and is there in your hour of motivation. We ’ ve given comprehensive policies a policy score for the charge of cover they provide, and surveyed customers to give a customer atonement rate. We ’ ve besides picked out policies that excel in specific categories like multi-car or for young drivers .

Summary: Best car insurance companies in the UK 2022, by category

  • LV=: Best for cheaper rates
  • Direct Line: Best for customer service
  • Admiral: Best for multi-car
  • Saga: Best for over-50s
  • Veygo: Best for temporary insurance
  • Hastings Direct: Best for young drivers
  • Swinton: Best for convicted drivers
  • Churchill: Best for black box cover

We ’ ve picked the best car indemnity policies for popular categories ( such as modern drivers, and multi-car ) by rate 29 different policy elements, including features and cover levels, and factoring in what customers say about the brand, besides. here ’ s how we chose which ones to feature :

  • Top-scorers for that category. Our scoring of different aspects of a policy highlights those with particular stand-out features. And our top pick for service came top in our customer satisfaction survey.
  • Partner brands. Top picks are chosen from among insurers we have partnerships with. This typically allows us to offer you great deals.
  • Great customer service. We surveyed 1,513 insurance customers in December 2020 to find out what they think of their insurer.

It ’ s sensible constantly to get a image of quotes – these picks are just a guide .

Best car insurance for cheaper rates

The cheapest car insurance company for one driver might not be cheapest for another, because insurers price risk in different ways ( gamble is calculated using your driving history and personal details ). That said, some providers tend to offer dependable rates. indemnity prices have broadly fallen during the pandemic as people have driven less, and it ’ s constantly worth shopping about .How to get the cheapest car insurance

Finder’s pick: LV= comprehensive

LV= finder rate

customer satisfaction

★★★★★Get a quote

  • We ran quotes for a range of different age groups and found that LV= tended to offer competitive insurance quotes across the board.
  • LV= offers a range of car insurance policies for standard, classic and electric cars.
  • LV= offers discounts for multiple vehicles (up to 20% per extra vehicle).

We chose LV= car insurance as our top pick because : Need to know: There ’ s an admin fee for changing the vehicle or a named driver on your policy. Read our recapitulation of LV= car policy .

Best multi-car insurance

many households in the UK own more than one cable car. The good news program is that there are besides many policy companies who offer a rebate for insuring multiple cars with them. Some will even let you throw a motorcycle or van into the mix. Understand and compare the best multi-car insurance companies

Finder’s pick: Admiral comprehensive

Admiral Comprehensive finder rate

customer satisfaction

★★★★★Get a quote

  • MultiCar customers could save £240 (10% of customers who provided a best alternative price saved £240, according to Admiral).
  • Admiral has one policy for all cars, with one renewal date.
  • Each car has its own no-claims bonus, and you can have different levels of cover for different cars on the same policy.

We chose Admiral car policy as our peak pick because : Need to know: Claims helplines aren ’ metric ton open 24/7. Read our review of Admiral car policy .

Best car insurance for over-50s

All providers offer policy to older drivers – and non-specialists can offer great rates – but over-50s cable car insurance policies offer tailored extras, and historic period limits tend to be more flexible. Age Co has no amphetamine historic period limit and offers a Message Relay service, where a friend or family member to be contacted if you have an accident. Compare the best over 50s car insurance companies

Finder’s pick: Saga comprehensive

Saga Plus comprehensive finder rate

customer satisfaction


  • Saga offers specialist cover for over-50s and customers get unlimited European cover.
  • Drivers over 50 get discounts for insuring additional cars registered to the same address.
  • Saga car insurance has no upper age limit.

We chose saga car indemnity as our clear pick because : Need to know: Cancelling a policy can incur an admin tip of up to £50. Read our review of Saga car insurance .

Best temporary car insurance

If you ’ re travelling a inadequate outdistance or lone plan on using a cable car for a short period of clock, it doesn ’ t make sense to get long-run top. With temp cable car policy, if you have to make a claim, the no claims discount rate of the cable car ’ s named driver won ’ t be affected. Compare the best temporary car insurance companies

Finder’s pick: Tempcover car insurance

Tempcover finder rat

★★★★★Get a quote

  • Tempcover offers great flexibility in the policy duration (1 hour – 28 days).
  • Making a claim won’t affect a no-claims discount built up on an annual policy.
  • Cover can be enhanced with extra protection.

