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We offer a variety of car insurance products and services that can be tailored to address our customer ’ randomness unique needs .

  1. Foreign Automobile Insurance
    Automobile policy covers loss and damage of your fomite and indebtedness for others while you are driving, plus emergent road side service is provided .

    1. We are specialized in following service
      1. Agent expertise in Fluent English Services.
      2. Prompt and 24/7 Answering Services.
      3. Be proud of having a policy of American International Group which has beenleading the way in insurance innovation and service more than 80 yesrs.
    3. circumstance : male / 45 Years Old / No Claim Bonus ( DC 30 % ) / Vehicle Value $ 5,000 / Vehicle Type : Sedan ( Middle ) Full Coverage ( DC 10 % ) / 1 year

      Coverage Sum Insured Premium
      Bodily injury I 100Mil / 80Mil / 100Mil Won USD $ 543
      (death/injury/permanent injury)
      Bodily injury II Unlimited
      Property damage USD $ 50,000
      Own damage USD $5,000
      Own bodily injury 15Mil / 15Mil / 15 Mil
      (death/injury/permanent injury)
      Uninsured automobile 200Mil Won(per person)
      Road service $24

      If you have driving experience in abroad more than 1 year with no claim we give discount as well

    4. Comparison of Foreign Auto Policy vs Won Auto Policy
    5. Cases Foreign Auto Policy (FAP) Won Auto Policy
      Drunken Driving Involved Covered for own damages \2,500,000 Won deductible for BI&PD Not covered for own damages \2,500,000 Won deductible for BI&PD
      Theft claims of Veh. Parts or Equipments covered Not covered
      Applicable Surcharge For Acci./Claims Maximum 80% Maximum 250%
      Surcharge Rate for Old Vechicle Not applicable Upto 410% based on vehicle age
      Group Policy Discount Up to 20% starting from 5 vehicles 2% for over 50 vehicles
      Coverage for driver Any Driver, Any Age Limited
      New Policy Surcharge(Ind. only) Not applicable 121% flat
      Period of Surcharge Remaims Applicable for 1 year only Applies for 3 consecutive years
      Full Coverage Discount 10% Not applicable
      Applicable Renewal Rate Loss Ratio under 50% : 10% Discount
      Loss Ratio 50% – 100%: Previous Rate
      Loss Ratio over 100% : Surcharge up to 180% (as Acci./Loss)
      Surcharge up to 250%
  2. Terms and Conditions and Kinds of Coverage
  3. Description Reason For Compensation Notes
    Compulsory Insurance Compensation will be made within the limits of the provisions of Auto Damage Indemnification Act if the insured makes other person(s) die due to a covered accident. Mandatory coverage under Automobile Compulsory Liability Act.
    Bodily Injury Liability If the insured makes other person(s) die or injured due to a covered accident, compensation will be made for any loss exceeding the amount covered by Bodily Injury Liability I.  
    Property Damage Liability If the insured makes other person’s property disappear or damaged, compensation will be made. Mandatory Up to 10 million won under Automobile Compulsory Liability Act.
    Own Bodily Injury If the insured dies or gets injured due to a covered accident caused by his/her own vehicle, compensation will be made  
    Comprehensive If the insured’s automobile is damaged due to fire, theft, earthquake, flood or vandalism, compensation will be made Compensation will be made within the limits of the actual value of the vehicle.
    Collision If the insured’s automobile is damaged due to a collision accident caused by his/her own vehicle, compensation will be made. Compensation will be made within the limits of the actual value of the vehicle
    Uninsured Automobile If the insured dies or gets injured by other person’s uninsured vehicle, compensation will be made.  
    Emergency Service If, while the insured owns, uses, and manages his/her insured vehicle, emergency service is necessary, the service will be provided. The number of times using this service during the term of insurance will be limited depending on products.

    You (the policyholder) can find the details of coverage you bought and the insured amount in your insurance application.

