If you want to save some money, select the lapp pick-up and cliff time. Car renting companies take money for a full day of lease, sol if you take a car for 25 hours, you will pay for 48 hours ( two full days ) of rental, and 74 hours will stand for 96 hours ( four wax days ) of rentals. The cheapest car rental in Kunming is Peugeot 301 from Ehi. Its price is entirely $ 21.15 per day. Ehi was not reviewed by our customers so far, be the first to do it ! here are the top brands of Luxury cars that are rented in Kunming. Please note that the supplier sometimes indicates the brand of cable car as an example. But when renting a cable car, a person reserves a car of a certain class, this means that the draw and model of the car are given for information as one of the possible options for getting a car when rent. bounty cars have always been considered among the best in the world. They are chosen by customers who like to travel in consolation. besides, premium cars are rented by people for business meetings. These cars are distinguished by their elegance, beauty and high flat of timbre. At the wheel of a premium car, each driver feels comfortable and safe. It besides seems to be noted that in premium class cars, cable car manufacturers constantly have higher requirements for the base hit of the driver and passengers. They are equipped with the latest technical achievements in terms of passenger condom. It is besides deserving noting that such cars are equipped with the most modern technical innovations that increase the ease and safety of all travelers and customers.

Why to choose luxury rent car class?

When planning trips, tourists determine the amount of money that is needed for a 10-14 day stay in Kunming. This is the average duration of change of location, but even for 1 month it is impossible to see and visit all the sights in Kunming. If you want to visit at least the independent attractions of the China, then you will need a draw of fourth dimension .
Time plays a big role during each stumble. lavishness cars are designed to make the traveler feel comfortable at any clock time of the day on any road and in any weather. It may seem to some that renting a luxury car is unnecessary, but when you have been on a trip for several days, you want to be safe and comfortable while traveling. Cool tune stipulate, soft seats, a comfortable dashboard, high-quality legal from the speakers and a wide horizon from the windowpane will make your trip a substantial flight on a premium aircraft. And it besides has abject prices and great popularity in the United States for the long prison term .

Why luxury car quality is important for the trip

today, dozens of car lease companies offer many high-end cable car models. The most democratic firms of the better class are Chrysler and Buick, and sometimes you can see Toyota models while searching for a suitable car. Why do many customers choose the luxury category for a rental cable car ? This is a very authentic, fast and economic way to move around the Kunming. Despite the fact that it costs 30-40 % more expensive than the standard category of car, you still spend less money than using public transport and cab .

How to get a luxury car for rent in Kunming

If you are planning your trip and have already decided on your arrival dates, you can book a cable car for lease now. preliminary rentals will not merely provide you with guaranteed selected car class, but besides save you money. Some companies may increase the price of rent for a few days, because many customers want to take advantage of this. Choose the right car for CARNGO in precisely 5 minutes. You only need to specify the date of arrival, the space of receiving the cable car ( you can besides use the option to return the car elsewhere ) and the number of days to rent .
When ordering a car for a few days, you will receive a rebate. You can besides order a car during your trip. CARNGO is a commodious military service for tourists, so you can get rental cars not lone at the airport, but besides in early parts of the city and our offices. adjustment of the lease agreement is quick and you lone need to have a passport and separate of the payment for rental services .

The cost of renting a luxury car in Kunming companies

The price for using a rental car depends not entirely on the class of the model. It besides depends on the rental time period, the type of fuel payment, the number of extra drivers and the age of the chief driver. The average cost of renting a luxury car in Kunming is $ 89.99- $ 109.99 per day. When renting a car for 3-4 days, the price is reduced by about 5 % per day, and when renting for 7 or more days, the price may decrease by 7-10 % or more, depending on the lease menstruation. You can besides order extra services and equipment for your trip by rental car :

  • additional driver;
  • GPS navigator;
  • child seat;
  • baby seat;
  • ski rack.

