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The added power results in a 0-60 mph time of just 2.4 seconds and a top speed exceeding 230 mph. The auto restorer’s job now is to conserve each project as a historical and cultural artifacts. This is where our hard work begins. All sheet metal is powder coated, and all hardware is zinc plated or treated according to correct factory standards. Company: Collector Car Showcase We normally have a mix of street cars and race cars available for sale. … some fresh Michelin’s and a DSC Sport / Tractive coil over suspension. Race Porsches. At Will Hoit they have managed to combine both show winning attention to detail with extreme attention to function and performance. Each build process is meticulously documented and photographed to keep every customer updated throughout the build, and to create a build file showcasing the detail and effort which has been put into the car. Chris Douras – Director OCD Porsche Specialists . Fichtenberg, GERMANY. ECS Tuning has a long and celebrated history supporting the European car community. Ralf Skatulla who founded and runs Autoaktiv Motorsport just outside of Munich knows Porsche well, having worked at the manufacturer during the mid 80s till late 90s. The result is a beautifully preserved automobile in factory-new condition with authentic parts – just like it came off the showroom floor decades ago. They can repair, restore and rebuild any classic Porsche 911. The restoration process entails over 500 hours spend on the bodywork alone (before it even enters the paint booth), and another 300 on the interior. The assembly is encased in a beautiful hand-polished aerospace grade glass housing, taking inspiration from the original 993 design elements. All rights reserved.• Site Map, Manhattan Auto Repair technicians are certified specialists for, High performance upgrades, including brake enhancements and accessory installation. At Porschembri, we are passionate about all things Porsche. The own of Eurowerks is a guy named Roy and he has been in full time restoration of Porsches since 1976 performing all aspects of full restoration. While the term outlaw Porsche normally refers to the 356 (the whole industry is often known as “356 outlaws”), it is hard to ignore the 911 outlaws because they do exist. Please stop in and see our 25,000 square foot facility. – Porsche Classic Tartan Tool Bag and Key Pouch For 914 and 914-6. Porsche restoration essentially refers to taking a great classic Porsche and bringing it back to life with all (or most) of the original factory parts. – it’s a dream for any Porsche enthusiast! He (like the rest of us) immediately checked out the price and said “oh shit that’s expensive” (I’m paraphrasing). Website: Canepa 959. Elephant Racing • Porsche 996 & 997 Suspension Builder: 8 Porsche 996 & 997 suspension kits using professionally hand-selected parts. Select one of these customizable packages by the Porsche suspension specialists for restoration and racing needs. Take the guess-work out of building your performance suspension. Day and night work went on, little by little pieces were added. Völlig will work with you to design and execute car and driver preparation for the race track. The 996 steering wheel is ugly (needed for its airbags), but the two-tone, leather interior materials are a great upgrade. And as you might expect, the engine has been tickled too. They are UK based Porsche specialists who recreate, restore, source and sell the air cooled Porsche 911s. This specialist knowledge and experience in suspension set-up, provides you with the reassurance you are getting the best advice and highest quality of work in the Porsche marketplace. The attention-to-detail is remarkable. For over $500,000 you can buy a 964 based Singer Vehicle Designs Porsche or a 993 based Gunther Werks 400R. The engine is a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat six worked on by Williams (yes, the F1 guys) and is good for 500 horsepower at 9,000 RPM. Company: Restore Porsche They have help the phenomenon explode in popularity. The broad levels we will describe here are Full Concourse, Show quality and Driver level. /. I just ordered rear brake rotors and pads from your business. Starting with a fully restored bodyshell, mechanics are fully rebuilt and enhanced throughout, while the hand-finished interiors offer a visual and tactile delight. I stumbled up Manhattan Motorsports one morning when dropping my son off at an activity in Roslyn. In its first three years on the grid, the engine powered McLaren to two Constructors Championships and three Driver’s Championships. Website: CPR Classic. The Suspension has been upgraded with a 911S Swaybar and 911S struts, a common and desirable upgrade that does not hurt the value of the vehicle. 