home to exotic beaches, fabled cigars, and complex history, Cuba makes for quite a vacation finish. To visit all the antic places on the island, you credibly thought about renting a car in Cuba… and you probably found that it ’ s not an easy undertaking .
Most car rental companies in Cuba don ’ metric ton have official websites. information about renting a cable car is scattered. Fees are complicated and sometimes hidden. And there is no one you can call .
If you feel frustrated, you are not alone. Cuba is one of the most complicate countries in the world, and renting a cable car can be inexplicably arduous for new travelers .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be discouraged, though. In this guide, we will explain absolutely everything you need to know about cable car lease in Cuba. What are the official cable car rental companies in Cuba ? How can you rent a car in Cuba ? How much does it cost ? Are there fees and penalties ? What about renting classic cars in Cuba ?

We will answer all your burning questions .
note : Prices are shown in USD for demonstrative purposes. Keep in mind that travelers are banned from using US dollars on the island .

Should Even You Rent a Car in Cuba?

Cubacar Car Rental Line of Customers Most likely no, unless you are planning a road trip around the island .
Renting a car in Cuba will set you free. No doubt about it. You will be able to go where you want, when you want, including towns and beaches in Cuba that most travelers will never visit. This is a strong case for renting a car in Cuba, specially considering the flawed populace transportation system system anywhere on the island .
With that said, renting a cable car in Cuba may not be a good idea if you good plan to visit a city or two. For example, if you plan to stay in Havana, enjoy the exciting things to do in Havan a, and even go on a day trip to Varadero, you may want to avoid the fuss of renting a car in Cuba .

Renting a car in Cuba is not cheap

The nucleotide rate per day of a basic model ( economic type ) is 49 USD, and the indemnity is 20 USD per day. You will besides incur supernumerary charges for extra drivers, decrease fees, and gas. On top of that, tipping in Cuba is besides expected. If you rent a car during the high temper, your travel to Cuba costs can go up promptly .
consequently, renting a car is decidedly not for budget-savvy visitors who want to go around Cuba on their own .

You will need to rent the car well in advance

Honest advice ? Do not wait to be in Cuba to rent a car. The car armory is constantly limited, and fleet management is ineffective. This becomes specially worse during acme temper in Cuba ( November through February ) .
therefore, at least three months in boost, head over to online travel agencies like Cuba Travel Network, or Holiplus to rent your car in Cuba .

Choices are limited (and don’t expect a classic car)

The car flit of all car rental companies in Cuba is limited to a few asian and european brands. The most common lease cars in Cuba are Kia, Hyundai, Renault, Peugeot, Geely, and Emgrand. In the lavishness category, if you are golden, you can rent Mercedes Benz, Audi, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Gac, Morris Garage, and Maxus .
You besides need to consider that, in the end, you might not even get the car you wanted. It ’ s not uncommon in Cuba to drive off the car rental office in a fomite that it ’ s not the one you booked. There are many reasons for this, and we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get into that, but just keep in mind it could happen .
One thing it needs to be net, though, is that you can ’ thymine rend classical cars through any state car rental ship’s company in Cuba. To rent some of those fancy authoritative cars you see in change of location magazines, you will need to go with foreign change of location agencies. We dedicated an entire section to renting a authoritative cable car in Cuba further below .

The whole thing can be exhausting

The serve of renting a car can be bureaucratic and exhausting. You can find hundreds of travelers ’ testimonials about excruciating waiting times, long lines, poor service, and vehicles delivered in frightful conditions .
On clear of that, it ’ randomness rare to find an agent technical enough in English, let alone in other languages. possibly, this is a good “ opportunity ” to commit your spanish lyric skills, thus check out this Cuban spanish Phrasebook .

Driving in Cuba is not exactly safe

Although Cuba is a safe country to visit, driving by yourself can be dangerous. Most roads and highways in Cuba are in awful condition, traffic signs are a lavishness, hitchhikers are everywhere, people sell food on the street, and you can even encounter animals on the road .
That ’ randomness why you must be extra careful while driving in Cuba. Drive under amphetamine limits ( 60 miles per hour on highways, 37 miles per hour on rural roads, and 24-31 miles per hour within the city ). besides, avoid drive at night since tire, low-light conditions, and miss of road signs can increase the risks of an accident .
If unfortunately, you get involved in an accident, there is a chance you may be banned from leaving the country until the authorities complete the investigation .

Gas stations are old and scattered

There are equitable a few old gas stations on highways and towns. therefore, it ’ s a good mind to fill the flatulence tank before leaving town .
Gas shortages are not uncommon either. If you happen to go during one of these inauspicious events, be fix to stand in line for hours .

GPS is not an option

rental cars don´t have GPS systems incorporated, therefore you´ll have to travel antique with a street map of Cuba. alternatively, apps like Google Maps or Maps.me allow you to use street maps without internet access in Cuba .

You can’t pay in cash

At rental offices in Cuba, all payments must be made with a credit or debit card. Keep in mind that transactions in USD are not accepted, and credit/debit cards issued by american banks are useless .
For more about how to use money on the island, read our steer to the Cuban currency .

