The third-generation Lotus Exige is a light, nimble, and quite quick sports car that’s at home on the track. However, for some, the Exige doesn’t cut it in stock trim. For those people, here’s the 500-horsepower Exige fitted with a Harrop TVS1900 supercharger that’s taking no prisoners on any road course.

The current Exige has been in production for nigh on seven years now and it Lotus has periodically revised their recipe adding more power and, as per Colin Chapman’s ethos, subtracting weight. Last year, Lotus unveiled the Cup 430 which develops 430-horsepower and weighs barely 2,300 pounds. It came just a year after the Cup 380 which was described by Lotus’ CEO as “so good, that it is no longer the best in class, it’s now in a class of its own.”


Can this monstrosity be even better than the two factory-built track cars?

Is 500-horsepower too much for the Lotus Exige?

The standard Lotus Exige S is equipped with the Toyota 2GR-FE supercharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine which develops 350-horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 295 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm.

These numbers are quite impressive especially considering the Exige S is six years old. But, for others, it’s just a base for improvement.

Take the example of this Italian Lotus fanatic who decided his Exige S wasn’t anywhere near fast enough for his liking. As such, he dropped a Harrop TVS1900 supercharger to help the Toyota V-6 engine, which now revs to over 9,000 rpm, do its job better. By comparison, the Exige 360 Cup sports a Harrop HTV 1320 supercharger.

But the turbocharger wasn’t the end of it. The owner also fitted a custom Ajko titanium exhaust which is pleasuresome to the ears. In fact, Ajko is the company who manufactures the exhaust of the mighty Pagani Huayra, so this owner only looks for the best parts out there.

Buckets of power are, obviously, nothing without control, so the owner also looked after the aerodynamics and stripped everything that wasn’t necessary from the already minuscule interior. As such, the car sports an extended lip attached to the splitter via two struts and a fixed rear wing akin to that on the Cup 430.

Thanks to competition-spec slick rubber, this Exige is an extremely able track day car, the driver demonstrating its performance around the Franciacorta circuit in Italy during the Italian Time Attack round held there earlier this month.

Bask in the glory of this amazingly fast Lotus caught on tape!

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