At the begin of every newfangled year, we see a wealth of information about “ what to watch for ” in the come months, or “ what we can expect to see in the new year. ” This type of information spans every industry as leaders and experts weigh in on issues that will be affecting their industry or engineering that is on the horizon that promises to be revolutionary. Well, in this, our first gear web log of 2019, we plan to do the same !
In a late article in ICMI, Jeremy Watkin details 5 Contact Center Tech Upgrades to Consider in 2019. This is a great read that details a number of ways to enhance agent performance, which we believe is foundational to running a successful contact center. We ’ d like to contribution a couple of points that we found particularly helpful .
consideration FOR 2019

invention will be crucial going forward. Finding raw ways for agents to communicate within their organizations in an attempt to improve cognition and efficiency will be a big focus moving fore. One such cock that is proving to be useful is Slack ; an easily and effective inter-office communication instrument. Slack is proving to be a bang-up manner for agents to get customer issues resolved. Agents send out communication via Slack on behalf of a customer allowing all the agents to respond. With a flying and broad means of communicating within the function, the serve agent can cursorily resolve the customer emergence. Once the topic is “ chase ” in Slack as resolved, all the agents can see this and they ’ re armed with modern information going fore that will assist them as they serve customers .
What ’ south great about these inner communication tools, such as Slack, is that they become a cognition or educational base for the agents. Agents can refer back to this conversation when this or exchangeable issues come up again. here at Centris, we are bad advocates of any tool that equips our agents to better assist our customers. While Slack isn ’ t the only inter-office communication platform available, it is proving to be very utilitarian in the contact center .
Agent Support and Development
agent support and development will be another top circumstance this year. One of the biggest issues that continues to plague reach centers is agentive role dollar volume. A certain amount of dollar volume is expected, however, if a contact center is experiencing a significant measure of dollar volume, it ’ randomness time for them to examine how they support and develop their agents. The contact center is a busy place, specially in certain seasons. When the make environment is busy and fast-paced, it can be easy to lag behind on agent defend. however, agents who feel supported and equipped to do their jobs well, tend to be agents that stick around.

Contact center managers have recognized this in holocene years and begun to make huge gains in this sphere. One of the reasons for this shift is because the reach center is no long seen as “ back-office ” corroborate but alternatively is basically on the “ front-lines ” of customer support. If agents are not supported then it ’ south very probably that the customer will not be supported either. here is an comfortable way to integrate more agent support and development in the liaison center .
Provide microlearning opportunities for agents: Microlearning opportunities are basically short-targeted lessons for learning a new skill or engineering. Microlearning can be used in the following ways :

  • Short E-learning lessons
  • Short instructional videos
  • Interactive learning platforms

While the contact center is a busy place, there are “ lull ” times between calls that can serve as a adept learning time for agents. Since we are a technology-driven industry, we are besides a quickly changing industry and it is essential that we keep up with the changes as they occur ; this much requires training. however, farseeing prepare sessions are difficult to schedule and airy in the contact center. In addition, shorter more target lessons can be a a lot more effective way to learn and then cursorily implement the lesson. These methods of train are beginning to gain grip in the contact plaza and will likely be the way much train is done going forth.

What we found very matter to and actually quite refresh, is that two of the primary considerations for the contact center in 2019 focuses on the agent quite than the customer. This is not to imply that the customer is not authoritative ; in fact quite the diametric. What this does uncover is that reach centers are understanding how full of life good agents are to the customer experience. In order to have happy customers, we need to have glad agents and the way to accomplish this is to invest in them and give them the meter, tools and support they need to succeed .

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