Insurances are a hazard management tool used to provide protection against any uncertain fiscal losses. Insurances are of several types fulfilling the diverse need of protection against a variety of hazard some of the insurances are vehicle indemnity, health indemnity, commercial enterprise policy, life insurance etc .
Bahrain is considered as an insurance regional center. It has a numeral of insurance companies american samoa well as a phone number of insurance brokers. Financial services are one of the key economic drivers for Bahrain .
The top insurance companies in Bahrain are listed below :


Solidarity Bahrain B.S.C. Insurance companies

Solidarity Bahrain is a locally incorporated Takaful tauten with an aim to become one of the leading Takaful companies in the universe.

It offers versatile types of insurances which are besides shariah compliant, some of the popular products are listed below :

(i)  Motor Insurance

  • Comprehensive cover
  • 5 years of representation compensate
  • Roadside aid
  • 8 days car substitution

(ii)  Home Insurance

  • protection against about all kinds of damages to the construct
  • Alternate adjustment
  • 24/7 service for firm alimony

(iii) Travel Insurance

  • coverage for canceled or delayed flights
  • loss of money, baggage or credit rating card
  • Worldwide hand brake medical care
  • accidental damage to others

(iv)  Medical Insurance

  • Tie up with a large network of providers
  • Global coverage

(v)  Pleasure Craft

  • coverage for all personal possessions on board
  • Any legal liability of damage to others or other craft is covered

(vi)  Personal Accident

  • accidental Death coverage
  • Permanent and partial derivative disability coverage
  • repatriation of deadly remains


Insurance Companies
T ’ azur is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. It is a company which offers takaful for businesses vitamin a well as individuals. All the products available by T ’ azur follow the Islamic laws and regulated by a Shari ’ a Supervisory Board .
Some of the common products offered by metric ton ’ azur are listed as below :

(i)  Motor Plan

  • coverage against accidental damage to vehicles
  • coverage against third party legal liability
  • Vehicle recovery is besides covered
  • successor of vehicle is besides provided
  • Roadside aid is provided

(ii)  Home Compact Plan

  • protection for all assets in the house is provided
  • coverage for the build is besides provided
  • coverage for domestic servants ’ liability is besides provided .

(iii)  T’azur Tawasul Income Plan

  • In casing of permanent or partial disability, a continuous income is provided .

(iv)  T’azur Accident and Health Plan

  • per annum renewable
  • An annuity is endlessly paid in case of death or nausea .

The company besides deals with a number of Commercial takaful plans american samoa well, to provide business protection against risks .

AXA Gulf Insurance Companies

Axa Gulf is ranked as the total 1 indemnity ship’s company in the gulf by Interbrand. It has a presence in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE .
It offers a variety show of 10 personal insurances. The popular ones are :

(i)  Car Insurance

  • No title bonus
  • easy claims
  • Priority repair service

(ii)  Travel Insurance

  • It offers deoxyadenosine monophosphate many as 5 choices to choose from namely ; Travel Smart, Travel Family, Travel Shengen, Inbound Travel, and Inbound Travel Plus .
  • Immediate hand brake aesculapian is available in the gulf .
  • Claims aid is provided 24/7

(iii)  Home Insurance

  • coverage family content, domestic helpers, occupiers Liability .
  • elastic packages are offered, and one can choose based on the requirements .

(iv)  Health Insurance

  • Offer a wide range of plans to choose from namely Local, Regional and International .
  • 24/7 claim aid is provided .
  • blink of an eye cover

early person insurance includes Golf Insurance, Relocation Insurance, Yacht Insurance etc .
The party besides deals with commercial insurances some of the examples are, Motor Fleet, Health Insurance, Marine, Fraud Money, etc .

Al Hilal Life Insurance Companies 

Al Hilal Life is a subsidiary company of the Al Hilal Bank which majorly deals with insurances which are shari ’ a compliant .
The individual protection plans offered are as follows :

(i)  Personal Accident Plan (Reayaa)

  • Sharia Compliant
  • Provides an option of 3 plans to choose from namely, Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • coverage includes Hospital allowances, Funeral Expenses etc

(ii)  Family Protection Plan (Hemaya)

  • In case of death, the beneficiaries will get paid out from the tabarru fund
  • The customer besides has an option of selecting the critical illness benefit which will provide coverage against some of the diseases .
  • Customers besides have an choice of selecting the full permanent wave disability benefit in which the tabarru store is paid in a hunk total measure .

(iii)  Critical Illness Plan (Weqaya)

  • A choice of four packages is offered .
  • critical illnesses profit is paid in a lump sum total at the prison term of first diagnosis and survival period of 28 days .

The company besides offers a variety of corporate insurances which include Keyman Insurance, Credit Life Insurance, Group Life Insurance and Medical insurances .

