SOCIETATEA DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE (S.A.–R) City Insurance S.A. was founded in 1998 by a group of investors with a vision to create the country’s first independent Romanian insurance company. Since its foundation, it has been headquartered in Bucharest and currently operates 42 offices and branches around Romania, directly employing 400 people.
was founded in 1998 by a group of investors with a vision to create the country ’ s first independent romanian indemnity company. Since its initiation, it has been headquartered in Bucharest and presently operates 42 offices and branches around Romania, directly employing 400 people. As Romania joined the European Union in 2008, City Insurance promptly reviewed the emerging opportunities of the free motion principle and became the first policy company in the country to expand its activities to the EU member states. This is the point when City Insurance commences selling particular indemnity products transnationally .
2009 was a very active year for the party as it adopted an intensive scheme focusing on growth exploitation. City Insurance explores neighboring insurance market segments and consequently expands well its product portfolio. furthermore, the company becomes a establish member and stockholder of the Natural Disaster Insurance Pool [ PAID ]. Thus, City Insurance starts to develop and offer competitive voluntary home indemnity products supplementing compulsory policies that cover the three major risks in Romania ; earthquake, flood and landslide. The same class, the company receives authority to sell compulsory centrifugal third party indebtedness [ MPTL ] policies. frankincense, since 2010 the ship’s company offers a complete range of indemnity products and services .
In 2011, City Insurance delves into the on-line space by investing and launching The on-line sales system starts to provide specify indemnity products to both businesses and individuals utilizing technologies that offer accelerate, candor and ease of use
2012 finds City Insurance featured, for the first gear prison term, among the Top 10 romanian policy Companies rankings. It will be featured every year from then on with an ascending put.
In 2014, City Insurance expands to the Greek insurance market and has always since optimizing its services in drive and property indemnity solutions in this challenging market.

between 2015 and 2017, Dan Odobescu, the independent stockholder of City Insurance and a highly experience self-made businessman starts to pave the manner for the build up and assemble of an internationalize professional team with a watch to concluding his own management cycle and passing the blowtorch on to a new generation of occupation executives.

Since 2017, City Insurance ’ s raw external executive team assumes the management of the company bestowed with the bequest and mentorship of Dan Odobescu who is now maintaining a advisory non-executive role. This fresh era of stronger economic operation has positioned the company on peak and ahead of the challenging competition posed by multinational insurance conglomerates.

City Insurance supports professional sports teams from Romania and overseas. Our company is the chief sponsor of FCSB ( from Bucharest ) – the most democratic football romanian soccer team. We have another noteworthy partnership with Syros Volleyball Club – one of the best known volleyball teams in Greece. City indemnity helps sportspeople achieve their best performances .
As share of its CSR scheme, City Insurance proudly supports community-legacy programmes that make a meaningful deviation and secure a stable and guarantee future for the community. For case, in 2018, the company initiated a partnership to support the influence of Hope and Homes for Children Foundation, an constitution active in deinstitutionalization aim at preventing the separation of children from their families.
The achiever that City Insurance presently enjoys has confirmed the efficiency of its performance model, permanently oriented toward sustainable development strategies, long-run investments and steady fiscal increase .

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