What are people saying about sandblasting services in New York, NY?

This is a review for a sandblasting business in New York, NY:

“These fellas do a bang up job! I have had QUITE a few things, including motorcycle frames, fenders, rims, cast wheels, and all sorts of engine and braking bits, done by Arcane. The work is always top quality. Diego has a great eye for colors when you’re on the fence.

Arcane keeps up with communication very well and will let you know if/when things get delayed or are ahead of schedule (I am probably an annoying customer!). They also keep a tidy shop/workspace, and are more than willing to show you what they are working on. Both signs of a great business, when it comes to choosing vendors, in my experience.

If it wasn’t already apparent, I HIGHLY recommend these guys!

P.S. The shop dogs are sometimes the highlight to my day.”

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