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Remote Control

(SEC-RC001 Remote Control)





Two Four-Button Remote Control
Transmitters (part number SEC-RC001) are
provided with the SEC-100S/150R Security
System. The SEC-RC001 Remote Control
allow the arming, disarming, panicking, and
EXT activation of the SEC-100S/150R
Security System from a remote location. In
addition, the SEC-RC001 will also allow you
to control a second security system.

Following is a brief description of the
functions of each of the components of the
remote control transmitter:

1. LED Indicator

The blue LED will illuminate when the
signal is being transmitted.

2. TX/PANIC Button

Press this button to:
1. Arm and Disarm the system.
2. Panic the system.

3. EXT1/VALET Button

Press this button to:
1. Activate the EXT1 output.
2. Place the system in Valet mode.

4. EXT2/EXT3 Button

Press this button to:
1. Activate the EXT2 output.
2. Activate the EXT3 output.

5. MODE Button then TX Button

Press the MODE button followed by the
TX button (within 5 seconds) to


Arm and Disarm the system.
While the system is armed, press the
MODE button twice to activate the


finder feature.
While the system is alarming, press the
MODE button to

silence the alarm. The

system will remain armed.

Consult your Alpine dealer to determine if
your second security system is compatible
for two car operation.


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