Prices for renting a car went up 75 % in 2021. That said, if you are compromising, you can still score great car rental deals for your trip to Guilin, China. here are a few tips on how to get the best car rental deals in Guilin, China in 2022 .

10 Steps to get the best car rental deals in Guilin, China in 2022
Use Metasearch

alternatively of going directly to Budget, Avis or evening Priceline, You might want to consider a metasearch, which is basically a search engine of on-line locomotion agencies. A metasearch engine aggregates all the deals from many different booking sites and shows you all the available offers for that car rental. By doing this, you will save you a lot of time ( and money ) when trying to find the best car rental price in Guilin, China. You will alone have to enter 1 web site, but will have access to Guilin cable car rental deals from multiple websites. Some examples of metasearch engines are and .

Check prices AFTER you book

After you script you car rental, go to a different metasearch engine than the one you used ( in subject you used one ) and enter the accurate same cable car rental details as the reservation you made. then, setup an alarm to notify you if prices fell. This way, if the price drops for your car rental in Guilin, you will get an alert and can just rebook the cheaper rate and save money .

Ditch the airport pickup

Picking up and dropping off a car at the airport normally comes along with a agio price. Try searching for car lease dealers in the Guilin, not at the airport.

Go Manual

Some car rental dealers offer better prices for cars with manual transmission. If you know how to drive using a stick careen, this can help shave off a few dollars a day for your car rental in Guilin .

Shop at Costco

If you have a Costco membership, you are in fortune ! You can get amazing travel deals at Costco´s web site american samoa well. Make sure to glance at their car lease offers for Guilin anterior to booking your vehicle elsewhere.

Walk Up to counters

If you step outside the Guilin airport premises, you will find some syndicate owned car rental shops. These are local anesthetic brands that can offer you better prices sometimes. That said, I would not opt for this if you are travelling at bill seasons, since rental cars tend to be barely in Guilin, China around those dates.

Use your credit card insurance

Some credit cards will offer policy for rental car vehicles if you reserve the car using their card. This varies from company to company then make sure to ask your credit card provider anterior to assuming therefore. If they do, this will save you between 30 % -70 % of the price of your rental car, since indemnity costs can reach goodly amounts based on the coverage you select .

Drop the add-ons

Add-ons such as GPS can tally up the price pretty promptly. It is much cheaper to buy a local sim in Guilin and use mobile data for Waze than to pay $ 10- $ 15/day for GPS .

Go Peer-to-Peer

P2P might be your best stake to get the best car lease deals in Guilin, China in 2022. Turo and Outdoorsy are great sites to shop for car rentals in Guilin. Another advantage is saving time on paperwork, since everything is done on-line .

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