Why Choose Sandblasting?

Active Powder Coating is proud to offer these services as part of our business. Sandblasting has become increasingly popular, and consists of aiming a steady stream of sand at a surface. This is to smooth it, roughen it, or shape it a certain way. It’s also effective in removing dirt from a surface. The use of sand is usually the most common type of abrasive blasting, due to how flexible the process is and its low processing time.

When we perform our sandblasting services for our Long Island customers, our crew is fully protected with the correct full coverage gear. This is how you know that at Action Powder Coating, we are complete professionals that are committed to performing only the very best service. Besides being mindful of the safety of our workers, we’re also concerned about providing only the best sandblasting on your Long Island car or parts. Your car deserves to have only the finest work performed on it.

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