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The Porsche 911 Targa is a car that has divided opinion in the evo offices. The folding roof adds 110Kg to the coupe’s 1400Kg kerb weight and makes the Targa 40Kg heavier than the convertible. So then, it’s a heavy 911.

What the Targa gains in weight is more than made up for in looks, safety and stiffness over the convertible. The Targa has real exotic presence on the road, too, that even the standard 911 lacks.

In terms of driving dynamics, the Targa offers a different experience to the 911. It doesn’t have the sharpness and speed of response of its coupe siblings, and that extra weight makes itself known off the line and during quick directional changes, but at its heart the Targa is still a pure 911. 

In GTS trim, the Targa retains plenty of dynamic ability that makes driving it as exciting as you’d expect from a Porsche. It just doesn’t reach quite the heights of its hard-top cousin.

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The engine in particular is a peach, with the capacity for deep lunges up the speedo when you’re in the correct gear and a fierce top-end kick at around 6000rpm.

If an unscientific office poll we conducted is anything to go by, you’re either a Targa person or not. The extra safety and rigidity offered by the rollover hoop wins fans among the cabrio haters, while the coupe lovers point to the 85kg weight increase. – Nick Trott, evo 210

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The standard 7-speed manual gearbox is a big improvement over the previous-gen.

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