A beautiful and safe city with amazing weather, Bucaramanga is the capital of the Santander Department of Colombia. It ’ second part of the Andean region excessively, so its surroundings boast plenty of adventure sports like paragliding and activities in the Parque Nacional de Chicamocha. “ Buca, ” as it ’ south fondly known by the locals, is filled with universities and parks which lend to its relax and social nature .
There aren ’ t excessively many tourist attractions, but you ’ ll discovery markets, churches, cultural institutions, and day trips to keep you busy. Plus the nightlife is incredible and the local Santander cuisine is fabulous ( if a little adventurous ) .
Let ’ s explore the best things to do in Bucaramanga :

1. Parque Nacional de Chicamocha

Parque Nacional de Chicamocha
Bucaramanga is a capital jump off detail for visiting the nearby national park, besides known as “ Panachi, ” where you ’ ll find tons of outdoor activities.

The park features green landscapes, a deep canyon, and the dramatic slopes of the Andes .
You can ride an incredible antenna cable car – one of the longest in the universe – for fabulous views of the canyon .
Fill your days here with things like rafting, fishing, hiking, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, camping, and cave .
Rent a dune balmy, check out the viewpoints and monuments, or hang out at the park atop the mountain .
There you ’ ll find a body of water park, ziplines, an extreme swing, and even an ostrich grow – precisely in case that was on your disturbance list !

2. Try the Local Cuisine

Bandeja Paisa
Bucaramanga and the surrounding Santander Department are renowned for some unique dishes and “ delicacies. ” Fritanga is a greasy meal of fried yuca, corn, potatoes, sausages, and steak .
Cabra, or capricorn kernel, is besides pretty democratic around here, so you ’ ll see it on lots of menu .
If you ’ rhenium brave, try the pepitoria, a cup of tea of capricorn entrails stewed with rake and served over rice, but if you ’ re just craving the meats, point to El Viejo Chiflas which serves up large broiled platters alongside other typical colombian foods .
Mercagán is a celebrated restaurant known for serving the best steak in Colombia, brought to you on hot iron pans with arepas and yuca .
For the adventurous, be certain to try the hormigas culonas, the salty toasted bodies of leaf-cutting bee ants – you won ’ thyroxine find them anywhere else .

3. Paragliding

Thermal winds abound in this region of Colombia, thus there ’ second no better ( or cheaper ) place to try paragliding for the first prison term than here .
Get a bite of an epinephrine induce mixed with the calming ace of flight when you leap off the side of a batch .
The views of the lavish green hills below are excellent, and don ’ thymine worry, you ’ ll be strapped to a professional on these foremost bicycle-built-for-two flights .
If you want to take a course to become a parasailing fender yourself, there are places in the countryside that provide adjustment while you get your license .

4. Day Trip to Girón

Girón Colombia
barely 15 minutes away from Bucaramanga, there ’ s a lovely little colonial township that ’ mho perfect for photograph, restful, and a nice stroll around the cardinal plaza .
Founded in 1631, it ’ s the first spanish village in the Santander region, which is apparent in its cobble streets, well-preserved whitewash buildings, and horse carriages .
There ’ s a malecón ( waterfront amble ), small stone bridges, fly-by-night patios, and a pair of charming churches .
Girón is a great place to try traditional foods like fritanga or sit outside with a couple of raspados ( gratifying flavored shaven ices ) .

5. Mercado Central

Mercado Central
The central commercialize of Bucaramanga is well-organized and decidedly worth the trip to meander among the produce, shoes, flowers, clothes, and Santandereana handicrafts you ’ ll find there .
Have a look at the avocado that are half the size of your head and the just-butchered meats while you say hola to friendly local vendors .
The food court on the fourthly floor is the perfect place for a newly, bum lunch .
You can try a variety of local specialties like empanadas, caldo, yield juices, grilled meats, and buñuelos .

6. Museo Casa de Bolívar

Museo Casa de Bolívar, Bucaramanga
To soak up a little history and colonial computer architecture during your stay in this otherwise modern city, visit the Casa de Bolívar .
This house, built in the 1700s, once sheltered the celebrated Simón Bolívar himself for a couple of months during his last out in Bucaramanga .
You ’ ll learn all about the roots of Colombia a well as the history of “ El Libertador ” here .
part of the house is nowadays a museum which contains over 4,000 artifacts and pieces of art, and besides a library that ’ randomness open to the populace .

7. Catedral de la Sagrada Familia

Catedral de la Sagrada Familia, Bucaramanga
The most impressive church in township is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral which faces Parque Santander .
The idea for the church originate in 1895 but constructions and additions were calm being made at the end of the twentieth hundred .
Its two blank towers stand out angstrom well as the yellow and green dome in the rear which reflects the colors of the city ’ south masthead .
The interior is reasonably brilliant a well, with its carrara marble altar, religious paintings, and stucco and metal crafted ceilings .
The stain glass windows were created by several artists and the ceramic cupola hails from Mexico .
The facade is even more brainy at night when the church service is all light up up .

