As suggested by its name, the third party, fire and larceny car policy policy covers more than a third base party entirely policy. The third base party, fire and larceny policy offers the same coverage as the third party merely policy but with added coverage for damages from accidental fire and theft of your vehicle.  With add coverage, the third base party, fire and larceny policy is relatively pricier than the one-third party lone policy but more low-cost as compared to the comprehensive examination cover .

What is covered by the third party, fire and theft car insurance policy?

On top of covering the lapp level of protection as third party car insurance, it besides covers your car in the event where it ’ randomness unintentionally stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire.

You are only able to make a claim in the event where:

  • Your car has been stolen
  • Your car is damaged by attempted theft (for example, broken door locks, windows or stolen audio and accessories.
  • Your car is damaged due to fire

With Tokio Marine Third Party Fire and Theft Motor Insurance, you can besides opt for extra benefits such as passenger indebtedness screen ( yes, your passengers can sue you ! ). alike to the one-third party policy, you will have to renew your third gear party, fire and larceny cable car insurance policy annually. *For a refresher, check out what Third Party Car Insurance coverage is here .

What is not covered by the third party, fire and theft car insurance policy?

merely like the third party indemnity policy, the one-third party, fire and larceny car policy won ’ triiodothyronine cover any personnel casualty or damage to your own vehicle, property or any injury you suffer as a solution of the road accident .

Third party, fire and theft car insurance do not cover for:

  • Medical expenses for your own injuries
  • Legal fees for your own injuries
  • Your car’s damages in an accident you caused
  • Your personal belongings are damaged
  • Your windscreen is damaged

You might want to opt for a Comprehensive Car Insurance to have coverage for your own cable car or injuries you suffer .

How is this policy different from comprehensive car insurance?

This third party, fire and larceny car policy policy is an annex to the basic car indemnity policy but without coverage that protects or cover for the loss or damage to your own car and first-party personal accident. These benefits are what make a third party, burn and larceny car policy slenderly cheaper from a comprehensive cover. Since it ’ s a lower level of protection as compared to a comprehensive examination cover, the premium charged is on modal 25 % cheaper .

Differences in the Types of Car Insurance in Malaysia:

  Third Party Third Party, Fire & Theft Comprehensive
Bodily injury caused to 3rd party Yes Yes Yes
Damage & loss to 3rd party property Yes Yes Yes
Damage & passing to your car No No Yes
Fire & larceny to your fomite

No Yes Yes
relative monetary value of premium Cheap median expensive

Is third party, fire and theft car insurance for me?

Indicators that a third base party, fire and larceny cable car insurance might be more desirable for you :

  • Your car is not brand new
  • Your car is an older model where it is inexpensive to repair
  • You are no longer under a financing agreement, such as Hire Purchase or a Car Loan

While third party, fire and larceny car indemnity comes with an average price tag, be reminded that you will be footing the circular for the damages incurred on your own car. so be surely that your car is not a new and an expensive model, where the senior high school haunt costs would negate all the savings you made by choosing a third party, open fire and larceny car policy cover .

What is a “Policy Excess Fee”?

You will come across the term “ Policy Excess Fee ” in your insurance policy. This fee indicates an amount that you need to top up from your own scoop when making accidental claims. For exercise, let ’ s say your Policy Excess Fee is at RM200 and damages to your car is RM4,000. You are only entitled to claim a entire of RM3,800 with a passing of RM200. hence, it ’ randomness full of life to choose a policy with low to no Policy Excess Fee for better save !

How else can I save money on third party, fire and theft car insurance?

As car insurance policies are priced based on risks, it is crucial to disclose all material facts such as previous accidents, no claims history and alteration to engines to get a better theme of how much a third gear party, displace and larceny car indemnity might cost. This is because of driving history and other personal information will directly affect pricing .

How would third party, fire and theft policy compensate for my stolen car?

The criterion commit for steal cars or entire passing claims is to compensate the first party ( policyholder ) based on the commercialize value of the car at the time of loss ( or damage ), or the kernel agreed in the policy, whichever is lower. The agree car value can besides be specified in advance versus the market or resale value. however, the nature of the larceny plays a full of life role in determining if it ’ s an act of negligence or strictly an accident. Let ’ s say you hand over your car keys to the carpark jockey and your car gets stolen, it will be considered as an act of negligence and the indemnity company will not compensate you for the loss.

How do I apply for a third party, fire and theft car insurance?

You can compare and apply third base party, fire and larceny car insurance on-line ! Apply on-line now via RinggitPlus ! There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when applying for a third base party, arouse and larceny cable car policy on-line in malaysia :

  1. Market Value of the car. If the car is new, the insured value will be equal to the purchase price.
  2. No Claim Discount (NCD) percentage. Choose a sustainable claim amount that is both affordable when it comes to paying the premiums and at the same time gives you a comfortable claim amount when an accident happens.
  3. Disclosure. Ensure that you give all the information about the car and your driving history in detail. This is essential in setting the right amount for coverage.
  4. Prepare Documents. Once you have decided on the insurance policy, prepare the necessary documents which include an insurance cover note, car grant and existing insurance policy (if applicable).

If you have the documentation ready, the application time will merely take a few minutes .

How to renew my third party car insurance?

You can renew your third base party, fire and larceny car policy ( along with your road tax ) via on-line on RinggitPlus, MYEG, JPJ branch or at a Post Office. Have the below information ready for the reclamation :

  • Vehicle registration number
  • NRIC
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Engine Capacity – CC
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Sum Insured
  • Windscreen (optional)

Some of the Best Third Party, Fire and Theft Car insurance:

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