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If you think back a decade or so, not many people – or at least hardly anyone in the younger enthusiast generation – were looking at Porsche 964s or 993s in the same way they do now. An air-cooled 911 just wasn’t an uber-desirable commodity at that time.

But then something changed.

Perhaps this newfound appreciation for air-cooled 911s started organically, but at some point, Porsche’s marketing efforts switched to young, creative folks with inspiring mindsets. Around this same time, Magnus Walker became unofficially synonymous with the brand.

And then came the hype. BMW was always the ‘Art Car’, but with the works of Daniel Arsham, Ornamental Conifer, Benedict Radcliffe, Paul Smith and others, it’s definitely Porsche these days. Builders and tuners like Rod Emory, Magnus Walker, Akira Nakai, Singer and so many more have made their name exclusively with Porsche. And magazines like 000 and Curves to name a couple, dedicate their pages exclusively to the Stuttgart company.

Such a PR machine, if not fully controlled is at least aided and steered in the right direction. So who is this genius mastermind at Porsche?

I don’t know, but what I feel for the Porsche brand is special. This feeling was present at Ultrace 2021 in Wrocław, Poland a few weekend’s back, but I also see it in countless authentic stories from real Porsche owners all over the world.

Ultrace was another of many intersections between old school Porsche enthusiasts, young creative minds and a racing heritage.

The new 935 parked alongside the legendary 917 was a great reminder of why Porsche has one of the most precious DNAs in the car world.

With all its curves, angles and design details, I’ve well and truly fallen in love with the new 935. Now I hope to see one on a track somewhere.

It’s comforting that the Porsche 911 wasn’t invented in a day, but rather fine-tuned again and again for more than half a century. What’s truly inspiring is that Porsche embraces the modifications that younger 911 owners do with their cars, understanding that it’s still one community sharing similar beliefs in art, fashion and car culture.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka

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