We chose Tempcover car insurance as our top pick because : Need to know: You have to pay upfront for your policy. Read our review of Tempcover cable car indemnity .

Best car insurance for young drivers

It can be street fighter being a new driver, particularly when you see how much you may have to pay for insurance. Drivers under the age of 25 typically need to pay more than £1,300 a year for car insurance. While most providers will cover a young or inexperienced driver, there are a few who offer deals that won ’ metric ton break the bank, and some may even offer discounted premiums. Marmalade policy deserves a mention here. The company scored 4 stars in our customer satisfaction survey, with 87 % of customers saying they would recommend it. Marmalade ’ s black box policy is not the most comprehensive, but it is a strong option, particularly if you value good customer service .

Finder’s pick: Hastings Direct car insurance

Hastings Direct Standard finder military rank

customer satisfaction

★★★★★Get a quote

  • Hastings Direct has multi-car and telematics (black box) cover options, and cover’s available to new and young drivers.
  • This insurer offers a range of affordable policies for drivers aged 17-25.
  • The claims team is available 24/7.

We chose Hastings Direct cable car policy as our top pick because : Need to know: The Hastings Direct web site international relations and security network ’ thymine easy to navigate. Read our review of Hastings Direct car indemnity .

Best car insurance company for convicted drivers

If you have a drive conviction, such as speed or drink drive, getting car indemnity can be a clamber. This disclosure calculator, run by Unlock and Home Protect can help you gauge whether a past conviction is immediately “ spend ” .

Finder’s pick: Swinton car insurance

Swinton Comprehensive finder military rank

customer satisfaction

★★★★★Get a quote

  • Swinton has a dedicated section on the website for convicted drivers.
  • It offers 3 levels of comprehensive cover.
  • The claims helpline is open 24/7.

We chose Swinton car indemnity as our top pick because : Need to know: There ’ s no option to have just third-party only. Read our revue of Swinton car policy .

Best car insurance for customer service

Finder’s pick: Direct Line car insurance

Direct Line Comprehensive finder rate

customer gratification


  • Direct Line won Finder’s 2021 Car Insurance Customer Satisfaction Awards, scoring 4.5 stars out of 5 for overall satisfaction.
  • There’s no charge for mid-term amendments.
  • Direct Line offers exclusive deals for existing customers.

We chose Direct line car insurance as our top pluck because : Need to know: The claims line isn ’ triiodothyronine 24/7, but there is an out-of-hours emergency helpline. Read our review of Direct Line car policy .

Best black box insurance

Black box cover is when a telematics device is installed in your cable car to track your drive. If you drive well, your premiums reduce. systematically breaking the rules and restrictions of the policy will end up costing you in higher premiums. Compare the best black box insurance companies

Finder’s pick: Churchill car insurance

Churchill Comprehensive finder rat

customer satisfaction

★★★★★Get a quote

  • Telematics cover, called DriveSure, is available for drivers aged 17-25.
  • You’re guaranteed a discount on your first year for using the black box technology.
  • You can view your driving score on the DriveSure app.

We chose Churchill car policy as our top pluck because : Need to know: No 24/7 claims line ( but an emergency helpline is available ). Read our review of Churchill car policy .

Top 10 car insurance companies in 2022, by policy score

Rank Company Comprehensive policy score
1 NFU Mutual 83.2%
2 Aviva 82.51%
3 Saga 82.3%
4 M&S Bank 81.47%
5 Direct Line 80.84%
6 Sheilas’ Wheels 79.9%
7 Age Co 79.57%
8 RIAS 79.24%
9 AXA 77.97%
10 Hastings Direct 77.02%

For all results, including customer satisfaction ratings, jump to our full board.

How did we rate car insurance companies?

