Copied from my new car purchase feedback survey to Volkswagen… I cannot praise Sutliff VW enough, it truly is a first class operation. It all started with their internet sales consultant Ashley Ney. She single-handedly reeled me in (I live 3 hrs away) with her prompt, genuine, and personalized responses to my queries and fair no hidden fee pricing. With more and more people like myself turning to the internet, she is a huge asset to the frontline of their team. I felt like I was dealing with friends through the entire process of buying my 2014 Manual Passat TDI SE. My high opinion continued to grow as I interacted with the sales manager Dave as he explained to me the process and appraised my trade in (of which was completely fair). I was then introduced to sales consultant Aaron Phillips who did an excellent run down of the features of the Passat. Aaron took his time and made sure I understood how to operate everything before he moved on to the next feature. I felt so at home and comfortable with how honest and sincere everyone was with me it was a joy being there. They had my paper work ready in no time and Rasheed walked me through all of my options and he gladly clarified anything I was unsure of. He explained and sold me on the extended warranties/protection plans without being aggressive or using misleading tactics like I’ve encountered at other dealerships. As an outbound call center manager I understand, appreciate, and admire ethical customer service while remaining a successful sales organization in industries where a few bad eggs have made an overall negative reputation for the good companies like us. I was offered a fair price for both my new car and my trade in without having to haggle, there was never any pressure, and my time and concerns were always respected. The whole experience from beginning to end was seamless, painless, and completely enjoyable. I have done nothing but rave about Sutliff and will be encouraging potential buyers (, autotrader…etc) to deal with Ashley online I guarantee they will be willing to travel from the other side of the state like i did. If you need a buyers testimonial or any kind of reference I will gladly give back. Sincerely, David Mattiuz ***On an additional note I guarantee Nick From Mechanicsburg had his response from Sutliff get filtered into his junkmail folder. They have an immediate autoresponse to which they follow up on with a live sales consultant.

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