Parking can be a problem

You shouldn ’ thyroxine leave the rental car unsupervised in Cuba. insurance does not cover tires, and they are comfortable to steal. For a buck or two, person will keep an eye on your rental car. Look for guys wearing loss vests as uniforms near parking sites ; they will watch your car day or night .

Car Rental Companies in Cuba

Car Rental Company in Cuba The four major car rental companies in Cuba are state-owned. They are Havanautos, Cubacar, Rex, and Via Rent A Car .
Havanautos, Cubacar, and Rex are branch offices of Grupo Transtur S.A., the largest tourist exile ship’s company in Cuba. On the other hand, Via Rent a Car belongs to TransGaviota, a car rental company associated with the Cuban military .
Of the first things you must know is that these companies don ’ thymine offer online booking services. In fact, many don ’ thymine even have a web site. Given this situation, several travel agencies took over domains exchangeable to the names of the major cable car rental companies in Cuba. Some of these travel agencies are legit, and some have a questionable reputation .
In this article, we try to provide the official websites of the lease companies in Cuba, if available .

Havanautos Car Rental

Founded in 1982, Havanautos is the oldest and has the largest car fleet in Cuba. Due to the high number of offices across the country ( more than 70 ), you can find 24/7 aid about everywhere on the island. It offers different categories, including Economy, Economy Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Premium, SUV, Van, and Minivan. The most popular rental cars are the MG3, Renault Sandero, Hyundai Grand I10, and Geely GC6 .


Cubacar is besides one of the oldest car lease companies in Cuba. It offers chiefly the same categories as Havanautos : Economy, Economy Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Premium, SUV, Van, and Minivan. But there is a catch, most of their models have a manual infection, indeed if you don´t feel confident driving a vehicle with a manual infection, you should check other options. The most popular models are Peugeot 207, MG3, Geely GC6, and Geely CK .

Rex Car Rental

Rex offers exclusive car lease services in Cuba. Their guidelines promise to provide high-standard exile whether you are traveling for business or leisure. Rex has offices in nine of the main tourist cities in the state, but its largest fleet is available in Havana. They offer iconic models such as Mercedes Benz B180, Mercedes Benz C200, Mercedes Benz E200, Hyundai Sonata, and Renault Talisman .

Via Rent A Car

Via Rent A Car is a section of TransGaviota, a major tourist company in Cuba associated with the Cuban military. Their offices are spread all over the nation, particularly near other TransGaviota facilities. Their top service is Flexi, Fly, and Drive, offering tourists the possibility to design their vacation without a sterilize travel guidebook .
If you are traveling to Cuba from the US, you should avoid renting a car from Via Rent A Car since Gaviota is one of the companies banned by the united states Government .

How to Rent a Car in Cuba

Renting a Car in Cuba There are two options when it comes to cable car rental in Cuba : on-line, and in-person .

We previously mentioned possible on-line victimize, but there are besides established travel agencies that offer booking services. They have contracts with Cuban companies and safe requital gateways. Keep in mind that, during the peak temper, the car displayed on-line might not be available. however, they will often work it out with you to find a like cable car.

We recommend sticking to recognized locomotion agencies such as Cuba Travel Network, and Holiplus .
Some of these reputable on-line travel agencies besides have offices in Cuba, which can be identical helpful along the way .

Book it in person (it’s a long shot)

technically, you can just head to the office of Cubacar, Havautos, or Via in the airport, once you land in Cuba. however, handiness is not guaranteed, and the long lines can be excruciating .
To improve your odds of renting a car in Cuba, first base settle in your casa particular or hotel. future, find the nearest position of any Cuban cable car rental ship’s company .
Keep in mind that renting a car in Cuba in person is a long shoot .

How to Rent a Classic Car in Cuba

Classic car tour Havana Cuba Looking for a courteous classical convertible rather ?
well, the very first thing you must know is that state-owned car rental companies won ’ thymine economic rent you classic cars. classical cars are privately owned, and owners don ’ t have contracts with country companies .
Dreaming of driving a classical car around Havana all by yourself ? That ’ sulfur improbable to happen. authoritative cars are available to rent as part of transfers, city tours, or day trips. however, you might get lucky and find a individual supplier who is willing to let you drive one of those “ almendrones ”, how they besides classic cars in Cuba .
Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, though. You can however see the fantastic Havana from the backseat of a classical car. Check out our available authoritative car tours and pick the one you like. It ’ south that bare .
alternatively, you can find classical car drivers parked outside hotels and near major tourist attractions. For model, if you are in Havana, head to El Capitolio where you will find a channel of classical cars willing to drive anywhere you want. Feel free to bargain with the drivers since their first quote is probable to be unrealistically high .
You can expect to pay 20-50 USD/hour, depending on the city you are in, the car circumstance, how many people are taking the enlistment, and the season. Day trips to other cities normally have fixed prices. For exercise, a day trip to Varadero can cost you approximately 300 USD .
last, don ’ thyroxine forget that classic cars in Cuba are not in optimum conditions, and they do not comply with most of the car condom regulations you find elsewhere. For exercise, don ’ thymine expect seatbelts, airbags, or an anti-lock brake organization .