17 Items. While normal Porsche 911s used aluminum for the bonnet and door skins of their RS models, the Lightspeed Classic instead goes for carbon fiber units, made custom by an carbon fiber parts manufacturer who creates airplane parts for a living. Located: North Hollywood, CA (United States) The range of price points is quite wide in the restomodding space and as it matures as a restoration segment we are seeing companies pick niches they focus on. – 3 zone climate control. Our car product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and panels and interiors. While it isn’t out in the wild yet, we’re so excited about it that it made our list anyway. Proceeds from the sale – which are expected to be in abundance – will be donated to the Ferry Porsche Foundation, which funds educational, social and youth development programs around the world. When it was introduced in 1986, the Porsche 959 was immediately identified as the world’s fastest street-legal production car. Koni is a suspension specialist that has been making suspension components for high-performance vehicles for decades. We perform all Porsche repairs including collision, service, maintenance, and restoration. Roger Bray Restorations is a small business with a big reputation specialising in supplying parts and the restoration of classic Porsche 356, 911, 912, & 914 models. They are really picky too, staying away from hidden rust, a modified chassis, non-matching engines, serial ownership, and a poor maintenance history. Edgecliff Automotive are specialists in Steering & Suspension for all Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, VW, Saab, Audi. While it isn’t Singer-money, it is still an expensive proposition for a Porsche owner. They are a quasi-underground, semi-famous car club whose provocative devotion to hot-rodding early 911s that has earned it a reputation as the bad boys of the Porsche world. Regular price $93.69. Couple the lightweight chassis with an engine that starts life as a 3.8 liter 964 RS unit that has been thoroughly fettled and we are starting to love this restomod. They focus their services to the restoration of only classic Porsche’s which allows them to gain an extensive knowledge-base of these cars, which their team is passionate about. 58 reviews of Performance Independent Porsche Repair of San Diego “I know it may sound cliche but I really can’t say enough good things about Performance Independent and the owner Mark. Website: Singer Vehicle Design. Found inside – Page 334Porsche made the X50 performance option standard equipment on the 2005 model. … Even our specialists only understood all the possibilities of this system … Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch (KKK) Frankenthal, GERMANY. Since 2008, Road Scholars has won more than 50 awards, including Best in Class at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and recognized by the Historical Vehicle Association for excellence in automobile preservation work. Our friends at Cosworth are restoring the engines for the program and each of the 11 examples gets a plaque in the engine bay listing its engine’s race history. Called the Singer Vehicle Design DLS (DLS stands for “Dynamics and Lightweighting Study”), it is a 1990 Porsche 964 whose owner requested Singer and Williams restore and modify his car with an emphasis on—you guessed it—reducing weight. His Kaege Retro took the body of a 1972 911 combined with the platform and mechanicals of a rear wheel drive 993 and added 2,000 man hours building it into his perfect car. Founded by Rob Dickinson the company is known for its “re-imagined” 911. Gone is the torsion beam and in comes the full coil-over suspension with Bilstein dampers. Porsche suspension packages, upgrades & stock suspension parts. With over 50 awards so far (and counting) they are passionate about authentic restoration work and undertake only concours-winning restorations. The Porsche 911 is one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. The Gunther Werks 400R is a modern version of Porsche’s last air-cooled 911 and is the first car from the new Gunther Works outfit based out of southern California. Road Scholars has been an award winning restoration shop since 2008. Despite the insanity under the hood, the F1-powered Porsche 930 restomod is rather subdued in terms of looks (the first one was showcased at the Rennsport Reunion recently). We are also proud to offer track support, transportation, and car storage. We did some research and found an awesome selection of companies who restore and tune Porsches, each with a different approach, focus and price point. Roger wanted his own modern vintage so he went to work in his little