Thirteen years after the Oldsmobile brand expired, General Motors is selling a virtually new Alero—via State Line Auto Auction in Waverly, New York, where a 2004 Alero GLS Final 500 Collector’s Edition, the last Oldsmobile ever produced, is rolling across the auction block today.

Collector Edition #500, the Dark Cherry Metallic sedan was built on the Lansing, Michigan, assembly line, and the proof of its last-one status is in more than just the stamping. Workers at the plant signed and wrote messages on the underside of the hood, on the trunklid, and on the spare-tire cover. The car was completed on Thursday, April 29, 2004, nearly four years after General Motors first announced it was shuttering the historic brand.

As with many production-ending cars, the Alero went straight into a museum, the nearby R.E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing. It later ended up at the General Motors Heritage Center in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights. There is no word as to why GM Financial put the car up for auction.

The Alero wasn’t the only piece of American automotive history to be offered at auction in New York today. GM also cut loose a 1999 Cutlass and a 1996 Ciera, both the final examples of their model. The auction house has chosen not to release the cars’ final selling prices.

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