I was able to successfully activate race mode. It is easy, you need MES and some skills to remove/replace the knob.
First you have do remove the knob and verify it’s the one with 10 pins, if it is with less pins, you need to actually get one with RACE mode to test if it will work.
If you have the knob with 10 pins, you can test if RACE mode is available without the new knob.
After you get a new knob with race mode, or you have the one with 10 pins, you can use MES to go in PROXI, use Ctrl+Shift+C in Adjustments tab and change byte 88 from B4 to D4. Press ok and do PROXI Alignment. Complete ABS calibrations after PROXI is complete and you’re almost good to go.
Now the tricky part – if you have knob with 10 pins, find a 90.8 ohm resistor (or build one by daisy chaining enough resistors to get to 90.8 ohms (this number does not have to exact 90 ohms or 92 ohms will work as well)). When you’re ready with the resistor, connect the knob to its connector, start the car, go to D and connect the resistor for a second between pins 5 and 6, on the back of the connector going to the DNA knob. If you have done everything properly you should have RACE mode enabled. The resistor must be connected only when knob in D mode and you have to connect it only for a second, just to switch the mode to RACE, then remove it. If everything goes well, order the correct knob and have fun while you get it.
I have attached a few images – the knob, RACE mode activated and the resistors I’ve used to test /forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

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