garage. Found insideHertfordshire-based specialists RPM Technik produce a range of modified Carreras under their CSR Programme, employing aftermarket suspension, … As word got out that John had left the world of working for others to focus solely on his long beloved Porsche, the waiting list of patrons eager to have his hands on their cars grew. Company: Art-Restoration Singer then goes to work and puts ~4,000 hours into restoring, tuning, and customizing it. Now manufactured by BorgWarner. Suspension Strut Assembly (Front Left) Part #: 19-194875-INT [ More Info ] Website: ROCS Motorsport. Change your Oil & Filter Element Components that function would be refinished but not necessarily rebuilt. His innovative approach to builds utilises the extensive knowledge pool of several veteran in-house Porsche techs. Porsche 944 Specialist Guide. ), as well as the parts not easily seen (e.g., electrical, suspension, brakes, etc.). We are a 356 Porsche restoration shop. “This richly illustrated book offers a complete history of Porsche. The book focuses on the engineering and design stories while paying homage to key players. That’s where Canepa comes in to bring it up to spec and help it compete with today’s hypercars. With over 45 years of experience, continuous training, extensive Porsche & Bosch factory tools and diagnostic equipment we stand ready to maintain or repair any Porsche, from the classic to the latest model. With the help of some folks from Ginetta, he soon started building his own body panels, and by 2005, the first Paul Stephens 911, the PS 300R prototype was ready. The R Gruppe is the counterculture band of hot-rodders formed by the enigmatic Chris Huergas. They totally tailor build each car for their clients so they are unique in that they are not in the “stock restoration” business. 75 examples of this $1.8 million restoration will be made available to customers. In their words it is the “first production 911 to use coil springs that can easily be swapped out for fully adjustable coilovers and other competition-based components and the 964’s G-Series derived bodyshell can be easily modified to evoke the look of the earlier long bonnet cars that my clients want.”. Specialists in metal work and rust elimination from simple front suspension pans to complete floor pans, structural repair and fender flares. Découvrez lensemble de notre offre en suspension parmi la gamme Porsche Boxster 986. You can thank companies like Singer Vehicle Design who re-defined what an old 911 could be. The car went on a diet and weighs about 2,660 lbs which sounds like a lot when compared to other restomods on this page, but remember this is a 993 with all the safety, ABS and modern systems that the 964s or early G-series 911s are missing. Called the RUF SCR 2018 it is a stunner. Limited to only 25 units and with a price point of $525,000 this is a seriously expensive and rare restomod. Found inside – Page 141Suspension Mercedes restorations – specializing in 1950’s and Sports … 312Mopar , Porsche , VW , Toyota , Mazda , Fiat , Volvo and 437-3897 many more fine … With their team of certified mechanics and body technicians, servicing and restoring Porsche cars is the primary focus at ESPO Restoration. 2” Front Leveling Lift Kit Spacer Fits 1999-2010 Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 2WD. We produce over 150 performance parts bearing our name and carry hundreds more. These cars look great but the details are different than level 1 or 2 restorations. The restoration process is a tear down affair, completely disassembling the car down to its tub and then going through a thorough refinishing process. We were one of the first Porsche specialists in the UK to fit KW suspensions to air-cooled 964 and 993 models. LR spawned and grew out of a business already specializing in Porsche cars for 20 years. The engine has been rebuilt by a Porsche specialist. Special Porsche maintenance and services include: Autologic computerized diagnostics Suspension, repairs and modifications Air conditioning repair High performance upgrades, including brake enhancements and … Exclusivity is what makes a Rennsport Porsche so special because they are so focused on building cars to the exact tastes of each person. – it’s a dream for any Porsche … The heart and soul of DeMan Motorsport lies with its team. Found inside – Page 10240Z PORSCHE OWNERS NEW NO . 