How to Rent a Motorbike in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba: The Complete Guide to Renting a Car in Cuba (2022) Renting a motorbike in Cuba is a bite complicate. You will have to do it in person, and there is merely one position in Havana where you can do it. The address is Avenida Paseo y Calle 3ra, Vedado .
There are more places in Varadero, specifically Cubacar offices, where you can rent motorbikes. You can find these offices or booths near your hotel or in downtown Varadero .
Renting a minibike in Cuba is besides way cheaper than renting a car. however, choices are besides express. There is only one model available, the iceboat type, which is not desirable for long distances. The price for renting a scooter is 25-35 USD per day if you rent it for more than 24 hours and less than a month. Prices are 10-15 USD per hour if you rent the scoter for less than 24 hours. There is besides a security depository of 50 USD .
As is the case with modern car rentals, you won ’ thymine be able to pay in cash, and US-issued credits cards won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bring. besides, you are required to bring in your driver ’ south license and recommendation. Oh, and you have to be 21 years old or older .

FAQs About Car Rental in Cuba

FAQs about car rental in Cuba hush confused ? Let ’ s answer some of the most common questions about renting a car in Cuba :

What do I need to rent a car in Cuba?

You´ll need a valid driver´s license – it doesn ’ t have to be an international drive license -, your pass, and a credit card that works in Cuba. You will besides need to be 21 years old or older to sign a contract with the car rental party .

How much does it cost to rent a car in Cuba?

Prices start at 49 USD per day, without policy. Including insurance, you can expect to pay at least 69 USD per day. During point season, prices will be higher. There are besides other fees such as extra driver, decrease fee, and security sediment .

Is there any other cost when picking up the car?

Yes, you will need to pay a full tank car of gas, can policy, a security situate, and a fee for any extra driver. Gas prices vary according to the car model and market prices. The security deposition is anywhere from 150 to 250 USD, depending on the car rental company you use. car insurance is typically from 20-40 USD a sidereal day. Signing up an extra driver costs 3 USD per day .

Can I pay in cash?

No, you can only pay with a credit or debit calling card. Credit/debit cards issued by american english banks are not presently accepted in Cuba .

Can I pick up the car earlier?

technically, yes. however, it might not be ready when you come into the car lease function, particularly during point season. In that case, you will have the option to wait or pick another car, depending on handiness .

What if I’m late?

Contact the aid number provided in your engagement receipt and let them know you´re running late .

Can I add a driver?

You can add up to two extra drivers at the cost of 3 USD per driver per day .

Is there a drop-off fee?

only if you are leaving the cable car at another function or another state. The cliff fee is calculated based on the outdistance between the pick-up put and the decrease localization. Ask your agent about the estimated decrease fees .

Do I have to return the car with a full tank of gas?

formally, yes. There could be some excess charges depending on whether you received the car with a full tank or not .

What if I can’t return the car in time?

typically, you would incur a tip. Most rental car companies won ’ t charge anything if the car is returned within the hour after the reappearance time. however, in the end, it is up to the rental agent to charge a tip or not .

What side of the road do they drive on Cuba?

Driving in Cuba is pretty much like in the United States. You have to drive on the right-hand side of the road, so the driver sits on the left-hand side of the cable car .

What is the speed limit?

In Cuba, the travel rapidly limits are 60 miles per hour on highways, 37 miles per hour on rural roads, and 24-31 miles per hour within the city .

How are highways in Cuba?

Cuba has eight toll-free expressways named “ autopistas ”. Seven of them are centralized in Havana and connected by what it ’ randomness called “ El Anillo de La Habana ”. It besides has a complex system of undivided highways, called “ carreteras ” or “ circuitos ”. The most popular is called “ Carretera Central ” .

What if I have an accident?

In case of an accident, you must immediately inform the authorities and the car rental company. You must not leave the accident web site until the car rental congressman and the police arrive at the scene. Keep in mind that you would not be allowed to leave the country if person is injured and the investigation is completed .

What not to do with a rented car in Cuba?

You can not use the vehicle for profit ; lend it to unauthorized drivers, use it in illegal activities, or leave it afford when out of the car. Always check the abridge signed and ask the lease agentive role if there are other unauthorized activities to consider .

What penalty fees do I need to avoid?

There are a few fees you will want to avoid when renting a cable car in Cuba :

  • Lost keys – 200 USD
  • Keys locked in the car – 100 USD
  • Filthy car – 50 USD
  • Transporting animals – 50 USD

Can I hire a professional chauffeur?

Rex offers master chauffeur services, but they are presently suspended as separate of Cuba ’ s travel restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Hop On

Renting a car in Cuba is not the best choice for everyone traveling to the island. In fact, it can be a bad theme considering all the limitations and complications we exposed .
If you decide to rent a car in Cuba anyhow, one of the best Cuba travel tips we can offer is this : be proactive and check your options before boarding the airplane. Don ’ t make last-minute decisions, and you will be finely .
Do you know of any other fact we missed ? Let us know and share your comment .

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