When it comes to buying your first cable car, one of the most important things to consider is getting vehicle policy, to ensure auspices against accidents. With the avail of the companies for the best car insurance in Calgary, you can get the coverage you need .
Applying for car insurance not only lessens the cost of repair and care, but it besides gives you the relief of not having to go through the stress of unanticipated incidents that aren ’ t your blame .
To help you decide on a car indemnity provider, check out our list of companies for the best car insurance in Calgary below .

1. Desjardins indemnity

Desjardins Insurance's Logo

BEST FOR  Auto insurance and life insurance
PRODUCTS Auto insurance, business insurance, home & property insurance,  life insurance, living benefits, mutual funds, vehicle loans
WEBSITE https://www.paramjit.ca/
ADDRESS 2323 32 Ave NE ste 215, Calgary, AB T2E 6Z3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-554-4444
electronic mail : [ electronic mail protected ]

OPERATING HOURS  Mon to Thurs: 9am–6pm
friday : 9am–5pm
baby-sit : 10am–2pm

Desjardins Insurance is headed by Paramjit Plaha, an agent who offers insurance including car, home, life, and fiscal services .
With 16 years of experience, they besides provide across-the-board coverage and comparisons of what works best for each node, customising their plans to cater to each individual ’ randomness needs .
And as one of the companies for the best car policy in Calgary, Desjardins Insurance helps minor enterprises, contractors, and trades with the help of a team of professionals who speak multiple languages .


  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Renters insurance

Customer Reviews

Desjardins Insurance is highly recommended by their clients for their good servicing and friendly staff .
Some customers wrote their reviews and said :
“ Paramjit has been fantastic to deal with. She ’ south intimate and answers all my questions. ”
“ I always recommend to my clients to this indemnity team for best overhaul, good rates, and promptly answer, ”

2. Sharp indemnity

Sharp Insurance's Logo

BEST FOR  Insurance broker
PRODUCTS Auto, home, recreation, travel, medical, and business insurance
WEBSITE https://sharpinsurance.ca/
ADDRESS 1331 Macleod Trail SE #300, Calgary, AB T2G 0K3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-590-2008
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm

shrill Insurance provides quality indemnity service, with the aid of their professional team members who can speak over 10 languages .
With the help of their dependable consultants, they are able to vouch for you during claims processes, and make certain you get the best possible rates .
And as one of the companies for the best policy in Calgary, Sharp Insurance offers around-the-clock service and makes sure to give back to the community through charity .


  • MySharp mobile app
  • Group insurance program
  • Claims

Customer Reviews  

shrill Insurance is recommended both by their clients and their brokers for their great customer service, prompt and courteous replies, and a fantastic feel .
Some customers wrote their reviews and said :
“ Nick Wong is the best insurance broke to work with ! He ’ south very efficient, and gave us the best rate we could find out there ! Ian and Donna ”
“ I received fantastic concern today from Adija Adamu was very disquieted, she addressed all my cares and concerns in a calm air professional manner.I am very greatfull and will continue to refer new clients ”

3. Alpine insurance

Alpine Insurance's Logo

BEST FOR  Auto car and home insurance
PRODUCTS https://alpineinsurance.ca/insurance-services/
WEBSITE https://alpineinsurance.ca/
ADDRESS 8820 Blackfoot Trail SE #123, Calgary, AB T2J 3J1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-270-8822
electronic mail : [ electronic mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm

Founded in 2002, Alpine Insurance offers home insurance, car insurance, and occupation indemnity services to people needing fiscal help .
They are recognised as one of the companies for the best cable car indemnity in Calgary and devote themselves to making a sedate and expert experience for each client they encounter .
With the avail of its give team, Alpine Insurance lends a helping hand to homeowners and businesses of any kind .


  • Alpine Insurance mobile app
  • Free policy review
  • 24/7 claims service guarantee

Customer Reviews  

Alpine Insurance is highly recommended by their clients for their highly intimate and helpful staff, best rates, amazing serve, and satisfying experience .
Some customers wrote their reviews and said :
“ Shannon Is extremely helpful, technical and effective ! Thanks for such an amaze experience ! This is a big place for policy ”
“ Laura did a antic job for me on my insurance
Would highly recommend Alpine for all your policy needs.. ”

4. Westland Insurance

Westland Insurance's Logo

BEST FOR  Home, business, auto, and travel insurance
PRODUCTS https://www.westlandinsurance.ca/alberta/insurance
WEBSITE https://www.westlandinsurance.ca/alberta
ADDRESS 28 McKenzie Towne Ave SE #3, Calgary, AB T2Z 3S7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-257-0790
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 9:00am-5:30pm

Founded in 1980, Westland Insurance offers car, home, and business insurance services in order to meet the needs of individuals, enterprises, and non‐profit organisations .
As one of the companies for the best cable car indemnity in Calgary, they presently provide customised insurance services through 130 offices across western Canada .
They besides make certain to give their clients low-cost policy options to choose from when it comes to customising programs based on their preferences .


