What are people saying about auto repair services in New York, NY?

This is a review for a auto repair business in New York, NY:

“Owner of a 2004 LR Disco HSE- and the ONLY reason why I still can drive this car is Vinnie T / Rover Specialist. If it wasn’t for his cheap repairs I would have traded-in this 15yo loong ago.

As you can tell- Rovers are all about the beauty- the engineering is sometimes sidelined. That’s where Vinnie steps in. He understands the root of Land Rover mechanical/electrical issues and can maintain your car for years and years for less than anyone else on the Eastern Seaboard.

My car was purchased from Chantilly Land Rover – serviced in Bethesda and Manhattan and my experience with the Dealership Mechanics was nauseating. Vinnie loves the brand- loves keeping these trucks out on the road, and does a great job at that.

Keep it up VT!


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