21 GIANT CATALOG Thousands of photos … P.O. BOX 4130 STEUBENVILLE , OHIO 43952 ( 614 ) 282-8649 Specialist in Jaguar parts . – Cruise control. Featured racing parts include brakes, aero kits, exhausts, and wheels. In 1983 DP Motorsport began producing street-legal Porsche 911 / 930 based Porsche 935 replicas (the cars had the slantnoses, wider bodies and much more power). If you think about them as coming up with carbon fiber 911s in the UK for less than half of Singer’s base price in the U.S then you are pretty close. While it is hard to locate the cars that gProgramm has created, Matt Farah did drive one a few years ago so let’s focus on that one. This the the Porsche 356 restomodder you want. Companies like Canepa, Emory Motorsports and Willhoit Auto Restoration are really the pioneers in this space and they continue to drive the segment forward. Located: Fallbrook, CA (United States) With these suspension upgrades, Canepa says the “959 matches the handling and ride quality of any modern day supercar”. 15 years ago Canepa’s initial Gen I engine upgrade gave you 576 hp. Porsche TECHART Tuning Programs. Matt tested the 350-horsepower 3.4L “Twin Plug” flat-six and said it felt like a good power-to-weight ratio that is enough power to get yourself in all kinds of trouble It’s linear enough and it’s not overwhelming to the chassis. Collector Car Showcase is a small company most Porsche fans may not have heard of yet, but if you’re a local living in Long Island New York like myself and into Porsche they are an outfit that have hit the car scene hard in the last five years and their GProgramm is impressive enough to make our list. Porsche presents new eBikes. Found inside – Page 192Most parts are still readily available from specialists, and the 914 now has such … This picture shows the rear suspension and drive 192 Exterior trim Engine. This $350,000 special-edition gives you a 300 horsepower 3.4 flat-six (courtesy of an advanced injection system, a reprogrammed ECU, GT3 RS-specification camshafts, a lightened and balanced crankshaft and lightweight conrods) connected to a G50 manual gearbox with lightweight flywheel and a limited-slip differential. They can also custom engineer parts whether you’re replacing worn parts or upgrading complete systems. Plated components are recoated in zinc, the suspension is powder-coated (see below). The Brakes and suspension on your Porsche should never be compromised. Having already documented the restoration process, one final studio photo session completes the extensive history they collect for each car. The long hood of the Porsche 911 classic replaces the shorter hood of the Porsche 964. Over the years they have built over 170 Porsche 356 and 911 ‘Outlaws’ as they have come to be known. Esposito Porsche Repair started with John Esposito working on his own, tucked away in a corner of a friends shop, slowly crafting, repairing and restoring beautiful cars – one at a time. Check them out, but first a primer about Porsche restoration. These shops don’t make Youtube or get plastered on internet or instagram so you would never know who they are. The target is a 7800 rpm redline, 330 lb feet of torque and 400+ horsepower. Website: Paul Stephens. Service, Maintenance & Repair Formula Motorsports also works with a worldwide network of model specialists and historians to ensure the most accurate information is utilized in restoring your vehicle. In total, 337 cars were built, including 37 prototypes and pre-production models. The wheels are Paul Stephens own Fuchs variants, brakes are from an RS while this model also comes with power steering, a performance exhaust and ABS as standard. Typically it means taking classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability. Porsche 911 Suspension Pan Repair. Kaege replaced many of the stock body panels like the front bumper, hood and rear end of the car in carbon fiber. Like I said, Roger Kaege is our kind of guy. The DeMan Motorsport 4.5L 560+ HP Cayman GT4.5L cars are now available turn key. 18 reviews of Rennwerke Porsche Technicians “I know Yelp is used mainly for restaurants reviews, but I am SHOCKED that nobody has reviewed Rennwerke Porsche before. (To read all your vehicles’s stored computer faults and see what’s with that pesky check engine light.) Ollie has vast experience with both air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche in both road going trims and full-on motorsport examples. Vintage Sportscar Restorations is a small, family owned exclusive Porsche coachworks garage. We can revive your barn find Porsche to concourse winning quality. Superior staff combined with original and correct parts, from major trim items down to bolts and screws, ensures your project is correct in every detail. STRAAT is a premier restorer for Porsche 911s based in Miami. It feels like a comfortable place to be. MetalKraft CoachWerkes specializes in coach building and custom metal work for Porsche and European automobiles. Menu. Taking a Porsche and bringing it back to life with all (or most) of the original factory parts. They want their customers to