Bought a raw car ? Congratulations !
Have you bought car insurance deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ? however, remember that car indemnity in UAE is compulsory .
If you ’ re buy a cable car from a car dealer or a trust, there are chances they will provide you with a car policy policy as well. however, is it a wise decision to take it from them ? probably no !
Why ? Well, it is because you can always find a customize car insurance deal with more benefits if you look up for one yourself.

The good newsworthiness is that there is a overplus of motor policy companies in UAE offering a wide range of plans. Can you guess the numeral of drive insurance companies Dubai and UAE ? There are over 60 insurers in the nation !
Yes, you have more than 60 options to choose from. We, at PolicyBazaar, can help you find the best, customized and low-cost car policy policy .
We understand that finding the best car policy companies in UAE can be a unmanageable tax. Which policy is the best for you ? How large should the coverage be ? How would you assess that you ’ re getting a better deal ? These questions are bound to come to your take care while you browse the internet in search of the best indemnity supplier .
here we have compiled a list of top 5 car insurance companies in Dubai to make your bring easy :

indemnity provider Why it rocks ?
New India Assurance Car insurance
  • Off-road cover for private vehicles
  • Rent-a-Car Benefit
  • Agency repair cover
  • Road assistance cover
SALAMA Car indemnity
  • Customized Takaful solutions
  • A leader in Shari’ah Compliant Takaful Solutions
WATANIA Car policy
  • Roadside assistance
  • Facilitates Mulkiya Renewal Registration process
  • International Driving License discounted
oriental Car policy
  • Vehicle towing assistance
  • Car rent service
  • Lock-out service assistance
  • Refueling service
Adamjee Car Insurance

  • Competitive premium rates
  • Largest dealer network support across the country
  • Around the clock customer support
  • SMS alerts for claim processing

New India Assurance Company Ltd :

The New India Assurance Company Ltd. provides vehicle insurance in the UAE by keeping the needs of the car owners in mind. An guarantee can choose a cable car indemnity policy either from the preexistent list of plans or can get a custom-make one. so, whether you are an owner of a commercial automobile or have a personal cable car, New India Assurance Company has car insurance plans for everyone .

Why it rocks?

  • Provides rent-a-car option
  • Off-road cover for all private vehicles
  • Provides road assistance
  • Windscreen damage is also covered

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance company :

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company is one of the ace insurance companies in UAE offering bespoke and innovative car policy policies in UAE. It works on the principles of Shari ’ ah .
SALAMA indemnifies your vehicle as mentioned below :

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

The company provides cover against wrong or loss to the car, its spare parts, and accessories caused by any of the watch :

  • By accidental collision or accident or overturning and the subsequent mechanical breakdown.
  • By theft of burglary
  • By malicious action of any third-party
  • By external explosion, thunderbolt, fire, lightning, or self-ignition

Third-party Liability:

The insurance supplier compensates the see in case of an accident caused by the use of your cable car, submit to the limitations mentioned in the policy documents .

WATANIA Insurance company :

Watania, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, started as an inaugural of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Aldar Properties, and Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance. Guided by the principles of loyalty, integrity, excellence, dependability, foil, the indemnity provider offers diverse benefits to its customers .
apart from Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-party Liability Insurance, Watania has some extra benefits that are mentioned below :

  • Discounted International Driving License
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Facilitates Mulkiya Renewal Registration Procedure

oriental Insurance caller :

oriental Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance providers of India, and for past few decades, it is expanding its operations in overseas locations ampere well. UAE is one of the premier foreign countries where oriental Insurance Company is serving for more than 50 years. It was the class 1960 when this company started its business in the UAE with the cooperation of Arab Insurance Works, LLC. The company besides extended its support to other insurance companies in UAE having their operations in Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) .

Why it rocks?

  • It provides vehicle towing assistance
  • Offers car rent service
  • Feature of lock-out service
  • Refueling service is provided as well

Adamjee Insurance company :

Adamjee Insurance Company Limited is a Pakistan-based indemnity provider, which has its name listed PSEL ( Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited ) with a singular advantage of having its presence across the area of UAE. The company has a competitive advantage achieved by its largest paid-up capital and military reserve along with a diversified commercial enterprise portfolio .

Standout Features

The centrifugal policy policies provided by Adamjee Insurance Company provide the maximum coverage against the watch events

  • Accidental damages,
  • Theft,
  • Third-party liability,

The aforesaid benefits are inclusive of versatile innovative and hassle-free pre and post-insurance-related services .
Wrapping it up!
With these top 5 car policy providers in UAE, you can make a wise choice while buying car insurance/takaful. These ace companies provide you tailor-made policies to indemnify your car or vehicle against damage and loss. Damage to your car can cause a lot of inconveniences and thus these providers keep their process dim-witted and hassle-free. You can now compare, customize, and buy car insurance as per your requirements .

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