Gulf Insurance Group Bahrain OR Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company Gulf Insurance Group Bahrain

GIG has a presence in the gulf regions like Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan etc through its versatile subsidiaries .
It offers respective products like :

(i)  Travel Insurance

  • family Packages are available
  • Provides annual coverage
  • Covers multiple trips across the global

(ii)  Motor Plans

  • Two varieties are available Gold and Platinum
  • 24-hour wayside services and aid
  • Agency repair astir to 3 years .
  • Life insurance coverage of driver and passengers up to BHD 6000/-

(iii)  Home Insurance Plans

  • coverage against multiple incidents including open fire larceny etc
  • Home assist emergency services are available 24*7
  • domestic help coverage for death. permanent or fond disability .

(vi)  Domestic Help Insurance

  • death due to an accident BHD 5000/-
  • medical expenses annual specify of BHD 500/-
  • Multiple domestic assistant workers can be insured within the lapp policy by varying the bounty
  • Expenses due to the replacement of domestic assistant due to accident etc a sum of BHD 500/- is paid .

The company besides offers a diverseness of commercial Insurances like professional damages, Cyber Insurance, Money Insurance, Business Interruptions etc .

Bahrain National Insurance (BNI) Company Bahrain National Insurance Company

BNI is a jointly owned subordinate of Bahrain National Holding Company. They offer a wide roll of diverse products majorly excelling in commercial, medium and big industrial insurances .
The respective Personal insurances offered by the company are as follows :

(i)  Motor Insurance

It offers a many as 6 variations to the centrifugal plan therefore making it slowly for the customer to choose the best desirable plan .

(ii)  Home Insurance

  • coverage for the build
  • coverage for contents insides .
  • Costs for renting fresh accommodation during the menstruation are besides covered .

(iii) Travel Insurance

  • It covers a variety of 2 plans namely Asfaar and Schengen
  • aesculapian emergency and other such charges are besides covered
  • Loss of Passport and Baggage is covered Under Asfaar plan

(iv)  Domestic Help

  • Covers all kinds of injuries .
  • weekly benefit in case of sum disability
  • cost of replacing the servant due to death
  • Lump sum amount in case of death

The bank offers a wide crop of closely 18 kinds of commercial insurances. They provide coverage according to the needs of the business .

Gulf Union Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Gulf Union and Reinsurance Company

Gulf Union Insurance and Reinsurance Co. deals with a diverse range of products which includes Personal Lines and Health, Commercial, Industrial and liability .
Some of the popular personal lines and health products are listed below :

(i)  Motor Insurance

  • Provided for individual and corporate as well
  • It has a variety of five types of insurances to choose from which are namely Gold, Pearl, Silver, Bronze plus and bronze depending on the senesce of the vehicle .
  • personal accident coverage to driver and passenger in Bahrain
  • GCC coverage is available at an extra premium .
  • Repairs are besides covered

(ii)  Travel Care Cover

  • elastic bounty depending on placement and duration of travel
  • coverage for miss deviation, flight check and cancellation is provided
  • Loss of recommendation baggage and personal money is besides covered .

(iii)  Life Insurance

  • Offers three options to choose from which are Level Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Loan Protector and Personal Accident .
  • Covers marriage expenses for children in case of death of policyholder
  • Outstanding loans are covered under this policy .

The company besides offers a diverse range of products in the commercial sector which includes group life, Bankers Blanket, Jewellers block etc. Its Industrial products include Contractors all risk, Loss of Machinery etc .

LIC International 

LIC International

LIC International was established with the aim to provide policy to the Indian Community in Bahrain. The ship’s company has a presence in 5 other Gulf countries equally well namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, and Qatar .
It offers a diverse crop of plans for individuals. Some of the popular plans are as follows :

(i)  Heathee Plan

  • coverage against 37 critical illnesses
  • Non-profit pure term plan
  • sum and permanent wave disability screen
  • Hospital cash benefit to a certain limit
  • Death and Accident benefit

(ii)  Double Endowment Plan

  • In casing of end, doubly the sum assured is paid along with bonuses accrued on the insured kernel .
  • At the time of maturity, the kernel assured and bonuses are paid .
  • Accident profit is besides provided

(iii)  Jeevan Anand

  • The policy does not cease after maturity and insurance traverse is provided until end
  • Full sum is paid without the bonuses if death occur after maturity of the policy .
  • Full total along with bonus is paid at the prison term of maturity .

other policies that are offered include Jeevan Rekha, Future Bright Plan, Double top articulation liveliness etc .


today there are a number of choices for policy available in the grocery store. therefore, one should carefully analyze the best option and do a thorough review of the terms and conditions and choose a plan which is beneficial along with being financially low-cost .

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