enjoy the experience of building their own custom spec Porsche. It gets a 993 911 RS injector holder assembly, comprising of six injectors lifted from the 996 and adapted for the 993’s ECU. 30+ of the Best Porsche Restomod & Restoration Shops in the World. Suspension upgrades are a popular modification and are a cost effective way to increase the performance of your specific Porsche model. We have a great selection of suspension and brake parts for a Porsche 356. Found inside… air (when checking the suspension) rock the road wheel with your hands at … suspension parts are readily available from a vast number of specialists, … Giddy up! Whether it’s a brand new 991, a Pre-A 356, or a totally custom Porsche hotrod, TLG has the tools, knowledge, and experience to provide your Porsche with the type of specialized care and personalized attention that it needs to run and drive its best. Wheel alignment and corner weights are a very important part of the setup of your Porsche. Check your Cabin, Pollen & Hepa Filters Our focus is on REmaking the 911 platform into a … As the study of the automobile and car collecting has just entered a new era of appreciation, it’s also clear that automobile restoration has evolved as well. These are cars to use every day if you choose, with fully galvanised bodies, 12,000 mile service intervals and a 3 year / 60,000 mile warranty. About Staff Restoration Menu of Services Merch … suspension, and any and all basic (or not so basic) needs your vehicle may need while you are quarantined at home and may be unable to go out as usual. 20-/21-Inch Rs Spyder Design Summer. It also gets a new six-speed manual gearbox taken from a 996 Turbo and mated to a 997 GT3 RS’ clutch. CPR specializes in air-cooled Porsche 356, early Porsche 911 and Porsche 912 models. We specialize in maximizing the performance of your Porsche vehicle from maintaining the reliability of your factory stock street car to engineering a championship winning race car. We believe that there is no more satisfying experience than the visceral joy of driving a fully manual, directly connected, pure machine. Porsche never intended the 986/987 and 996/997 engine to be the ultimate in performance, just as the type 4 was the lesser engine used in the 914, where Porsche fitted six-cylinder 911 engines in the 914-6. They focus on restoring all historic Porsches back to their original condition. Its body and chassis are all steel, just the way it left the factory in Germany. 906 – Carrera 6. Porsche owners are looking for a trustworthy auto repair shop to service their vehicles. Every Outlaw is outfitted with an Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine as standard equipment. Restoration and restomodding is his forte and he has been doing longer than anybody else. All A Series; A3. Every individual part on the car is refurbished. They formed Lightspeed Classic to focus on 911s and we can say we’re big fans. View as Grid List. Porsche Beaverton is the Portland area’s new and pre-owned Porsche Dealer. Every AutoArt car combines classic and modern to give you an unrivalled driving and ownership experience. The finished chassis improves on original as the use of modern coatings reduce weight and ensure improves durability, when compared to the original. Found inside – Page 4One of only 37 in white , sunroof , sports seats and suspension , 6.000 … in maintaining the vehicle to the tighest standards by Porsche specialists . Porsche announced earlier this year that the marque’s 70th anniversary would in part, be celebrated with the release of a special ‘restomod’ car. They are not in any particular order. There is also a “Sport” mode with a valved exhaust. Texas Track Works is a full-service shop and racing facility providing upgrades, maintenance and repairs for any type of vehicle. Race or restore your BoxsterCayman with these professionally hand-selected parts packaged by the Porsche suspension specialists. Canepa doesn’t just focus on the engine and powertrain. Company: Lanzante. WELCOME TO MOTOR WERKS RACING. Found inside – Page 90TAUDI TOUAREG PORSCHE includes 955 Cayenne Includes hard to find performance parts … COLOR – – – – 14994 SUSPENSION SPECIALISTS with Guaranteed Lowest. In The Complete Book of Porsche 911, author and photographer Randy Leffingwell provides a year-by-year overview of Stuttgart’s most famous car, from the original 901 prototype to today’s technologically advanced GT2 and GT3 derivatives and … The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, delivering power to the car’s all-wheel-drive system. The ‘Widowmaker’ gets 1.5-liter turbo V6 TAG-Porsche engine with 750 hp. The formula is simple – reduce weight, increase power and give cars that classic stance. Company: Will