  • Automobile insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Tenant insurance

Customer Reviews  

not merely do people recommend Westland Insurance for their excellent service, but besides for their childlike and easy explanations. They ’ ra straight to the point and truly know what they ’ re sell .
Some customers wrote their reviews and said :

“ had to reinsure two vehicles that lapsed. Tessa Olson helped with everything it was identical easy and she was bang-up to deal with. very meet with customer service. most decidedly recommend. cheers. H. ”
“ For the last 15 years, I have been receiving their serve, and I must say that I strongly recommend this company to others for many reasons. They are very competent, friendly, helpful and they constantly explain many aspects of having optional coverages such as collision, comprehensive examination etc. An agent named Kayhan is the best indemnity agent that I have known. Without a doubt, he knows what he is doing ”

5. Old is Gold

Old is Gold's Logo

BEST FOR  Collector car insurance
PRODUCTS http://oldisgoldcarinsurance.com/program-details/
WEBSITE http://oldisgoldcarinsurance.com/
ADDRESS 6-1915 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7C8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 1-877-307-2828
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm
model : 10:00am-12:30pm

Old is Gold was established in 1981, with a deputation to offer choice service, coverage, and value to collector car enthusiasts of Alberta .
They are a collector car insurance broker that offers low-cost rates for vintage, exotic, brawn, and classic automobiles .
And as one of the companies for the best car policy in Calgary, Old is Gold doesn ’ triiodothyronine just see vintage cars, but besides guarantees coverage for mod collector cars and motorcycles ampere well .


  • Superior insurance program
  • Collector vehicle insurance
  • No hidden fees

Customer Reviews

Old is Gold is recommended by their customers for their decent price and great service .
One customer wrote a revue and said :
“ I am a pretty adequate special lawsuit when it comes to insuring my JDM car. Roy from Old Is Gold is quite literally the only person in all of Alberta that would insure my car…and at a fantastic price besides ! I can not thank them enough. ”

6. Leibel Insurance Group

Leibel - Mga App sa Google Play
Photo credit rating : Leibel Insurance Group

BEST FOR  Comprehensive insurance products
PRODUCTS https://ligroup.ca/
WEBSITE https://ligroup.ca/
ADDRESS Leibel Insurance Edmonton: #102 17415 – 102 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 780-484-8880
electronic mail : [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Mon-Thurs: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Fri: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Leibel Insurance Group makes complicated insurances, bare. Their award-winning brokers will help you to make sense of your policy while saving time and money .
They offer multiple markets you get to choose from covering your budget and needs. therefore, the best choice to protect you, your family, or your business .


  • Direct broker access
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Have your best interest at heart and not the insurance companies’

Customer Reviews

here ’ s a reappraisal from one of Leibel clients :
“ Excellent service from Monique. Her replies are quick…..nicely detailed….my questions are completely answered. The rates proposed to me are very fair. greatly appreciate her service. Thank you Monique ” – Linda H
here ’ s another one :
“ Tarah was amazing to deal with. identical helpful and was very prompt replying to any questions I had. I came from Ontario and since she ’ second constantly licensed in Ontario she went out of her room to get my data rather than myself having to get it from my prior insurance companies. The unharmed summons with her took entirely two days in full. 10/10 Would recommend. ” – Alex Fitzgerald

7. Nuera Insurance Inc.

The 7 Companies for the Best Car Insurance in Calgary [2022 ]
Photo credit : Nuera Insurance Inc .

BEST FOR  home and property indemnity
PRODUCTS Auto Insurance, Property Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Recreational Insurance
WEBSITE https://www.nuerainsurance.ca/
ADDRESS # 20, 6020 2 Street SE, Building B, 2nd Floor, Calgary AB T2H 2L8

[email protected]

| 1-866-683-6444

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Nuera indemnity is a Calgary-based indemnity company that offers respective insurance services for clients .
They offer services to cater to specific client needs, such as cable car policy, property policy, locomotion insurance, life insurance, and recreational policy. prospective clients are besides given the option to get a citation through their web site .


  • Great rates and fantastic service
  • Speedy and accommodating staff
  • Quick quotations and inclusive packages

Customer Reviews

hera ’ s a recapitulation from one of Nuera Insurance ’ s clients :
“Got my insurance paid up on a Sunday morning. Getting insured was easy. The Nuera website did a search and determined the age of the building I’m in so I didn’t have to call the property company for the details. So far my experience with Nuera has been great. This year my insurance cost was actually lower than the last which is a bonus. Great job guys!”
here ’ s another one :

“Nuera was recommended to me a few months ago when I recently moved, and it was SO easy to get setup, I was very impressed. Ran into a little payment issue recently, but I called the service line, they picked up right away, waived the fee and made it better immediately. Insanely impressed! I wish all businesses were that helpful and responsive. Dana S was a pleasure to work with!!”
Whether it ’ s a brand-new car or an old vintage vehicle that ’ mho involved, it ’ randomness always safe to rely on insurance to back you up if you always need your automobile checked. With the list we gave you, we hope you ’ ll be able to decide on the company whose car insurance services will suit your needs best .
In summation, if you ’ rhenium looking for a manner to upgrade your car ’ sulfur expression, why don ’ thyroxine you check out our list of the best window tinting in Calgary for better privacy and functionality ?

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