Luxury Car rental rules

The rules of all car rental companies provide for the starting signal of the rental and return of cars at the agree time. If you received the car at 9 am and returned it at 10 am the following day, then you will need to pay an extra day of lease ( some companies merely provide penalties for delaying the return ). The mileage ( the phone number of miles allowed for locomotion ) is outright, but you need to choose the type of payment for fuel to use a rental cable car :

  • pick up with an empty tank and returning with full (it is convenient in large cities, because you buy gasoline at an economical price);
  • pick up with a full tank and return with an empty one (for this you need to make a deposit or pay for using the car in advance);
  • pick up and return half-empty;
  • pick up half full and return empty.

For each character of fuel payment, you must pay a down payment from your bank batting order, which will be returned after the end of the rent. You must have indemnity for a rental car. It will cost up to $ 14.99 and compensate for damage or collision of a vehicle. You can besides purchase full insurance, which will provide recompense for any type of damage and accidents and will indemnify for property, driver and passengers inside the car. extra indemnity costs up to $ 19.99 and will be offered to you at the clock of ordering the car .

Luxury rental cars agreement

Signing a contract is compulsory for renting any car, evening if you need it for barely a couple of hours. In fact, this is the document that certifies the completion of the transaction, that the tenant took the cable car, paid the money for it and can now safely use it. These documents describe in detail both the rights of both parties and their obligations. Each high-quality company will surely give a close look at the contract, read everything necessary before sign, and if necessary, the agents will even explain all the indecipherable details that you doubt. Signing such a contract, regardless of the term of operation, but the terms of it may vary. For example, if you make a long-run use of the car, then the rental can execute an indefinite contract, all of a sudden you decide to use this machine by and by .

Restriction in the age of the driver

Luxury class cars require at least 21 years of old age to make the company confident in the skills and responsibility of the node. To get a car, you need to have an accessible category of driving in your driver ‘s license and experience of at least 1 class. This class of car has an extra fee of $ 45 for unseasoned drivers of 21-24 years honest-to-god. This is required to get a full insurance policy for a young driver and passengers in the event of a collision or damage to property or health. Fee does not decrease when renting a cable car for a long time, and this sum includes 14 % of the state of matter tax .
When using the possibility of extra drivers, they must besides be at least 21 years old and pay a $ 45 fee to the budget of the indemnity ship’s company. To use a rent luxury car, you need not only to have all the permits, documents and requital of commissions, but besides to be confident in your drive skills. Remember that you are driving an expensive cable car and it is necessary for extra comfort, and not for driving at high accelerate. Follow the road rules and familiarize yourself with the road rules of each state you plan to travel to.

Additional features of luxury car class

premium cars are used not only for autonomous travels in Kunming ?. You can besides use a luxury car for rent to hold authoritative business meetings, chatting with partners. High-quality car hire services are often used by politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and other celebrated people. many people around the populace trust the quality of CARNGO services and contact us when planning their trips. Why are luxury cars a democratic avail for a big total of people ?

  • Cars like Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota are global brands and are of high quality in every detail. You can sit comfortably in the car, turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride;
  • CARNGO offers the lowest prices for luxury rentals in Kunming. In companies of international transfer, security and safety, the rental of such cars costs from $250, but you can make a business-class trip much cheaper. It is even not much more expensive than using public transport and taxis;
  • When you rent a car, you plan your trip yourself and you can forget about the bus schedule, taxi applications, as well as trains and the metro. Using luxury cars, you will never be late for an important meeting or flight. Each of the 286 horsepower in the Chrysler 300 promises you that.

Try high quality now

cable car rental for most customers is relevant when your own car is out of reach. For exemplar, it broke down and is under long care. however, you can not cancel all your trips, and traveling by public transmit is unmanageable and airy for you. such cases and bring people to hire a lavishness cable car. It is particularly the case for people involved in business. many occupation trips that you take the metro can damage your image and appearance. In accession, it is much more profitable than driving around the wholly day by taxi .
besides an excellent solution for emergency situations is to rent luxury cars. For model, when a party needs to meet a high-level investor, who is obviously used to lavishness and comfort, you can rent a Chrysler 300, one name of which reminds about a sense of consolation and dependability. For two or three trips around the city it makes no feel to buy such a car, but it would be very commodious to get it at CARNGO rentals. We wish you a pleasant trip !

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