Act of God : losses caused by irrepressible natural forces

comprehensive examination comprehensive examination car indemnity or all risk car policy with coverage of all types of risks, such as minor damage, hard price, to personnel casualty

ERA ( Emergency Road Assistance ) A avail to bring a machinist to the rate where the driver has experienced car damage covered under the policy policy

Evil deeds The actions of a person or group of people who intentionally damage the property of others due to revenge, envy, anger or vandalism

Grace period The menstruation after the premium due date, but the premium can still be paid without concern, and the policy can still be accounted for

indemnity coverage The purchase price of a vehicle at the beginning of the coverage period and recorded in the indemnity policy, which is the maximum liability limit of the insurance company in the insurance agreement

insurance company A person or company that underwrites an indemnity gamble

Insured An individual or legal entity with a fiscal interest in a vehicle and is bound by the guarantor to obtain protection for the vehicle

market price The price of the vehicle sold on the unblock market is obtained, depending on the stigmatize, type, location and the same year of purchase before the risk of loss or damage occurs

Motor fomite All types or brands of vehicles, including everything ( such as equipment, parts, etc. ) that are the object of the consumer finance agreement

own risk ( deductible )

The value of the insured ‘s expense in any personnel casualty or damage calculated based on the sum of compensation

personal accident Loss caused by a car accident that causes death or permanent disability to the driver and/or passengers

policy A binding agreement or contract between the insurance company and the insured, known as the policyholder, which determines the claims which the insurance company is legally required to pay

bounty money that must be paid at a particular time as an obligation of the insurance policyholder

proposal A collection of data provided by the policy party about the benefits of the policy that will be given to prospective customers to ensure the product information, such as the number of premiums and terms of coverage

carouse A situation in a city when a large number of people jointly or in little groups creates an atmosphere of disturbance to public order and security with a carouse and uses violence and a series of the end of large amounts of property, in such a room that there is a general fear, which marked by the cessation of more than half of the convention activities of trade/shopping centers or offices or schools or public transportation in the city for at least 24 hours endlessly starting before, during or after the incidental

sabotage Acts of destroying place or obstructing the smooth campaign of work or which results in the decrease in the measure of a job performed by a person or group of people, either acting alone or on behalf of or relating to an organization or government in an attack to achieve political, religious, ideological or exchangeable goals. including the intention to influence the government and/or put the populace or part of the people in fear

SRCCTS ( Strike Riot Civil Commotion Terrorism & Sabotage ) Losses caused by riots, terrorism, and sabotage

full loss merely

insurance that will entirely provide coverage for personnel casualty due to theft or damage with a loss value of more than 75 %

Waiting time The amount of time an see must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect

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