policy is full of life to anybody being able to focus on the more significant things in liveliness because it will make indisputable that you and members of your syndicate are financially fasten should any inauspicious incidental happen.

It covers you for the substitute and repairs of any damage, your fees – should you develop some screen of illness or suffer from disability or injury. insurance covers the costs so you don ’ t have to.

To help you make the decision on the best policy party to use for your situation, we have created a list of Nigeria ’ s top ten-spot ( 10 ) policy companies and the features that make them stand out.

top 10 policy Companies in Nigeria

1. AIICO Insurance Plc

To top the list for insurance companies is AIICO Insurance Plc. american International Insurance Company “ AIICO ” is an policy, asset management, and pensions management Group that was established in 1963 in Nigeria. It has market-leading positions in its key lines to Life assurance and annuity, General policy and extra risks, Pension management, Health indemnity, and Asset management. They offer policies on corporate redemptive plans, income investment plans, education investment plans, three requital plans, electronic equipment policy plans, term assurance plans, travel policy plans, and flexible endowment plans .

2. Leadway Assurance Company

Leadway, founded in 1970, offers insurance services in general business and both life and pensions. The company besides offers allied fiscal services like bonds, fund/portfolio management, secured credit, and assorted fiscal losses.

They besides Reinsurance back up from Africa Re, Continental Re, Swiss Re, and Munich Re. They have simpleton and bureaucracy-free claim process from all their countrywide ramify offices. They besides boast a highly cybernate operation that enhances their efficiency. The LEAD WAY assurance policies are precede way saving plan, family Benefit plan, Personal rescue plan, educational redemptive plan, Term assurance plan, Derrefed annuity design, and Money policy plan .

3. Custodian and Allied Insurance

custodian and Allied Insurance is an entirely owned nigerian company. CAIL ’ s singular purpose is to develop, box, and deliver up-to-date insurance products that best satisfy customer needs while operating an efficient, ethical, highly profitable, and resourceful organization that will survive well into the future and be a value asset to its shareholders.

Their policy policy offers clientele owners the choice of selecting some or all of the indemnity plans that meet the needs of their occupation. The policies offered by CUSTODIAN AND ALLIED policy are : Auto indemnity plan, Capital plan, Immediate annuity plan, Investment plus plan, Travel policy plan, and Tuition protection plan .

4. Cornerstone Insurance plc.

Cornerstone Insurance plc is one of the crown insurance companies in Nigeria. On July 26th, 1991, Cornerstone Insurance Plc. was first incorporated as a private limited indebtedness company, and then became a public limited liability company that was quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1997. The arrangement was established to conduct policy business in an ethical, customer-focused, and master manner. It has remained committed to these values over the years. The company has been licensed and re-certified by the National Insurance Commission ( NAICOM ) to do both animation and cosmopolitan clientele indemnity. hera are some CORNERSTONE insurance policies : Motor indemnity plan, Travel policy design, School fee Guarantee Plan, Investment Plan, Home Insurance Plan, Life Insurance Plan, Annuity Plan, Goods in Transit Plan, Marine Insurance Plan, Gadget Protection Plan .

5. Axa Mansard Insurance Company.

With all over 166,000 employees serving 107 million clients in 64 countries, AXA Mansard ( a extremity of AXA Group ) is the global frontrunner in policy and asset management. In 1989, the policy party was incorporated as a private limited liability company. AXA Mansard is registered with the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria ( NAICOM ) as an umbrella company. It offers biography and non-life indemnity products and services to both institutions and individuals across Nigeria.

It besides offers asset/investment management services, health management services and pension fund presidency via its three subsidiaries AXA Mansard Investments Limited, AXA Mansard Health Limited and AXA Mansard Pensions Limited. here are some of the plans that AXA MANSARD indemnity policies offer : Auto classical plan, Autoflex plan, Easy Care plan, Equity income plan, General ( business/tourism ) protective covering plan, Health plan, Instant Plan, Money Market Plan, Life Savings Plan, Student Protection Plan, Retirement Savings Plan .

