early on 2020s will be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on society, economy, businesses and the lives of ordinary people. Despite the turbulence, Sampo Group ’ s indemnity operations continued their good performance .
Sampo began the new ten with a deepen in management when If ’ s CEO Torbjörn Magnusson took up the mail of Group CEO and President in January 2020 .
The economic mentality initially seemed good at the beginning of the class and many stock substitute indexes reached new highs. however, son of a new virus in China had begun to spread in early January and by former February the modern corona virus had brought much of Europe to its knees. The increased doubt was reflected in the lineage exchanges, and stock prices – including those of fiscal companies – plummeted as the health situation deteriorated .
When the pandemic spread to the Nordic countries, Sampo Group prioritized continuity of operations and offering the best customer service potential under the circumstances. The majority of group personnel started working from home, and meetings were held remotely via video calls. Despite the crisis, there were no interruptions to customer serve and customer gratification remained high across the display panel.

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In region due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, together with low interest rates, Sampo had to cancel its previous dividend proposal and announce a newfangled lower proposal for 2019. however, it should be noted that many companies cancelled their dividends all in all in the bounce of 2020. As the pandemic played havoc with markets around the ball, Sampo was ultimately one of equitable a handful of fiscal companies that paid any dividends at all for 2019.

In August 2020, Sampo and the south african investment company RMI announced a joint invite for the UK vehicle insurance company Hastings. The skill meant expansion of Sampo ’ s P & C policy business and it gives the group a beachhead in the UK grocery store, which is many times larger than the Nordic P & C policy markets. In 2021 Sampo acquired RMI ‘s minority ownership is Hastings and the choice held by RMI to acquire 10 per cent of the ship’s company. Hastings became a fully-owned subsidary of Sampo in December 2021.

In November 2020, Sampo sold some of its shares in Nordea to institutional investors with an accelerated bookbuild offer. Sampo reduced its Nordea stake further in May, September and October 2021. The transactions reduced Sampo ’ randomness holdings in Nordea to 6.1 per cent .
At the beginning of 2022, Sampo ’ mho clientele consists of four segments : If, which is the largest P & C insurance company in the Nordic Countries ; Mandatum, which focuses on life indemnity and asset management ; the danish policy company Topdanmark and Hastings in the UK. If, Mandatum and Hastings are fully-owned by Sampo plc, while Topdanmark is partly-owned with 48.3 per cent stake .
Main photo: Ismo Pekkarinen, Lehtikuva
Small Photo: Hastings Group

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