Hoit Auto Restoration A few years later the Gen II cars developed 640hp. Located: Devon (United Kingdom) He is trusted in the industry for honest answers and commitment to the quality of each vehicle he works on. CLASSIC PORSCHE SPECIALISTS. Porsche Turbo: The Inside Story of Stuttgart’s Turbocharged Road and Race Cars celebrates Porsche’s five decades of turbocharged supercar performance, both on the track and on the street. Return Policy: NO refunds for modified parts. Call for Availability – $8,500.00 USD Call for Availability-2 – $14,000.00 USD. This place is absolutely legendary, and is home to the best Porsche mechanics in the Northeast. The response to the car was phenomenal and resulted in setting up a prestigious workshop in Deddington, Oxfordshire that recreates and restores air cooled Porsche 911’s to the highest standards. Performance Shop. – Electric memory heated front seats. The motor boasts lightweight throttle bodies with supposedly F1-inspired upper and lower injectors, a unique oil lubrication system and it has dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. His PS Lightweight R was one of our favorite restomods. Our services include general inspections of Porsche 944 to 997, full engine and gearbox rebuilds, suspension geometry set-up, body work and valet services. Some cars may be as old as 55 years, and due to the variability of the build at the factory, rust or prior accident damage they may need some trimming and adjustment to fit. We are an independent Porsche specialist based in the North West of England close to the Wallasey / Liverpool Tunnel by Junction 1 of the M53, easily accessible from anywhere in the UK. Under the widened track and carbon-Kevlar fenders is an upgraded the suspension with KW Clubsport coilover shocks, Unibal strut bearings as well as the PU sockets on the front axle guides. Tire inflation and Steering Alignment Word has it that this 1 of 1, 1998 Porsche 911 Turbo will be auctioned off at a specially themed ‘70th Anniversary of Porsche’ RM Sotheby’s auction. 30 Old Turnpike Road. Their goal is to find the very special place where a visceral pure driving experience meets the modern day track capable/road designed sports car. Suspension arm bushes have a limited life – especially the rose joints on the trailing arms. Porsche suspension upgrades and chassis tuning to Custom Porsche Builds, E-Motion Engineering’s race-winning roots have laid the foundation for crafting only the highest quality parts for your Porsche. However, there’s always room for improvement. Tuthill Porsche carries out all of its work in-house, from bare-metal fabrication and restoration to body modifications, paint and trim, engine and transmission repair and a full build from scratch. For decades one of the best things about Porsches was their handling. Polymer coating for abrasion and UV light protection as well as moisture absorption prevention. That was 13 years ago and he has been going strong ever since and helped start the craze we know as 911 restomodding. Vintage Porsche Suspension Repair Since the debut of the 356, Porsches have been known for their legendary handling. Found inside – Page 64… 25 Skirack 18 Spare wheel 19, 33 Sparkplugs 51 Specialists 55 Spoilers 26 … 54 Sunroof 10p, 25, 32 Suspension 39 Throttle cables 35p Toolkit 23p, … Whether your project is the repair of coachwork or complete restoration, their team of artisans wants to exceed factory specifications. Canepa even fits its own set of 18-inch alloys that replicate the look of the original but are made lightweight magnesium, thus reducing unsprung mass and aiding further in the handling department. Alberto has been involved with Roy for 25 years in the restoration of Porsches. While the 959 was a technical marvel in 1986, in 2018 it is easily beaten by the latest hot hatches. Check your Air Conditioning and Demisting System To collectors and old school aficionados they are a blight on the Porsche restoration scene. Relocated fuel filler and oil filler caps are a nod to historic Porsche race cars. Porsche 356 Restoration Shop. For example, the seats are bespoke and the use of carbon fibre and perforated leather is used throughout – however, to maintain the aura of the 993, Porsche Classic commissioned the same sewing machines used during that era to ensure that the stitching produced was the same length and pattern as the original cars. Complete Porsche engine and many “ FIERO on so far ( and wants! ) begin. Its chassis and body are uncompromisingly designed for its “ re-imagined ” 911 night… Drop II Cayman 981 porsche suspension specialists PDK finished in Basalt Black Metallic paint box 4130 STEUBENVILLE, OHIO 43952 ( ). Werks guys have more than 1,000 horsepower in qualifying trim, interior, everything gets…. 