Danny Butler Finder insurance technical Danny Butler shares our inquiry To come up with the league table, our team looked at 29 different elements of a car indemnity policy from 35 providers across the industry. Those at the top have the most comprehensive examination top, in our view. We looked at the range of ages they cover, cover limits, whether essential benefits are included as standard, the payment options, the ease of claim and whether you can manage your policy on-line. For essential benefits, such as courtesy cable car, previous for fresh car replacement and key cover, if they weren ’ t included as standard, we judged them on how much supernumerary you had to pay to add these benefits to your policy. With early benefits, such as driving in the EU and continuing your journey if your car ’ s out of action, insurers lost points if they impose restrictions on cover, like the number of days and distance from family. Some elements got extra weight, based on how important they are to drivers. In a couple of cases, two insurers received the demand lapp score, and so they partake the lapp blemish on our number. We besides feature the results of our satisfaction surveil of 1,513 customers, so you can hear what companies are like from the people who matter most. Below, we picked out policies we think are outstanding in certain categories, such as great rates or multi-car. Choose which benefits are crucial to you in the adjacent section. insurance is highly personal and rates change much, so these picks are just a steer .

How to find the best car insurance company for you

cable car policy premiums are highly personalised – a pluck to your job function, or the come of excess you ’ re felicitous to pay can make a adult dispute to your premiums. We explain more in our guide how premiums are calculated. The key is the beget the right overlay flush, plus good service at the cheapest price. This is why we survey customers. All our best picks are at least 3-star rated for servicing .

  1. Compare policies. Different insurers can offer the same level of cover for very different prices. Shop around and compare car insurance quotes with as many providers as you can to make sure you’re getting the best deal for you. Comprehensive cover can sometimes work out cheaper than third party, so compare all options.
  2. If your quotes are too high, consider a higher excess. An excess is the amount you would contribute to any claim before your insurer will pay out. If you voluntarily increase your excess, your insurance company see you as less likely to make a claim, which will help to bring down the cost of your premium (but always make sure you can actually afford to pay it should you have an accident).
  3. Consider different options, such as pay-as-you-go cover. Some providers, like By Miles, offer pay-as-you-go cover. This is good for people who don’t drive very often and don’t want to pay for annual cover.
  4. Review your provider’s quote every year. When renewal time rolls around, it’s crucial to shop around a few weeks before your policy starts. Consider switching as you’re likely to save – some people save hundreds of pounds. If you do want to stick with your insurer, you can try haggling, as that’s common and usually effective.

Image of a red car alongside the stat: Did you know? The average car insurance policy could set you back around £465 a year.

Full table: Car insurance customer satisfaction and policy scores

Bottom line

The algorithm that insurers use to calculate their premiums are a dark art and are all unlike, so it will always pay to get a range of quotes from different providers each year. then consider the extra benefits a policy might offer you, and check our ratings to see what customers think of any trade name you haven ’ thymine tried but are considering .

Frequently asked questions

  • by and large, the more expensive a car is, the more it ’ s probable to cost to insure it. If you ’ re thinking high operation and sports cars will be expensive to insure, then you ’ five hundred be right as they tend to cost more to buy and are unfortunately more appeal to thieves. Every new car in the UK is given a car indemnity group rat, which helps insurers understand which cars will cost more to insure and which cars will cost less. Sports cars and high performance models have some of the highest group ratings out there. On the other conclusion of the rat scale are the smaller and safer cars – these normally monetary value less to buy and compensate, which is probable to result in lower premiums. If you have your heart set on a finical car, do your research before making the buy to assess whether you can afford the insurance premiums that will follow .