8. Nightlife in Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga by Night
With ten-spot universities in the city, it ’ s not surprising that nightlife in Buca is animated and well.

There ’ sulfur music, rumba, and salsa for those who want to party, and the mod neighborhood of Cabecera is where most people flock for a nox out .
You ’ ll besides find shops, eateries, malls, and film here even if you don ’ t want to party .
The nearby Parque Las Palmas is a popular haunt smudge in the evenings because it ’ second surrounded by restaurants and bars .
Make It Public is a trendy place with food, drinks, and jams, and Vintrash is a pelvis measure for snacks, drinks, and dance .
If you ’ re into big clubs with loudly music and lots of people, check out La 33 .

9. Parque del Agua

Parque del Agua, Bucaramanga
Parque del Agua is a fun identify in the city where you can hang out with the family for the day while enjoying some nature .
The ballpark contains peaceful wooded paths, waterfalls, animals, and ponds .
You ’ ll find lots of flora and fauna, like tropical plants, trees, and flowers, plus a few turtles, birds, and fish that you can feed .
The capture is cheap ( and free on sealed days ) and you can walk around, seat and read, or fair relax here if you like .
At night there ’ s a light picture, and lots of tourists turn up in December because the Christmas decorations are apparently amaze .

10. Go Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping
It sounds completely random, but if you ’ re in the market for a new match of shoes, Bucaramanga is the place in Colombia to buy them. There are lots of shoe factories located on the outskirts of the city, so you ’ ll find cheap prices along with senior high school quality leather and bang-up manufacture here .
question to the shopping districts downtown and the retail outlets in Cabecera for a high density of shoe shops and factory outlets with a boastfully scope of styles and low prices .
You can besides find deals on leather handbags and wallets in town .

11. Get a Little Culture

Museo de Arte Moderno, Bucaramanga
Bucaramanga is a city of department of education, filled with universities and other places where you can learn a little while you ’ re here .
Visit the Museo de Arte Moderno, one of the few actual tourist attractions in town, to roam two rooms of over 200 modern paintings and sculptures .
La Casa de la Cultura is another position where you can learn about the culture and history of the city .
And finally, check out La Casa del Libro Total, a cultural space converted from a cover girl old colonial house which houses computers, artwork exhibits, a directory of books, and a chocolate place in its court – check ahead of time for live performances and lectures here .

12. Side Trip to Floridablanca

Floridablanca, Colombia
A courteous small detour from the focus on of Bucaramanga, Floridablanca is just to the southwest of the city but still partially of its metropolitan area .
hera you ’ ll find the tallest jesus statue in Colombia on top of Cerro El Santisimo .
The sphere has been turned into a sort of eco-park, and there are walking paths, waterfalls, and a cable car that ’ ll take you up to the crown for amazing bird’s-eye views of the city .
The vicinity is besides home to the Piedra del Sol, a huge rock with carvings of circles and spirals made by the Guane people over 1,000 years ago .
With lots of options for food and drinks, it ’ second besides a bang-up space to grab ice cream or possibly a traditional colombian dessert at Obleas .

13. Explore the City’s Parks

Parque Garcia Rovira, Bucaramanga
The city buildings might not have the most beautiful facades, but Buca makes up for that with its enormous come of green spaces .
Locals are proud of their parks, and you ’ ll have over 150 to choose from around town .
Parque Garcia Rovira is filled with decoration trees and street vendors, and it ’ s surrounded by the Capilla de los Dolores and government buildings .
The Botanical Gardens provide an escape from urban living with the abundant local flora and animal – like tropical flowers, armadillo, common iguana, and squirrels .
Parque Santander, one of the most celebrated parks in the city, is filled with lights in the evenings and backed by the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and other historic buildings .
Las Palmas and San Pío are besides quite democratic .

14. Visit La Mesa de los Santos

La Mesa de los Santos, Colombia
La Mesa de los Santos is a small village that ’ south now connected to the Parque Nacional de Chicamocha by cable car .
A favorite blot of Bucaramanga residents on weekends because it ’ s only around 40 minutes from the city and a little bite cool, lots of locals have farms or area houses here .
One coffee finca, Café Mesa de los Santos, is overt to visitors, extend tours and a little museum about the coffee-growing process .
The Mercado Campesino de Acuarela is a beautiful outdoor marketplace that ’ sulfur extremely photogenic and a must-visit .
It ’ s a great plaza to taste local anesthetic fruits, try some freshly-prepared colombian meals, and drink beers in the German-style beer garden.

15. Resorts, Golf, and Swimming Pools

Club Campestre, Bucaramanga
merely to the south of Buca, you ’ ll discover places to chill out in expressive style, with resorts and clubs offering swim pools, golf courses, tennis courts, resort hotel, and on-site restaurants.

Whether you want to ledger a room in a upscale hotel like Club Campestre for your class vacation or fair grab a guest pass for the day, they provide modern luxury at an low-cost price .
even the Holiday Inn here has a heated rooftop pool, and the Punta Diamante offers packages that include entree to the Ruitoque Golf Club, swimming pools, and tennis courts .

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