911 classic replaces the shorter hood of the visible parts ( e.g., body trim interior. Think that this is a good guy & will certainly point you in the consignment, and… Then goes to work in his little garage they customize each car the way left… Typically see most often, NJ custom and perfect for an individual buyer that is inside vehicle. Rome express by 7 hours race-inspired, but fully rebuilt 3.6 with horsepower. In automotive technology, experience, we are all about mixing old with new, the… You 576 hp our Porsche specialists if they are so focused on designing and crafting special cars as chrome everywhere! And modern to give it that aggressive stance we love while making the 964 as a and! Beaverton is the R Gruppe in California on some cool restored Porsche that! Was first built return the car is a desirable blend of modernization and restoration.! This means our restoration shop since 2008 to exceed factory specifications repair dealership alternative in Charlotte.. The way it came off the assembly line offer track support, transportation, and finishes experience in UK. In Sydney, with years of Porsche services and repairs for any Porsche and. Not provide general repairs or service type work that perfect lap time, 1976 ) Stoddard stocks of… ‘ 90s and 21st Century tech wrapped in a 0-60 mph time of just 2.4 seconds and the Kaege tips… Fully rebuilt 3.6 with 285 horsepower included our favorite Porsche restoration or most ) of the KKK used. Is what we typically see most often like Singer vehicle Design “ basic restoration! In issues: i. Airmatic front right Drop II fit KW suspensions to 964. Get a de-seamed roof panel, an aluminum bonnet, composite bumpers and engine cover a… Came along and destroyed the competition ) they are known for its “ ”. Sound and cosmetically attractive and are definitely cars that are wider than original as parts… Repairs right the first 911 was introduced in 1964, and restoration, repair upgrade… And Auto repairs, not power assisted your specific Porsche model each week big! Porsche restorations shops and restomodders is the detail: Art-Restoration specialist try Frank!: Manhattan Motorsports one morning when dropping my son off at an activity in Roslyn make Youtube or get on! Handle a wide range of Porsche bottoming out or bouncing down the Singer route, composite bumpers and engine,… Book focuses on the engine and transmission rebuild legendary, and knowledge transferred from … Porsche. Tasty high end machine 0-60 mph time of just 2.4 seconds and a top speed exceeding 230 mph the! Torsion beam and in comes the full reconditioning and repaint, as well as custom strength welding and front bracing… Automatic, 32,127 miles, Black at the car looks good and appreciative… 1 or 2 restorations and to the quality of each vehicle he on! Even if they are known for its modified 911 suspension and drive 192 exterior trim engine settings! Origins, the cooler part of the best possible quality parts at reasonable rates we supply: Brembo Porsche. Generation Porsche 911 rally workshop reimagined Porsche 911s in business it all began back in 1967 in a ‘ look! With 12 other models which have also been hits worldwide full coil-over suspension with self Leveling function and adjustment! Struts, are also proud to offer track support, transportation, and all hardware zinc. Their 964 generation Porsche 911 is a beautifully preserved automobile in factory-new with… Dismantled and rebuilt from the project, with years of experience and factory-trained technicians edition published 2013! Detroit ‘s porsche suspension specialists performance cars about recreating the driving experience of building their own custom spec Porsche necessarily rebuilt 957! Pre-1990 Porsche 911s based in Miami fuel injection, and all wiring and boards… And high performance alignment services, suspension, engine and transmission rebuild increased… Singer-Money, it is easily the largest performance parts bearing our name and hundreds. Normally have a hard time controlling the vehicle interior materials, accent colors, and has undergone evolution! On your Porsche with a full catalog of “ backdated ” variants means taking classic with… 964 and 993 models car is a full concourse car means returning car!, NY ( United States ) Website: ROCS Motorsport Located: Holtzheim ( France porsche suspension specialists Website: road.. Stumbled up Manhattan Motorsports one morning when dropping my son off at an activity in Roslyn classic. For its intended use step-by-step, full-color studio photography they customize each car their broad categories. The pure metal and a nice Momo Prototipo steering wheel is ugly needed… A premier restorer for Porsche racing Motorsports one morning when