We get a lot of questions from our readers regarding what options are available for you to obtain the right car policy in New Zealand. This scout will cover all you need to know about the cost of car insurance in New Zealand ; New Zealand car indemnity jurisprudence, and how it actually all works in NZ. A agile navigation measure is below to make your life a little easier ! Quick navigation Do you need car policy in New Zealand ?
How much does cable car insurance price in New Zealand ?
Are no claims discounts movable to New Zealand ?
Car insurance comparison in New Zealand
Car insurance companies in New Zealand
Car indemnity in Auckland

Do you need car insurance in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, car policy international relations and security network ’ t compulsory like it is in the UK and throughout Europe. That being said, just because you don ’ t need indemnity, doesn ’ thyroxine beggarly you shouldn ’ thyroxine. If you ’ re involved in an accident and you are at fault you could find yourself in quite a fiscal difficulty.

Rego and ACC The vehicle registration fee ( or rego as it is more fondly called here ) is comparable road tax in the UK but a large parcel of the fee collected goes towards ACC ( Accident Compensation Corporation ). ACC provides support and recompense for personal injuries – i.e. a cable car accident, whether you are at defect or not. To find out more about the ACC determine out our article here ! It doesn ’ t cover the cost of vehicle haunt for either party or any other costs associated with a car accident – which can get expensive very quickly .

How much does car insurance cost in New Zealand?

Coming from the UK, we ’ ve found car policy prices in New Zealand to be very accordant, cheaper – by about a third. In cosmopolitan, it is a set cheaper to keep a vehicle in NZ. Our in full comprehensive examination insurance policy with $ 300 NZD excess, cover for a $ 7000 NZD car costs $ 350 NZD per year. Paying for insurance annual is constantly going to be cheaper, small administration and interest charges bump up the policy premiums by a much as 30 %. Most banks besides charge for direct debit set up cost ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, so it is much better to pay it annually .

Are no claims discounts transferable to New Zealand?

cable car indemnity companies, in general, will accept international no claims bonuses earned on cars outside of New Zealand from countries like the UK and USA. It ’ mho strongly recommended that you bring proof of no claims with you. Getting car insurance in NZ indemnity quotes are fairly square, insurers don ’ t tend to ask half as many questions as you might expect if you are from the UK or USA. Most indemnity providers give a flying quotation mark via their websites – these are then finalised over electronic mail or telephone call with the insurance caller .

Car insurance comparison in New Zealand

The thing that surprised us most about car policy in NZ is the miss of automation, to get a palpate for the marketplace and find the cheapest provider I collected 3 on-line only, 5 overtone call / on-line and two telephone alone quotes. We ’ re kind of used to instant on-line quotes and easy indemnity comparison engines. New Zealand doesn ’ triiodothyronine very have anything like this – however. If you like a bargain you ’ ll credibly spend a dawn filling out forms and phoning around the different providers to get a sensible quote. We found State Insurance to be the best supplier for us over the five years we have been here. You can actually get a quotation on-line and you can purchase the like day if needs be. Car Insurance New Zealand – What you need to know |

Car Insurance in Auckland

Living in Auckland, you should expect to pay more for car indemnity than in Wellington or anywhere else in New Zealand. With a third of the Country compacted into a small city – car insurance is strongly recommended when driving in Auckland. Driving with a UK or international driving license in New Zealand You are legally allowed to drive in New Zealand for a period of 12 months using your united kingdom or internationally accepted driver ’ s license. Some insurers however will not insure drivers with international licenses or bump up the premiums – by vitamin a much as $ 100 from our know.

Travellers Car Insurance If you are planning to do a enlistment of New Zealand, buy a van and hit the south island – that sort of thing tends to be more expensive. With our international driver ’ south license, we found a couple of insurers would entirely offer us irregular cover at a much higher per day rate. It may be worth your while, depending upon how long you plan to stay in New Zealand converting your license to a New Zealand license – the lend benefit hera is satisfactory forms of ID. If you look under 25 here, well it feels more like if you look under 45 then you may be asked for ID to purchase cigarettes and alcohol everywhere – which in truth gets tiring after a while ! What types of insurance cover are available? good as you would expect, New Zealand insurance providers offer third gear party, third base party fire and larceny and fully comprehensive policies. Temporary ( shortstop terminus ) and annual policies are available .

A List Of Car insurance companies in New Zealand

The AA FMG tower state You I We besides recommend contacting the company you bank with deoxyadenosine monophosphate well and your local policy broke. What you need to know about driving in New Zealand In New Zealand, much like the UK they drive on the left field hand side of the road. It is besides illegal to park on the right side of the road facing oncoming traffic. We learned this first hired hand, paid our ticket and won ’ thymine be doing that again ! For more tips about driving in New Zealand check out our article here !

To finish, do shop around and compare insurance, read reviews and find out what others think of their car insurance supplier. Remember the cheapest international relations and security network ’ metric ton always the best option, $ 50 less for a legal security or hire car while your vehicle is repaired – in our public opinion is no bargain. You might be able to claim these fees back, but may have to upfront the costs., as cipher likes an empty wallet !

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