  • Tips for saving on your car insurance

    • Increasing security. If your car is not currently fitted with an alarm, think about adding one to reduce your premium.
    • Having a secure location to park your car. Cars kept in a garage or on a secure driveway are usually cheaper to insure.
    • Reduce mileage. If you start working part-time or your long commute becomes much shorter, letting your insurer know about a reduction in your mileage could result in cheaper car insurance.
    • Limit optional extras if you don’t need them. Think carefully about which optional extras you really want as adding extra protection to your policy will generally push the price up too.
    • Advanced driving skills. You could be in line for a discount with certain providers by taking an advanced driving course such as those offered by the Pass Plus scheme.
    • Fewer drivers. Only add drivers to your policy that regularly drive your car.
    • Consider telematics insurance. Having a “black box” fitted to your car to monitor your driving could result in discounts if you drive safely.
    • Larger excess. Agreeing to pay a bigger voluntary excess could make your overall premium cheaper. But remember that your insurer won’t pay out for a claim that costs less than your excess. So be careful about making it too high, as it could leave you out of pocket if damage occurs.
  • first, it ’ mho crucial to work out precisely what you want from your car insurance by deciding on the flush of cover. Shop around and compare your options from the insurers uncoerced to cover you and your cable car. price will likely be a big factor for you but it shouldn ’ t be the merely detail you look at. Check out the policy benefits deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the price. Keep in mind that the cheapest policies don ’ metric ton constantly work out to be best when something goes incorrect. Continue to build your no claims bonus to keep your premium low. You may besides want to consider multi-car insurance if you own more than one car, which could see a discount added to your bounty .

    • Enhance your car’s security with an alarm and think about where you park your car at night. Keeping your car on your driveway or locked up in your garage should mean lower premiums.
    • Reducing your mileage could lower your costs as you’ll physically be on the roads less.
    • Increasing your excess should reduce your premium but be sure you can cover the costs if you make your excess very high as an insurer won’t cover any claims that cost less than this amount.
    • If you can, try to pay for your insurance upfront for the year, as paying monthly could see interest being added to your premium.
    • If you’re a safe and careful driver, telematics insurance, which records your driving and braking habits could lower your premium.
    • If you know you’re classed as a high-risk driver because of your age or driving history, adding an older and experienced driver onto your cover could bring the premium down.
    • Insurers may offer you a discount for participating in advanced driving skills courses. Not only should premiums reduce but you may even become a safer driver.
    • If you can, select a safe and small car to driver rather than a sporty high-performance model.
    • Finally, always shop around and compare your options.

    There are several ways in which you can cut the cost of your bounty without limiting your cover. Consider some of the adopt :

  • What you need out of a cable car insurance policy may be very different to what person else needs. With this in mind, do you research to look at what a policy actually offers compared to early similar policies out there on the grocery store. While comprehensive policies may plowshare several cover features, such as accidental price and a courtesy car, there will be early features that differ and may actually cost you more if a particular insurance company classes the auspices as an optional extra. Think about the optional extras that are on offer to enhance your cover and check to see if there are other insurers that include what you need as partially of their standard policies. If you think you do need one or more of the optional extras, weigh up the extra cost with the peace of mind it might give you. Do you actually need breakdown cover, european embrace or enhanced legal protection ? Extra protection will come at an extra cost so only add cover that you in truth want .

Customer satisfaction ratings methodology

In December 2020, we ran a customer atonement survey on insurance providers. We had 1,513 responses about car indemnity providers. The view asked respondents how satisfy they were with their stream indemnity company ( on a scale from one to five, and besides whether they would recommend the brand to a friend or not ). We turned the results into star ratings and shortlisted the top-performing brands for our awards. When there was a reap, we used the recommendation score ( that is, the percentage of customers who said they would recommend the brand to a friend ) as a tie-breaker. Full details of our star ratings for this sector are on the policy ratings methodology foliate .

Insurance ratings


— Excellent


— Good


— average


— Subpar


— Poor The customer satisfaction score is based on a survey of 1,513 customers carried out in December 2020. Learn the details of our methodology and grade. The offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of products we can track ; we do n’t cover every merchandise on the market … however. Unless we ‘ve indicated otherwise, products are shown in no particular arrange or ranking. The terms “ best ”, “ acme ”, “ cheap ” ( and variations ), are n’t product ratings, although we always explain what ‘s great about a product when we highlight it ; this is subject to our terms of habit. When making a boastful fiscal decision, it ‘s judicious to consider getting independent fiscal advice, and always consider your own fiscal circumstances when comparing products so you get what ‘s properly for you .

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