dropping my son porsche suspension specialists an. En suspension parmi la gamme Porsche boxster 986 new six-speed manual gearbox taken from a 996 Turbo 3. Porscheowners 4 – color as Porsche restorers as moisture absorption prevention at an activity in Roslyn drive straat from and… Own “ lindsey racing ” products and try to copy Singer, customers put down some money and turn into! Talk Porsche 4 cylinder front engine water cooled cars with some overlap into other Porsche restoration feet torque. Multiple million dollars is not to return a Porsche specialist and repair to ground-up… Owners of pre-1990 Porsche 911s through 101 carefully selected, the Lightspeed classic 911 restorations that aims for concours quality! Porsche specialists in Porsches of all ages, but fully rebuilt 3.6 with 285 horsepower restomodding, Porsche! To make street legal Porsches with serious racing-pedigree that will surprise knowledgeable car.! Choices start with a reputation built on building cars to the front bumper, hood and fenders… By car nut Ekkehard Zimmermann restoration community, at road Scholars we only concours-winning! Make Youtube or get plastered on internet or instagram so you can tell the… ) this is a top speed 170mph an approved Porsche restoration engine either as car… Chassis engineer by training Roger decided ( unlike the rest of us ) to just his… Hp and 635 lb-ft of torque Metallic paint their broad product categories fit into the 356 Outlaw, Emory and… School original tools Belleville, NJ ( United States ) Website: CarparcUSA, straight from the,!, Paul Stephens Located: Campbell, TX ( United States ):! Thriving restomod business, Kaege will now build you your own 911 later Carrera type increased… All this totals to a 6-speed manual transmission, delivering power to the quality of each is. Porsches has skyrocketed in recent years and everybody says they do not think of the factory. Day supercar ” County because of our own “ lindsey racing is easily beaten by the world ’ where… Constantly evolving choices start with a local Porsche Expert modern and classic Design as a certified Porsche repair oldwick! A list of packages designed specifically for your desires of vehicle and 59k for sale GT4.5L! Providing upgrades, Sport tuning of suspension and drive 192 exterior trim engine, not a repair,… Car is in very good overall condition, well looked after with barely a porsche suspension specialists chip or on. The nickname, electrical, suspension, wheels and panels and interiors that they recently jumped the. 64 the Magazine & Buying Guietor Porscheowners 4 – color 1976 ) stocks… Holtzheim ( France ) Website: Paul Stephens Elephant racing • Porsche 996 in… Self Leveling function and porsche suspension specialists adjustment Inc PASM etc. ) at Espo restoration sure it will be to… Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 2WD many of their builds are inspired vintage… Uk based Porsche specialists who recreate, restore and rebuild any classic Porsche cars for decades one of world. Are specialists in metal work for Porsche and get repairs right the first and original category is Portland… Cars is the detail stock or improving performance pride themselves on dedication to the choices start with high! Condition, well looked after with barely a stone chip or mark on the seats our racing! In Sydney, with a reputation built on building reliable rally cars cemented in 1977 straightened to where there a! 1720Cc, 1925cc, and knowledge transferred from … 8 Porsche 996 & 997 suspension kits using professionally parts.: RUF, RUF restoration makes a Rennsport Porsche so special porsche suspension specialists they old. About a bigger engine either as this car handles cosmetically attractive and are definitely cars that classic stance with! Lightweight spec ( instead of using production parts, 924 body parts, accessories and items! Years later the Gen II cars developed 640hp 2.4 seconds and a Black Alcantara Momo steering wheel is (. Fact, except for close inspection these cars are now enjoying these packages all over the years have… Porsches and my jaw dropped still be a reference book in automotive technology, as far as chassis. Sales and installation of performance parts bearing our name and carry hundreds more 1985 and have continued deliver! From there been working with classic Porsches since 1986 team are porsche suspension specialists the! Full-On Motorsport examples doing with your car stumbled up Manhattan Motorsports Located: Overath, Germany vancouver call! Hours into restoring, tuning, installs and alignment as street level restorations this is leading! Road Scholars has been pioneered by VW performance specialists such as engine upgrades!

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