  4. Note on Payment of Compensation (applicable to Foreign Auto)
    1. In the event that the insured lets other person drive on behalf of him/her, during which an auto accident occurs, the owner of the vehicle that may cause the accident may have a claim liability. In such case, a compensation for Bodily Injury Liability I will be paid from the vehicle owner’s auto insurance. However, it may give an impact on additional premium.
    2. In the coverage of Damage to the Insured’s Own Vehicle, the deductible means the amount of money listed on the policy which is excluded from the amount of a claim paid by the insurer in the case except that the insured vehicle is broken in its entirety. However, in the case that total loss occurs or the amount of money to be paid by the insurer exceeds the insured value, such deductible does not apply.
    3. In the event that a covered accident arises and the coverage of Damage to the Insured’ Own Vehicle is involved, for a loss that may be caused if the driver drives the insured vehicle without license or drunken, no compensation will be paid.
    4. In the event that WE (insurer) is to pay for a loss that may be caused by a covered accident while the insured drives drunken or without license, the deductible will be 2 million won against Bodily Injury Liability I and/or II, and 500,000 won for Property Damage Liability, per accident in the case of driving drunken, and 2 million won against Bodily Injury Liability I and 500,000 won Property Damage Liability per accident in the case of driving without license.
    5. The term of insurance of auto insurance (coverage under this Policy) will begin on the effective date of this Policy, at 24:00 and end on the date when this Policy terminates, at 24:00. However, in the case of an automobile that is insured for the first time and a mandatory coverage, coverage under this Policy will begin when WE receive the appropriate insurance premium and end on the date when this Policy terminates, at 24:00.
    6. YOU may cancel this Policy at your option. However, for insurance contract related to mandatory coverage (Bodily Injury Liability I and II and Property Damage Liability), it is possible to cancel the relative kinds of coverage restrictively only when YOU transfer YOUR automobile to other person or cancel the registration of YOUR automobile, or when YOU want to cancel the double insurance contract. Please see the relative Clauses for more details.
    7. In the event that YOUR auto insurance is terminated due to a cause not attributable to YOU or the insured, WE will refund the premium calculated in a lump sum for the period of time that has not elapsed and if YOUR auto insurance is terminated due to a cause attributable to YOU or the insured (you have bought OUR auto insurance in double in addition to other insurer’s auto insurance or other reasons), WE will refund the premium paid less the premium calculated at the short-term rate prescribed on the Auto Insurance Premium Rate Table for the period of time that has already elapsed.
      However, in the event that a covered auto insurance occurs before the termination of this Policy, WE will not refund the premium to YOU.
    8. Please be careful that YOU will not have disadvantage such as a fine for default due to unintentional uninsured automobile by notifying US of any change of YOUR address without delay as the advance notice on the expiry of YOUR auto insurance and an advice notice are sent to the address on YOUR application form.
    9. YOU are to pay additional insurance premium depending on the details of the accident if YOU are involved in an auto accident.
    10. For other cases of What Causes of Loss Are Not Covered, please see the appropriate Clauses.
  5. Rights and Duties of the Policyholder
    1. Withdrawal of Insurance Application
    2. You ( policyholder ) may withdraw your application on the date of the application or within 15 days from the date of payment of the first gear premium. In such case, we ( insurance company ) will immediately refund the pick up premium to you. If you want to withdraw your application, you may withdraw it by filling out in the outer space of “ Withdrawal of Application ” on the insurance application and then personally submitting it to our branch nearby ( reference : Item 3.-Branch Address for Withdrawal of Insurance Application ) or mailing it to us .

    3. Cancellation of Contract
    4. You ( policyholder ) may cancel this policy within one ( 1 ) calendar month from the go steady of the lotion if we ( insurance company ) did not give you the duplicate of the clauses and application or brief you on the crucial share of the clauses or you did not affix your key signature in your own handwrite ( including voice recording or electronic sign ) when you made an policy contract. In such event, we will refund the experience premium plus a certain interest to you .

    5. Duty of Declaration Before Contract
    6. You ( policyholder ), the cover or their example must report to us ( insurance company ) merely facts for the questions on your lotion shape when an policy narrow is made and then affix your signature in your own handwriting ( including voice recording or electronic sign ). If you have reported to us any out of true facts with regard to the important items intentionally or by crude err, we may cancel the shrink in a way individually provided or may not give you any compensation if you suffer a passing or damage caused by an accident .

    7. Duty of Declaration After Contract
    8. After an indemnity condense is made, you ( policyholder ) or the insured must notify us in writing without delay in case you transfer the report object ( s ) to other person or risk increases ( ex-wife : you change the structure of the build or remodel or extend it or repair it for 15 days or longer or leave it vacant or suspend your business for 30 days or longer ). In accession, if the insure changes his/her occupation or problem duties ( including the sheath that the driver of a private car changes to the driver of an automobile for business, etc. ) or the insure personally uses a two-wheel or minibike, he/she must notify us of such fact without delay. If not, we may not give you any compensation or we may limit the payment of compensation even if you suffer a loss or damage caused by an accident.

    9. Notice of Change of Address
    10. All of the notices from us will be sent to the address you ( policyholder ) notified us last and it is considered that such notice sent arrives at such address if the days broadly required for a post mail to arrive at a finish have passed .

    11. Notice of Loss or Damage
    12. You ( policyholder ), the insured or benefactive role must notify us ( insurance company ) without delay of a brood accident adenine soon as he/she knows about the happening of such accident. If your negligence in notifying has increased the loss or wrong caused by such accident, we ( insurance company ) will not pay for such the increase personnel casualty or wrong .

  6. Special Notes In Connection With the Insurance Contract and Other Matters You Must Know
    1. The premium the policyholder paid to the insurance company is composed of claim money in case of insurance accident and business expense for insurance company.
    2. When an insurance contract is made, the clauses of the appropriate insurance are to be given to you and you are to be briefed on the important details of the insurance. If such clauses have not been given to you and you have not been briefed on such important details, you may cancel the insurance contract within one month from the date of the contract. In addition, a copy of the application is to be given to you. When an insurance contract is made, please be sure to receive such copy and keep it.
    3. When you sign up an insurance contract for other person (if the policyholder is different from the insured), the insured must affix his/her signature in his/her own handwriting in the space of the insured’s consent on the insurance application.
    4. We (insurer) will not use the information acquired in connection with this contract for other purpose than what the policyholder has consented on.
    5. Please be noted that this insurance contract is to be protected by Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation in accordance with Act on Protection of Depositors, provided however that if the policyholder and the person who pays premium has changed to a corporation, such insurance contract will not be protected in such the way as mentioned above.
      Information on Protection of Depositors
      If the Company is bankrupted after it is prohibited to pay credits including deposits by the clients, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation will pay to the insurance policyholders the surrender value (or insurance money at the time of expiry of the contract or claims against accidents) plus other payments within the limits of 50 million won per person for the protection of depositors. Please be noted that the abovementioned may be changed depending upon the amendment of related laws and decrees.
    6. If you do not exercise your claim for insurance money or premium or refund for 2 years, its extinctive prescription will be completed.

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