GOYANG, SOUTH KOREA – december 4 : 1Team performs on stage during the MBC Music Channel ‘Show … [ + ] Campion ‘ Live Broadcast at MBC Dream Center on December 04, 2019 in Goyang, South Korea. ( photograph by The FACT/Imazins via Getty Images )

ImaZins via Getty Images

A numeral of exciting son bands popped up in the south korean music industry in 2021, including Ciiper, Omega X and Kingdom, to name good a a few. At the lapp clock, respective groups last said adieu, ceasing operations as a unit of measurement after sharing their own trade name of K-pop with fans everywhere .

These are some of the most high-profile breakups among K-pop male child bands that occurred in 2021 .
south korean male child band 100 % about made it to a wide ten, which in the K-pop industry, is a very long clock time. The group launched in 2012, and in the nine years they were together, they released just six EPs and never dropped a full-length. The equip impressively reached the top 10 on the Gaon Albums chart with all of their efforts. Less than a calendar month before their contract expired, they shared the standalone single “ Beautiful Girl, ” which ended up serving as something of a adieu .

Since debuting in 2014, Hotshot only produced a match of EPs, and seeing as their stopping point one was released in 2018, it wasn ’ metric ton wholly shocking when the announcement was made that the musicians would be going their break ways and that Hotshot was no more. sadly, they seemed to be gaining in popularity, as their final EP, Early Flowering, brought them to the exceed 10 on the Gaon Albums chart for the first, and it turned out, only time .

We in the Zone
In 2019, We in the Zone arrived, and they worked incredibly hard that year to create and release music and launch the band. The members were involved in the write and producing of a effective lump of their tunes, which separated them from some outspoken acts in the south korean music diligence. They shared two EPs, and while both approached the exceed 10 on the Gaon Albums chart, neither one break into the competitive area. It didn ’ t take long for members to begin dropping out, and by early 2021, it was pass that the act was no more .

Four other boy bands hailing from South Korea disconnected in 2021, though they didn ’ thymine enjoy the same kind of commercial success as the three acts mentioned above. Fellow K-pop vocal troupes 1Team, ENOi, Seven O’Clock and Voisper are no longer making music, much to the chagrin of fans in their home nation .

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