6. African Alliance Insurance Plc

On May 6, 1960, Chief S.L. Edu ( CON ), Mr T. A. Braithwaite ( CON ), and Chief M.E.R. Okorodudu formally incorporated african Alliance Insurance Plc. This action was backed by co-shareholders with first reinsurers, Munich Reinsurance Company. Alliance Insurance Plc is widely known for being effective and reliable in Life Assurance, specially as they serve thousands of customers with indemnity products specifically tailored for the assorted stages of their lives.

nowadays, african Alliance Insurance Plc drives the indemnity rotation in the twenty-first century and uncommonly positions itself to offer premium benefits to all its stakeholders, from its customers to its employees, partners, and shareholders. african Alliance indemnity offers an Annuity assurance plan, a Group life assurance plan, direct debit form plan, individual assurance plan, Investment assurance plan .

On April 15th, 1992, Goldlink Insurance Plc was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company and, on September 8th, 1993, was granted the license to function as a full-fledged indemnity company. In order to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange ( NSE ), Goldlink was converted to a public liability ship’s company on May 11th, 2007 and was listed on the NSE on February 12th, 2008. Goldlink Insurance Plc is owned by Nigerians and is licensed to take the risk for/provide financing for both General and Life Businesses which include Fire and Special Perils, Life & Pension, Motor Insurance, Oil and Gas, Travel Insurance and many more, with appropriate policies to meet the demands of its customers.

The policies Goldlink Insurance offers are : compulsory Insurance design, general Accident plan, Liability Policies Plan, Group Life Insurance Plan, Engineering Policies Plan, Individual Life Insurance plan, Marine and Aviation Plan, Re-Insurance design, Motor Insurance Plan, Oil and Gas Plan, School Safety Plan .

8. Continental Insurance

Continental Insurance initially started business as a private policy company after it was incorporated in Nigeria in 1985. In January 1987, the company started functioning as a general insurance company. however, in January 1990, they became a composite policy ship’s company that offered both facultative and treaty life and non-life reinsurance, with a importantly diversified business mix and customer base. Continental Insurance is a supporter in the individual sector of the pan-African insurance industry. It engages in the life and non-life insurance clientele all across the continent, providing its customers with different policies that meet their needs. Some plans offered on Continental Policies are Auto Insurance plan, Life Insurance Plan, Home indemnity design, Pet Insurance Plan, Business Insurance Plan.

9. Industrial and General Insurance Plc

On 31st October 1991, Industrial And General Insurance Plc ( IGI ) was incorporated as a individual restrict liability company, but re-registered in 2007 as a populace limited indebtedness company. In January 1992, it began clientele as a composite policy company and was transacting the occupation of both life and general indemnity, angstrom well as pensions and special risks. As it was sponsored by a potent capital base, ace professionals, and the use of modern technology, the company quickly built a reputation for remarkable competence. The company focuses on understanding each client ’ sulfur unique needs in ordain to evaluate the risks to which they are exposed, in holy order to offer personally craft insurance solutions. These are some of the plans on Industrial And General Individual Life Policies : aviation Insurance Plan, Health Insurance Plan, General Business Plan, Marine Insurance Plan, Group Life Products design, Engineering policy plan, Oil and Energy Insurance Plan .

10. Lasaco  Assurance Plc

Lasaco Assurance Plc is a joint indemnity and fiscal services party that became incorporated on the 20th of December 1979. The caller, once known as Lagos State Assurance Company Limited, acquired its license as an insurance company on the 7th of July 1980 and began its occupation operations on the 1st of August 1980.

With the ever-expanding opportunities brought about by increase capitalization for business growth, LASACO, in 1991, admitted its shares for the first time to the Nigerian Stock Exchange ( NSE ) via number by an introduction and became a public liability company. Lasaco Insurance policies include Motor policy plan , Aviation policy plan , Marine insurance plan, Fire and Special Insurance Plan, Bond indemnity plan, Money policy, Personal accident plan, Professional damages design, Householder ’ s Insurance design. A beneficial begin is always having some savings in the bank, but in order to get your money to work hard for you – and augment your savings – insurance is the best course of action : it offers a better output and even prepares you for unmanageable days. What you demand depends on the stage of life you are at, and insurance provides you with choices based on those demands. Whether you are single, in control of children, or about retired, insurance presents you with peace of mind and valuable benefits. There are multitudes of indemnity plans that provide conveniences – all of which create low-cost fiscal security. nowadays that you have an estimate of what insurance is and how you can benefit from it, have a discussion with an indemnity example and go through the plans that can comfortably meet your needs.

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