Spiffy Duesenberg No. 2 Model A

1922 Duesenberg ‘Straight 8’, coachwork, by Fleetwood Metal Body in Pennsylvania. Straight 8 which was the actual name at the time, and the Model A name came much later. This is the second Duesenberg passenger car (non-racing) sold to the public, and the first dual cowl phaeton.


The Duesenberg Model A was the first automobile in series production to have hydraulic brakes and the first automobile in series production in the United States with a straight-eight engine, and you were getting all of the Duesenberg Bros. race bred chassis and OHC engine goodies.

Remember in this era, Duesenberg had won at the Indy 500 twice in a row, and won Le Mans outright, so their state of the art was truly state of the art. And it Cost big, as the cars were significantly more expensive than their Cadillac and Packard luxury competition. The Duesenberg brothers were as incompetent in business as they were brilliant in engineering, and few cars were built or sold, so they slid gradually into insolvency until rescued by a fast talking salesman…….E. L. Cord, the owner of Auburn Automobile, and other transportation firms, bought the Duesenberg Motor Corporation on October 26, 1926 for the brothers’ engineering skills, talent and brand name. He intended to produce a car to rival the size, power, and luxury of top European brands such as Hispano-Suiza and Rolls-Royce. And they succeeded magnificently with the fabulous Model J which debuted in 1928. If it hadn’t been for the Great Depression, who knows…….. real Duesenbergs might still exist……..


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