Fuel economy for this used petrol PORSCHE 911 (Type 997) model is 25 MPG, giving an indicative fuel cost of 34.8 p/mile; in VED Band M this sports cabriolet’s standard 12 month car tax rate is £630.

This doors and seat used PORSCHE 911 (Type 997) Turbo S Cabriolet PDK has a 3.8 litre engine, automatic transmission, a top speed of 0 mph and 0-60 acceleration of seconds.

Tailpipe CO2 emissions for this used PORSCHE 911 (Type 997) sports cabrio are 270 g/km and it has obtained Euro Standard E5 for air quality. Overall this model has an NGC rating of 77 and is not one of the greenest used models in the sports cabrio class.

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